Master Bathroom Renovation … Before and Afters!

Good morning!!!! I have a fun post planned for you today.  I have been waiting for what feels like forever to share our master bathroom/laundry room renovation with you all.  We finished most of the project a while ago, but had a little hiccup with the shower glass getting installed so that delayed us a bit.  I am excited to show you the carport that we had built out back too.. it looks so great and we love it! 

When we first bought this house I told my husband that the master bathroom had to go asap… like I may have had contractors at our house the day we were moving in.  To me it just wasn’t very practical and was extremely dark and outdated.  My husband probably would have been fine with it… but that is a man for you. 😉 Since we knew we were going to change out the flooring in the bathroom, I decided it was the perfect time to change out the flooring in the laundry room (it is the same tile).  This is the before tile.


I know it is not horrible, but it is just not my style at all.  I like light and bright and neutral colors. 


New flooring getting installed!


All done!  Riley approves.  We got this tile from the Habitat for Humanity store.  If you haven’t checked these out, you are missing out.  The prices are unbeatable and we saved SO much money doing this.  We have a few more plans for the laundry room so I will share those when the time comes.  


So this was our bathroom before the renovation.  The viewpoint is from the master closet, the entrance to the bathroom is directly to the right by the light switches.  The dual vanities are on opposite sides of the bathroom.  


View from inside the bathroom looking towards the master closet. 


The after!  We tore down the wall right when you enter the bathroom and the two walls connecting the door to the shower and toilet.  We made them all half walls. 


We actually got the window from Habitat for Humanity store too.  Guess how much it was?  $20!!!!!! Insane!


This was the shower before.  It felt so dark and dull. 


The tiny old window.  The new window makes a huge difference.


The old flooring was so gross.  I was soo happy to see it go.


We chose subway tile for the shower.  Riley wanted to test it out.


We did a neutral accent strip through the middle of the shower.  We used the old fixtures to save some mula.


My husband was set on using dark grout for the subway tile and I think it turned out great. We chose flat stones for the flooring.


We did a little built in place for soap/shampoo.  


The old door way to the shower and toilet.


In the middle of the reno!


The same view, with the half walls all finished.


The old vanity.  There was an identical one on the opposite side.


We were able to sell the old cabinets and make some money, which was nice.


Refinishing the old cabinets!

In the middle of the project.  Noticed the direction of the light fixture.


Refinishing the old cabinet underneath my new makeup vanity.

New counter tops installed.

We reused our old sinks and fixtures and updated the cabinets (we had to update to make it a duel vanity on the same side), new counter tops, and new mirrors.  The backsplash matches the one in the shower.


We reused the light fixtures too, but just turned them upside down!  By reusing the shower and sink fixtures, the light fixtures, and the sinks, we saved a lot of money.


We got new cabinets for the duel vanity on the right side of the bathroom from Habitat for Humanity (great price!), but kept the one on the left and just refinished it to match the new cabinets.  


These are the new cabinets and I was able to refinish and paint the old one to match it perfectly.  They didn’t have the exact size vanities we needed so I just asked my husband to add in some shelves for towel storage to complete the look.  


New cabinets.


The left side of the bathroom is my makeup vanity.  I begged my husband for this and he finally agreed.  I love to sit down and dry my hair and do my makeup.  These are the cabinets I refinished to match the new cabinets on the right side of the bathroom. The makeup mirror… my husband made it for me. 🙂 


We researched a lot of different ones online and they either weren’t big enough or cost as much as our mortgage so we opted to go the DIY route on this project.


We kept the storage closet to the left of the makeup vanity.  There is a TON of storage on top. 


And the bottom opens up for a place to drop your laundry!! Such a smart idea and no way I was giving that up.  I love being able to conceal a laundry basket and not have it out in the open.


The important part of the new bathroom! 🙂 


Our master bathroom renovation was a LOT of work. We interview a lot of people.  Since we knew the design we wanted, we searched for a handy man instead of an entire design team since we didn’t want to pay for all of that.  We reused quite a few items and did a bit of the work ourselves.  It was no easy task, but we are both thrilled with the outcome!  It is exactly what we wanted and it is so much more functional this way.  I think it is important to love where you live and this project really makes our new house feel like home.  

I hope you all are having a fantastic week!! xoxoxo


  1. Have you ever done a home renovation project?
  2. Are you a DIY-er or do you hire someone for projects?
  3. If you could change one thing about the place you live in, what would it be?

4 thoughts on “Master Bathroom Renovation … Before and Afters!

  1. Congrats on it being done! The bathroom look great. My dream is also to have a built-in vanity, so kudos to you and your husband for making yours come true! Right now, my desk is a vanity in the mornings and a workspace in the evenings ha!

    Our most recent home renovation was replacing a shower. We did it ourselves, which I am half impressed we did and half over it. It wasn’t too complicated a project, but it still took us about a week and everything was a mess and we’re still procrastinating on finishing up the drywall surrounding it…


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