Bachelorette Party Part 3.. Our Final Day in Miami!

Good morning!! Happy Monday friends!! Eeeek I can’t believe the weekend is already over, but I am looking forward to getting back into my routine and having a productive week ahead.  Plus, my in-laws are coming to visit us this weekend so I am really excited to see them!  

Our last day in Miami for my bestie’s bachelorette party was one for the books!  We lounged around on Saturday morning and sat outside for a bit before getting ready for a fun brunch!


We had reservations at R House for brunch on Saturday afternoon.  The 3 non-sister bridemaids with the beautiful bride!


This place is known for their drag queen brunch and it did not disappoint! 


I got a yummy quinoa veggie bowl that was super yummy!


Some of the girls with our new friend. 😉


The girls with the queens. 🙂


Me and my sweet Rachael.


Our beautiful bride-to-be just soaking up the moment…before she got called up to bust a move in front of the whole restaurant.  She killed it! 🙂


While we enjoyed our mimosas and the show, at one point we were all in a line circling the restaurant singing Shania Twain’s “Man I Feel Like a Woman” having the best time!


After brunch we went back to the condos to get ready for a couple hours of relaxing at the beach!


Hanging at the beach!


We had a blast just chatting away and looking at the beautiful ocean. 


My girls!


Ahh… it never gets old. 


After a couple hours at the beach a few of us headed back to the condos to get ready for a fun night in while the others grabbed some drinks at a bar near the beach.  We were all ready for a calm night in on Saturday night so we ordered tacos from Bodega for an easy and delicious dinner.


We wrapped up the night with a fun lingerie shower for our girl.  She had to guess which piece was from which girl which was hilarious.  I think she did get a couple right. 😉  


After a few hours of chatting, we all packed up our bags and headed to bed.  It was such a great weekend in Miami celebrating our girl and such a fun time toasting her single days goodbye!!  I cannot wait for the wedding, which is quickly approaching!!!!!! 

I hope you all had a nice weekend!! I will share our weekend soon!!  xoxo


  1. What did you do this weekend?
  2. Favorite bachelorette party game?
  3. Did you watch as many basketball game this weekend as I did? 

4 thoughts on “Bachelorette Party Part 3.. Our Final Day in Miami!

  1. Miami looks so amazing! I went there for a bachelorette party last year and had the best time, so your pictures are making me miss it! And what a sweet schedule and set-up y’all used for Rachel! Nothing makes a person feel loved like all the special people who come out to support them for their marriages 🙂 ❤

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