Daddy Daughter Weekend in Dallas!

Hey friends!!  Happy Tuesday! I am getting back into the swing of things after an amazing weekend in Dallas with my sister and my daddy.  My sister’s bf was out of town for the weekend so my dad planned a trip to Dallas and since I didn’t have any plans for the weekend I decided to join and make it a daddy/daughter weekend!  

I arrived Friday night just in time for a late dinner at Eureka.  We got the crispy brussels to start (I always get them here!!) and the hemp bowl for my entree, which was soo tasty and had so many delicious flavors. 


Friday night we stayed up late chatting and catching up before hitting the hay.  Saturday morning my sister and I hit the gym for a quick workout before we went to see her new house.  She and her boyfriend just bought their first house so it was really fun to see it.  My mom, Jon and I are going back to Dallas for a long weekend coming up to help them move into their first home and get settled.  We are so excited for them!!

After viewing their house, we popped into HG Supply Co for a late lunch.  It is one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas so I was super excited to fit it into our schedule.  We had a bit of a wait so we headed up to the rooftop for a bit.  It was a beautiful, sunny day! 

I love that you can see the downtown skyline from the roof!


Love this girl!


My dad and sister got some nachos for an appetizer.  I got the tuna poke bowl, which was SOOO good.  This trip was full of delicious food!!

The cutest attorney I have ever seen. 🙂 


After lunch we headed back to pick up my sister’s pups to take them to the park.  


We got really lucky with the nice weather so we spent as much time as possible outside soaking in the sun!


Murphy loves the park.  He was making so many friends.  


The pups loved the sunshine too! 

My peeps! 


The dog park was THE place to be last Saturday.  


For dinner on Saturday night we headed to a new upscale Mexican restaurant called Jalisco.  


Dad and his girls! 


There were so many yummy options to choose from.



I opted for two fish tacos and one shrimp taco.  They were really yummy!


After dinner we just hung out and watched stand up comedy at my sister’s place for the night.  On Sunday I got in a quick workout before hitting the road back home.  I had the best weekend with my dad and sister and wish we all lived closer together, but I’m so thankful for fun weekends like this!  


I hope you guys had a great weekend too!  


  1. What was the best part of your weekend?
  2. Any trips coming up soon? 
  3. How often do you get to see your siblings/parents/family?


2 thoughts on “Daddy Daughter Weekend in Dallas!

  1. Glad you made it back to Dallas for a bit! Nothing beats quality family time, which is so ironic given how much I resisted my family in my teenage years! And congrats on your sister’s house!

    I try to see my family as much as possible, but now that we’re strewn across different states, it can be tough and irregular. I make sure to catch up with my sisters via phone call and text pretty regularly though 🙂 Glad you get to be in the same state as your sister!

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    1. That is so true, Taylor. The older I get the more I appreciate my family! Thank you, they are very excited!

      I am happy to just be a drive away from my sister! We talk almost daily so that is really nice.

      Hope you are having a wonderful week!!


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