Weekend Recap 1.13.19 Better Late Than Never

Happy Friday friends!!  I am ready for the weekend!  It has been a long week at work so I am ready to relax a bit.  We don’t have much planned this weekend, which is nice.  My husband has off work Monday so he gets a long weekend.  Do you get off for MLK day?  I don’t so I’ll be up and at ’em come Monday morning.

I like to be real around here so to be honest, the last couple weeks have been a little rough.  I have been experiencing some stomach pain/nausea/distention and I finally got into a doctor today so I am hoping to get that all squared away.  After last year, any stomach issues just make me really nervous.  It’s been a lot to juggle with my new job so hopefully I will get some answers soon.

Onto the good stuff.  My weekend recap… on Friday.  Better late than never!  We had a pretty low key weekend with home projects, hanging out with friends, and relaxing.

My husband finish working on a few small things in our new bathroom so I finished up painting under my new make up vanity.  I promise, pictures are coming… we are waiting for our glass in the shower to get installed…


Callie was not impressed.  


This is where you will find Riley on the weekends.  In the sun, always.


He literally refuses to come inside.  The pool table made it’s appearance this weekend.  It has a permanent home outside… no room for it inside the new house.  


On the weekends we try to take a lot of walks with the pups.  Riley sleeps in in the mornings with my husband (Callie always get up with me) and it has been dark by the time we get home lately so we don’t get to get too many week day walks in.  


I’ve been building up my strength lately and getting a lot more running in.  I go through phases with running where I love it then get burnt out, but right now I am loving it.  Callie loves me even when I’m sweaty. 🙂


This guy was out of town all week and we all missed him.  We will be getting lots of Jonny time in this weekend just like last weekend. 


Tacos have been on repeat around here.  We have used leftover fish or chicken for my husband, slaw, pico, guac (lots of guac), and lime juice.  We toast the corn tortillas over an open flame and they taste soo good.  I’m sure these will be making a comeback this weekend. 🙂 


Last Saturday night we went to Boiler House for dinner with a few friends on Saturday night and had a great meal with even better company.  The food was delicious!!! 


After dinner we met up with a friend that was in town for a bit before heading home.  Sober January is going well for me…my husband quit already. 😉  That’s all for today!  I hope you guys have a great Friday and an awesome weekend!!! 


  1. Any fun weekend plans?
  2. Favorite taco toppings?
  3. Did you all watch Dirty John on Bravo based off the podcast? 

8 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 1.13.19 Better Late Than Never

  1. Hi Taylor:

    I am so sorry and upset to hear you are having stomach issues again. I can only imagine how frightened you have been and still are after all you went through last year. I will keep you in my prayers that this is something you will recover from very quickly!

    I am still going through all of my testing MRI’s, US, CT scan and now another new doctor appointment for a situation they found after I was having stomach issues, that we emailed each other about. I know how frustrating it is when the answer is not readily clear and available. Please take good care of yourself Taylor.

    Enjoy the weekend the best you can…..

    Sending you a big hug XOXO


  2. Ugh! Not again. I was so hopeful that you had found answers to these stomach issues. Have you been working with the medical team that you did over the summer because they have some knowledge of your past history and treatment? Also, I hope that you’ll give us an update on everything that’s been going on in that arena soon! 🙂


    1. Thanks Lindsay. Thankfully I’m feeling much better so I think it was just a little flare up. Unfortunately not being in Nashville anymore makes it difficult to talk to the same doctors but thankfully my new doctors here have been great and were able to talk to my nashville doctors from last year.


  3. Hi girlie, so so sorry to hear these issues are sneaking back up. I’m praying that they have resolved and do not turn into anything serious! ❤

    Your tacos look better than some I've had in a restaurant- and what a fun night out at Boiler house!! Also, I did watch Dirty John & listened to the podcast- what a wild story!


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