Holiday Recap Continued… Christmas in Indy!

Hey yall!  I’m back!  I’m trying to figure out a regular blogging schedule, but life has been so crazy it has been hard to figure out one.  I will eventually… 

This year we spent Christmas in Indianapolis with my in-laws.  It was great… and really cold. Lol! We have been so spoiled by this warm San Antonio weather that we have become babies when it comes to the cold weather.  We just can’t handle it. 🙂 

While in Indy, we spent one night walking around the Art Museum that had the most beautiful display of lights outside.  


Love this sweet guy.  


Love these people. 


This tree was made out of kids toys! So neat!


I love when tree branches are decorated with lights.  They are so pretty!



We got to go inside the Lily House and it was amazing.  Do yall remember making these paper chain links as kids?  I sure do.


The lights outside were going to music and it was spectacular. 


Ah!  So beautiful!!


My brother-in-law drove to spend a few days with us in San Antonio after Christmas.  He and my husband did some projects for the new bathroom (it’s almost done so I will show pictures soon!!), but the only pictures I got when he was in town were these… 


Somehow we ended up back at Betos for their delicious tacos!! I still think they are the best I’ve ever had!  And lots of guacamole! Yum!!

We spent New Year’s in with a few of our friends in San Antonio and it was one of the best ones yet!  I would love to hear all about your holidays in the comments!!


  1. Did you travel for the holidays?
  2. If you are married, do you see both families during the holidays or alternate?
  3. What was the best part of the holidays for you this year?

4 thoughts on “Holiday Recap Continued… Christmas in Indy!

  1. Happy New Year!!!! So happy your holidays were spent with family and friends and just all around wonderful. Ours were absolutely amazing. We had planned on going to the wineries after Christmas but ending up STAYCATIONING for over a week at the beach area where we live and it was all amazing and lovely!!!!! Wishing you a year PAIN FREE and one full of love and joy! XO


  2. Sounds like a great time! Both sides currently are 20 minutes from us and 35-40 minutes from us, so we always feel pressure to hit everyone each holiday. With a toddler in toe, it can get pretty hectic. This year we celebrated on another day with one side and then hit the other on christmas day. it was much less stressful!


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