Weekend Recap 3.17.19…Recovering, Sunshine, and Date Night

Hey friends!! Happy Monday! I hope you guys had a nice St. Patrick’s Day weekend and were able to take part in the festivities (or at least more than we were!).  My husband was sick all last week and ofcourse I woke up sick on Friday.  We just hung out at the house on Friday night and most of Saturday trying to recover and feel a little better.  Being sick is the worst.   And knock on wood, I haven’t been sick in quite some time so hoping it passes quickly.  I was feeling a bit better yesterday, but still woke up super congested and my cough seems to have gotten worse. Ugh!! 

I am taking in all the vitamin C and resting because this is a short week for me.  On Thursday I am heading to Miami to celebrate my best friend, Rachael’s, bachelorette party! I am soo excited (and cannot afford to be sick!).  

We did happen to sneak in a yummy taco night last week.  Riley was not amused.  


When you’re sick, you stock up on all the essentials.  🙂 


We were lounging on the couch the other day and I looked over to see this.  Riley did not mind one bit.  


Saturday was spent hanging around at the house and by Sunday I needed to get out.  I was able to get some things done on my to do list in the morning so I ran to get my nails done Sunday afternoon while my husband was out golfing.  I had given my nails a break for a bit so didn’t have to pay for the removal of the past coat, but nail prices in San Antonio are SO cheap compared to anywhere else I have lived.  I never used to get them done regularly because it was so expensive, but I get the powder dip here and it is only $35.   It was at least $50-$60 everywhere else I have lived.  🙂


Since I wasn’t feeling  so hot on Friday night we had to cancel our dinner plans.  Thankfully by Sunday afternoon I was feeling a bit better so we decided to reschedule our date night and head to an early dinner.  We love a good date night for no reason at all, but I told my husband we had to celebrate our 10 year anniversary together since it is coming up in a couple weeks.  It is crazy to think we have been together for 10 years!  We met when I was just 19 years old and a freshman in college.  Boy, time sure does fly! 


We sat outside on the patio overlooking the riverwalk at Supper in the Pearl.  


It was a beautiful evening outside and we enjoyed people watching as we ate.


We got the brussels and risotto to start and both were super yummy!  If brussels are on the menu, I am getting them.  


I love this guy so much.  ❤ 


My husband was convinced by the waiter to get the Quail.  He ate every bite. 🙂


The waiter convinced me to get the Trout and it did not disappoint.  Oh my gosh, sooo delicious. 


I like my chocolate, but I’ve never been big on desserts at restaurants.  My husband doesn’t usually get one either, but after one look at the menu, he had to get this dish.  It was some sort of churro cookie with ice cream and toasted marshmellow with chocolate sauce and strawberries.  He gobbled it up so fast and said it was the best dessert ever. 


We were home in bed with the pups by 7:30pm… just how we like it. 😉  


Send me all the healing vibes so I can kick this sickness it the butt before my trip to Miami!  I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!!! xoxo


  1. Did you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?
  2. Tell my the highlight of your weekend. 
  3. Do you typically get dessert when dining out?

4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 3.17.19…Recovering, Sunshine, and Date Night

  1. I hope you get to feeling 100% for your trip to Miami! ♡ The dinner and dessert at Supper in the Pearl looks phenomenal. Date nights are the best, aren’t they?!


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