Weekend Recap 4.7.19 In-Laws Visit San Antonio!

Good morning!! I hope you are having a great week so far! Mine has been busy busy busy because I am trying to get everything done before we head to Nashville tomorrow for my best friend’s wedding this weekend!  We are SOO excited! 

 More to come on that… but until then… back to last weekend.  It was definitely one for the books.  My in-laws were in town visiting for the first time since we moved in late last fall.  It was so great to have them in town.  I love having visitors because it forces us to get out and do touristy things in our town that we wouldn’t normally do by ourselves.  

Friday night we had reservations at Bistro 9.  



We started with some drinks and mussels that were so yummy.  I got the grouper special and it was soo delicious!!  

We all wanted a little something sweet after dinner so we walked to TCBY for a little froyo! 


I got the vanilla and chocolate swirl and it was soo tasty!


Saturday morning after a run I got cleaned up and we headed out for tacos for an early lunch at Betos.  Someone help me, I am addicted to their fish tacos.  


Afterwards we headed down to the Riverwalk!


We booked a Riverboat cruise so we could see more of the Riverwalk. 


They actually drain the river every five years to clean it and have a huge celebration with a mud festival with a lot of activities.  They next one is next January!!!! I am saving the date for this event!  Anyone wanna come visit??


It was actually really neat!  On one section of the tour, their are love locks like in Paris, which I thought was so cool!


Afterwards we walked up to the Alamo so my in-laws could see it.  They didn’t want to go in so we just took some pictures outside… honestly, it isn’t very exciting. 🙂


My in-laws took an Uber home, but my husband insisted we ride scooters home.  We only live about 6 miles away, but yall it was the funniest experience ever.  My husband’s scooter was so much faster than mine and the scooter I had only went so far then it turned to like 2 miles per hour because it was out of the certain zone.  I kept yelling to my husband that I thought mine was dying and he was like “no, it’s just a slow zone, it will speed up soon.”  Famous last words.  We were about a mile from home and hopped in an Uber to finish up our trip. 🙂  


Sunday we went to brunch at Twin Sisters Bakery and Cafe. I got the vegetarian omelette and it was soo good.  It had avocado in it, which speaks my love language. 🙂  My husband and I both got the red eye (or something like that) which was coffee with a shot of espresso which was so delicious! 


It was a rainy Sunday morning, but it cleared up just in time for us to do some yardwork!  We put our guests to work… anyone wanna come visit? 😉 

I was on the pick-up crew (picking up all the leaves and weeds) and then I got to work on powerwashing the fence.  Here is a shot of the before.  


Ahh… I love powerwashing… it is about the only “yardwork” I enjoy.  Now I just have 2 more  sides of the fence to complete. 🙂


My mother-in-law, father-in-law (he was the blower operator) and my husband mulched and planted a bunch of new bushes, flowers, and rose bushes!! 


It was sooo needed and our yard looks so much better now.  Yes, that is fake grass in the front… weird, but actually nice because we never have to cut it!


More mulch!


My mother-in-law found an aloe plant in our front yard that needed more sun so she dug it up and planted it in a pot so we could put it out back in direct sunlight.  This may come in handy when I get a sunburn down here. 🙂


Sunday night we watched the ACM’s and ordered in thai food, which was the perfect way to end a fabulous weekend!!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! Tell me what you have planned in the comments!! xoxoxo


  1. What are your plans for the weekend?
  2. Did you watch the ACM awards?
  3. What is your favorite genre of music? 

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