Wedding Weekend Part 1 … Rach and Eric Get Married!

Hey friends!! Happy Tuesday!  It sure is hard getting back into the grove of things after a holiday weekend.  But here we are! I am still on a high from two weekends ago in Nashville when we got to celebrate two of our best friends getting married.  It was such a special weekend.  

I arrived in Nashville on Thursday night around the same time as a few other girls so my bestie, Rachael (the bride), picked us up and we did a girls night with drinks and food at M L Rose.  It was fun to have a casual night before all the craziness of the wedding started.  


My husband met me at my dad’s house later that night (he flew in from an out-of-town work trip).  Water and chocolates by the bed. 🙂


My sister and I always talk about the funny things our parents do and say as they get older.  I just had to laugh at this sign my dad left me… first of all it was funny that he signed it “the management” and second of all.. where are we supposed to hang the wet towels? LOL.


Pictures of our pups having the best time with our wonderful dog sitter.  🙂 

Friday morning we had the rehearsal at the wedding venue followed by a lovely lunch hosted by the bride’s family friends at their house.  It was beautiful day with family, friends, and the bridal party and their dates. 


Me and my sweet bestie, Rachael, on her last day as a single lady!


Rachael and her bridesmaids, the bride’s sister and new sister-in-law and her three besties from middle school, high school and college.  Love these girls!


Friday night was the rehearsal dinner at 51st Kitchen.  It was immediate family and the bridal party and their dates and it was just perfect.  We had a small room and had fun just chatting and eating delicious food.  


There was a beautiful slideshow playing in the background with fun pictures from baby years until now of the bride and the groom.  The groom’s uncle even got up and surprised us all with some live music!  


I got the salmon… you are shocked, aren’t you!??!


They brought out a beautiful assortment of desserts afterwards! Yum!!!


They are just the cutest couple ever!!!  They may have been laughing at the Nelly rap me and two of the bridesmaids changed all the words to, to reflect on their relationship over the years. 😉  Maybe I’ll upload the video one day… maybe. 😉


After dinner, the bridal party and dates hung out outside on the porch for a couple hours just drinking and chatting the night away.  Our beautiful bride and the bridesmaids. 🙂


All the peeps! So much fun!!!


Jonny, I am tired.   Take me home. 🙂


That wraps up our wonderful Friday before the wedding!! Up next… the wedding day!!!


  1. Have you ever been in a wedding?
  2. Do you have any weddings this year? (We have 2 more!)
  3. If you are married, where did you do your rehearsal dinner?  

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