Wedding in Nashville Part 2

Good morning!! I hope you guys are having an amazing week so far!  We made it halfway!!  We have been busy over here celebrating my husband’s birthday and enjoying the normalcy of our weekly routine.  We have some fun things planned this weekend with our friends so I am looking forward to that as well! Until then… back to the wedding recap!

On Saturday morning, all the bridesmaids and the bride met at a salon for our hair and makeup.  We had the most amazing makeup artists and hair stylist who helped us all look our best.


We spent a few hours getting dolled up for the big day!!  They asked us what makeup look we wanted and I just said, “Make me pretty!!!”


We enjoyed the morning sipping champagne and having some snacks while chatting away about what hairstyle we each wanted.

Rachael let us each pick out our own hairstyle preference, which was really nice.


I went with some loose curls and a few fishtail/braids to pull my hair out of my face.


The beautiful bride getting all glammed up!


Emily (the groom’s sister) and me all ready for the wedding!


Hanging out with the girlies. 🙂


We stopped by a friend’s house to change into our dresses for the wedding.  We all got to pick our own dresses too!  My sister happened to have a long black dress fit me, so I just wore hers!  Cheapest bridesmaids dress I’ve ever worn. 😉


Once we arrived to the venue, we helped the beautiful bride get into her dress.  She helped design this dress and a family friend made it happen! It was so Rachael and looked absolutely stunning on her.  There were definitely tears shed at this moment.

Liz, the bride’s sister, and me watching as all the guests arrived!  The weather was off and on raining all day on Saturday and we were just hoping it would hold off for about an hour for the ceremony.  And it did!


Mother of the bride and the bride watching guests pile in!


A few cocktails and a pep talk from sweet Cooper. 🙂


Rachael’s mom said to me when I was holding Cooper, “You are going to have white dog hair all over you.” And I responded, “I don’t care, I just love this little doggie sooo much!” 😉


It takes a village, yall!! 😉


Once all the guests arrived and we were all dressed, we headed downstairs for the ceremony!  (I don’t have any pictures of this, but I am hoping to snag some of the professional ones when the bride and groom get them back!)  I have one more post coming to wrap up the perfect wedding day!  Until then… I’ll hold you over with a few of the bridal party I got from the bride.  We took girls and boys pictures separately before the ceremony, but the bride and groom opted not to see each other until she was walking down the aisle, which is always so special.  My husband and I did this too and I was so happy we didn’t see each other before the ceremony.  It just made it that more special.  

Our crazy, fun group!! 

Nashville Fashion Week 2019

Be serious, yall!

Nashville Fashion Week 2019

The most gorgeous couple ever!!!

Nashville Fashion Week 2019

Mr. and Mrs. Bornhop!!! Aren’t they just beautiful?? (The groom is a fashion designer and designed his outfit. :))

Nashville Fashion Week 2019

Part 3 coming atcha soon….


  1. If you are married, what style dress did you wear?
  2. What color were your bridesmaids dresses?
  3. How many people were in your bridal party?

3 thoughts on “Wedding in Nashville Part 2

  1. You looked absolutely STUNNING Taylor. I am sure this was such an amazing and special moment in your life celebrating your BF’s wedding. I hope you are feeling much better lately.

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