Weekend Recap 3.3.19 Sister Time in Dallas

Hey Friends!!!  Happy Thursday!! This week is flying by for me, which is always nice.  My husband has been out of town since Monday for work so these weeks are usually a little tough for me, but luckily my pups have been keeping me company.  My sweet husband sent me the sweetest note and a bouquet of roses to let me know he was thinking of me while he has been gone.  It is the little things, yall.  

Last week when I was eating some dinner, I had quite the admirer.  She is never far away from me…especially when there is food. 🙂 


Does anyone else still watch Wheel of Fortune?  I look forward to it every night. 🙂


I came home the other day and saw this.  It looks like he is giving the dogs a stern talk, but he really was just telling them to sit so I didn’t run them over.  So obedient. 🙂


The king of the castle. 


My bestie sent me this that popped up on her timehop.  This was me and my little brother 11 years ago!  Crazy.


This past weekend my husband was away on a boys ski trip so I decided to hear to Dallas for the weekend with the pups.  


We did a TreadBarre class on Saturday morning and got some juice afterwards!


Aren’t they all just the cutest??  Anything for a treat!


Saturday after our class we went to my sister and her bf’s old apartment to clean it up before they give up the keys.  We just did a quick clean then headed home.  On Saturday night we decided to just stay in and watch movies/organize my sister’s closet.


Ofcourse we got our favorite, poke bowls!


We helped my sister’s bf hang some mirrors.

And I dried my sister’s hair.  Hey, what are sisters for?


On Sunday morning we went to a bootcamp style workout class before packing up my car.  It was such a fun little trip to Dallas, but like always, it went by way too fast.  The pups and I were glad to be home and to see Jonny!  


  1. How was your weekend?
  2. When was the last time you moved?
  3. Tell me one highlight of your week!

6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 3.3.19 Sister Time in Dallas

  1. We took apart our old air hockey table and packed up outgrown toys to give the game room a facelift. I’m excited and looking forward to paint swatches.
    The last time we moved was 11 years ago.
    A highlight from my week was seasoning my new smoker and working on fire management.
    Happy Thursday!


  2. Looks like such wonderful sista-sista time!! Thanks for sharing, Taylor : ) One highlight of my week- it’s about to be Spring Break, so I am nearly done with my HUGE assignments before a little breather, which is pretty exciting!


  3. Nothing quite like sister time! 🙂 I don’t watch wheel of fortune much these days but do like to watch it every so often…I’m a big fan of jeopardy as well.


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