Weekend Recap 1.20.19 Top Golf, Poker Night, Friends, Salads, Sneak Peak of Bathroom Reno, and Tacos x 2

Good morning friends!  How was your weekend?  If you have a 3 day weekend, I sure hope you are enjoying it!  I am back to work today, but I had a great weekend with Jon and our friends,  We relaxed, enjoyed the weather, and had a lot of fun with new and old friends! 

Still loving my salads with lots yummy toppings!


Friday night our friend from Dallas arrived for the weekend.  We went to get tacos for dinner then just hung out at home for the night.  Saturday morning after a quick run, we all got ready to head to Top Golf for a couple hours of fun.  We took my husband’s convertible for the ride because it was soo beautiful outside.  A great day for the top down.  


Saturday night we had about 10 friends over for Poker Night.  It was all boys and me. 🙂  There was another girl present, but she didn’t play poker.  I got third place and got my money back plus a little bit.  I was pretty happy! 🙂 The boys ended the night with a few games of ping pong.  


Lots of salads this weekend.  I had a leftover veggie burger so I topped it with avocado and put it on top of my salad, which was a perfect Sunday lunch! 


While we are still waiting for the guy to install the glass for our new shower, I did get my makeup vanity finished up and organized so I just HAD to show you guys a little peak!  I bought all the different organizers at Michaels and my husband built the mirror with lights for me. 🙂 


My sister got me this hair dryer for Christmas and I LOVE it.  I’ve never had a really nice hair dryer (and quite honestly, never saw the need for it), but it has changed my whole world.  It dries my hair sooo fast, which is so nice.  


Still going strong on the celery juice.  I have my own drawer in our fridge just for my celery.  I always wash it and dry it off and put it away right when I get home so it is always ready to go.  


I have been snacking on these babies all weekend.  They are so big and tasty right now!  I love good blueberries!  


We even got in some relaxing with the pups.  


I read a lot of my book on Sunday with this guy always nearby. 


This girl was happy to get  in a few good walks this weekend too!  We hung out outside quite a bit on Sunday in the beautiful sunshine.


Love ending my weekend feeling refreshed and recharged with this guy.  


Last night we went to a local place for Mexican. My husband and I both got fajitas and they were sooo delicious.

Thank you for all the sweet messages about my stomach issues popping up again.  I have a test today to get a little closer to getting some answers so I will be sure to keep you guys updated!  

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and have a great, productive week ahead! xoxoxo


  1. Highlight of your weekend?
  2. Favorite fruit?
  3. Tell me one thing you are extra grateful for right now?

7 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 1.20.19 Top Golf, Poker Night, Friends, Salads, Sneak Peak of Bathroom Reno, and Tacos x 2

  1. Can’t wait to see the full bathroom reveal! And I’m hoping those are the fajitas from Paloma Blanca, which are DELICIOUS! (Everything there is delicious, especially their fajitas, tortillas, and salsa. If you haven’t already been there, it’s worth a visit! Plenty of seafood options.)


  2. GORGEOUS VANITY and from the parts of the bathroom I can see STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ditto on your salads! You make the best salads Taylor. I pray you are feeling better.

    Highlight of weekend….Birthday Vegas trip for my husband. Lots of fun and laughter!

    Extra grateful for the closeness I have with my big and loving family. We are dealing with my sister’s serious illness and all bonded together to keep her strong!!!!!!!!!!!! Love my family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope you are having a great weekend and feeling no pain.



  3. Hey girlie. I still have to read your last post, but I am hoping things are getting better with no pain ❤

    The fajitas look just scrumptious! Sometimes nothing is better than some veggie fajitas.

    Your vanity looks AMAZING. it could be in a magazine. Also, have you seen any difference with the celery juicing? I know many people are swearing by it! xo


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