Daddy Daughter Weekend in Dallas!

Hey friends!!  Happy Tuesday! I am getting back into the swing of things after an amazing weekend in Dallas with my sister and my daddy.  My sister’s bf was out of town for the weekend so my dad planned a trip to Dallas and since I didn’t have any plans for the weekend I decided to join and make it a daddy/daughter weekend!  

I arrived Friday night just in time for a late dinner at Eureka.  We got the crispy brussels to start (I always get them here!!) and the hemp bowl for my entree, which was soo tasty and had so many delicious flavors. 


Friday night we stayed up late chatting and catching up before hitting the hay.  Saturday morning my sister and I hit the gym for a quick workout before we went to see her new house.  She and her boyfriend just bought their first house so it was really fun to see it.  My mom, Jon and I are going back to Dallas for a long weekend coming up to help them move into their first home and get settled.  We are so excited for them!!

After viewing their house, we popped into HG Supply Co for a late lunch.  It is one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas so I was super excited to fit it into our schedule.  We had a bit of a wait so we headed up to the rooftop for a bit.  It was a beautiful, sunny day! 

I love that you can see the downtown skyline from the roof!


Love this girl!


My dad and sister got some nachos for an appetizer.  I got the tuna poke bowl, which was SOOO good.  This trip was full of delicious food!!

The cutest attorney I have ever seen. 🙂 


After lunch we headed back to pick up my sister’s pups to take them to the park.  


We got really lucky with the nice weather so we spent as much time as possible outside soaking in the sun!


Murphy loves the park.  He was making so many friends.  


The pups loved the sunshine too! 

My peeps! 


The dog park was THE place to be last Saturday.  


For dinner on Saturday night we headed to a new upscale Mexican restaurant called Jalisco.  


Dad and his girls! 


There were so many yummy options to choose from.



I opted for two fish tacos and one shrimp taco.  They were really yummy!


After dinner we just hung out and watched stand up comedy at my sister’s place for the night.  On Sunday I got in a quick workout before hitting the road back home.  I had the best weekend with my dad and sister and wish we all lived closer together, but I’m so thankful for fun weekends like this!  


I hope you guys had a great weekend too!  


  1. What was the best part of your weekend?
  2. Any trips coming up soon? 
  3. How often do you get to see your siblings/parents/family?


Weekend Recap 1.20.19 Top Golf, Poker Night, Friends, Salads, Sneak Peak of Bathroom Reno, and Tacos x 2

Good morning friends!  How was your weekend?  If you have a 3 day weekend, I sure hope you are enjoying it!  I am back to work today, but I had a great weekend with Jon and our friends,  We relaxed, enjoyed the weather, and had a lot of fun with new and old friends! 

Still loving my salads with lots yummy toppings!


Friday night our friend from Dallas arrived for the weekend.  We went to get tacos for dinner then just hung out at home for the night.  Saturday morning after a quick run, we all got ready to head to Top Golf for a couple hours of fun.  We took my husband’s convertible for the ride because it was soo beautiful outside.  A great day for the top down.  


Saturday night we had about 10 friends over for Poker Night.  It was all boys and me. 🙂  There was another girl present, but she didn’t play poker.  I got third place and got my money back plus a little bit.  I was pretty happy! 🙂 The boys ended the night with a few games of ping pong.  


Lots of salads this weekend.  I had a leftover veggie burger so I topped it with avocado and put it on top of my salad, which was a perfect Sunday lunch! 


While we are still waiting for the guy to install the glass for our new shower, I did get my makeup vanity finished up and organized so I just HAD to show you guys a little peak!  I bought all the different organizers at Michaels and my husband built the mirror with lights for me. 🙂 


My sister got me this hair dryer for Christmas and I LOVE it.  I’ve never had a really nice hair dryer (and quite honestly, never saw the need for it), but it has changed my whole world.  It dries my hair sooo fast, which is so nice.  


Still going strong on the celery juice.  I have my own drawer in our fridge just for my celery.  I always wash it and dry it off and put it away right when I get home so it is always ready to go.  


I have been snacking on these babies all weekend.  They are so big and tasty right now!  I love good blueberries!  


We even got in some relaxing with the pups.  


I read a lot of my book on Sunday with this guy always nearby. 


This girl was happy to get  in a few good walks this weekend too!  We hung out outside quite a bit on Sunday in the beautiful sunshine.


Love ending my weekend feeling refreshed and recharged with this guy.  


Last night we went to a local place for Mexican. My husband and I both got fajitas and they were sooo delicious.

Thank you for all the sweet messages about my stomach issues popping up again.  I have a test today to get a little closer to getting some answers so I will be sure to keep you guys updated!  

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and have a great, productive week ahead! xoxoxo


  1. Highlight of your weekend?
  2. Favorite fruit?
  3. Tell me one thing you are extra grateful for right now?

Weekend Recap 1.13.19 Better Late Than Never

Happy Friday friends!!  I am ready for the weekend!  It has been a long week at work so I am ready to relax a bit.  We don’t have much planned this weekend, which is nice.  My husband has off work Monday so he gets a long weekend.  Do you get off for MLK day?  I don’t so I’ll be up and at ’em come Monday morning.

I like to be real around here so to be honest, the last couple weeks have been a little rough.  I have been experiencing some stomach pain/nausea/distention and I finally got into a doctor today so I am hoping to get that all squared away.  After last year, any stomach issues just make me really nervous.  It’s been a lot to juggle with my new job so hopefully I will get some answers soon.

Onto the good stuff.  My weekend recap… on Friday.  Better late than never!  We had a pretty low key weekend with home projects, hanging out with friends, and relaxing.

My husband finish working on a few small things in our new bathroom so I finished up painting under my new make up vanity.  I promise, pictures are coming… we are waiting for our glass in the shower to get installed…


Callie was not impressed.  


This is where you will find Riley on the weekends.  In the sun, always.


He literally refuses to come inside.  The pool table made it’s appearance this weekend.  It has a permanent home outside… no room for it inside the new house.  


On the weekends we try to take a lot of walks with the pups.  Riley sleeps in in the mornings with my husband (Callie always get up with me) and it has been dark by the time we get home lately so we don’t get to get too many week day walks in.  


I’ve been building up my strength lately and getting a lot more running in.  I go through phases with running where I love it then get burnt out, but right now I am loving it.  Callie loves me even when I’m sweaty. 🙂


This guy was out of town all week and we all missed him.  We will be getting lots of Jonny time in this weekend just like last weekend. 


Tacos have been on repeat around here.  We have used leftover fish or chicken for my husband, slaw, pico, guac (lots of guac), and lime juice.  We toast the corn tortillas over an open flame and they taste soo good.  I’m sure these will be making a comeback this weekend. 🙂 


Last Saturday night we went to Boiler House for dinner with a few friends on Saturday night and had a great meal with even better company.  The food was delicious!!! 


After dinner we met up with a friend that was in town for a bit before heading home.  Sober January is going well for me…my husband quit already. 😉  That’s all for today!  I hope you guys have a great Friday and an awesome weekend!!! 


  1. Any fun weekend plans?
  2. Favorite taco toppings?
  3. Did you all watch Dirty John on Bravo based off the podcast? 

The Best Salad Ever!

Good morning!! How was your weekend?  We had a great one at home with lots of relaxing and hanging out with friends.  I’ll have a weekend recap up soon!  But first, I have got to share a new salad recipe with you all.  My mother-in-law made this for us when we were in Indy for Christmas last month and it was so good I had to recreate it when I got home.  I’ve been making it ever since we had it and just making a few changes each time to keep it interesting.  Everyone always asks me how I eat salad so often and it’s because I switch them up each time and keep them fun!  I love all the toppings and changing them out gives the salad variety and helps me to keep from being bored of them same salad over and over again.  

The original recipe used mixed greens or arugula, but I had romaine on hand (is romaine safe to eat now?? :)).  Riley has been wanting to play so much lately so whenever I look down, there is usually a toy and Riley staring right back at me ready to play!


Next add a chopped granny smith apple.  I love apples and eat them all the time, but I usually don’t go for granny smith because they are so tart, but granny smith are perfect for this salad.  Ofcourse any apple will work!


Next up, pumpkin seeds!  We found these roasted, salted pumpkin seeds at our grocery and I have been throwing them on salads, in yogurt, or just grabbing a handful or two for a quick salty snack.  They are so addicting. 🙂


Callie was sure about this addition.  😉


Riley was curious though. 🙂


Then add dried cherries.  I often add dried cranberries to my salads, but these dried cherries take it to the next level.  They are so sweet and bigger than craisins and add such a great flavor component.  


Riley wanted in on the action. 


So many tasty flavors.


The last important ingredient is goat cheese.  I usually don’t add cheese to my salads, but if I have goat cheese on hand, it’s going in!  Goat cheese is my absolute favorite.  


The dressing was a simple olive oil, apple cider vinegar, honey, lemon juice, and salt and pepper, but I have also used balsamic and it goes really well with these flavors too!  

Yall have to try this tasty salad combination!  It’s so yummy, I can’t count the times I’ve made it since Christmas! I hope you all have a fabulous week ahead!  I’ll be back soon! xoxoxo


  1. What was the highlight of your weekend?
  2. Favorite salad toppings?
  3. Favorite salad dressing? Do you make your own?

Weekend Recap 1.6.19 Colts Playoff Game in Houston

Hey Friends!!! How is your week going?  I can’t believe it’s already Friday! I am so behind on all blog related items because work has been pretty busy this week and we have had commitments a few of the nights too.  

I’m really looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home with my husband and pups.  My brother-in-law is in town again (he may have found himself a girlfriend on his last trip ;)) so we will probably explore the town a bit. 

The glass for our shower is getting installed next week and I have a few minor things to do this weekend to finish up our bathroom renovation project and then I will show pictures!  It is so much better than before and we are really happy with how it turned out! 

I wouldn’t call myself a huge football fan (I’m there for the entertainment and people watching), but I like this guy just a little bit so I accepted his invitation to a little weekend getaway to Houston to see his team, The Colts, play in the playoffs against the Houston Texans.  


I had never been to Houston before so I was excited to explore a new town. 


As much as I don’t love football, if I am going to go to a game, I want to be IN the action!  My husband got us seats about 15 rows up and they were amazing!  It was so fun being so close to the players!


We also had a great time surrounded by all the sad Houston fans while we cheered on the winning Colts! 


Games are a little more fun when your team is winning. 😉


Flo Rida was the half time performance and I was so happy!  He was so good and played a bit of all his hit songs!


After the game we walked back to our AirBnB (so nice to be able to walk to the game) to let out the pups (they came with us on our little trip!) before heading downtown to The Grove for dinner. Yall, the traffic in Houston is no joke.  It took us forever to get there.  


But honestly, I thought the tuna plate we shared for an appetizer was worth the traffic!


I got the trout and my husband got the redfish.  I LOVED my meal.. my husband liked his. 

Then it was back home on Sunday for some more home projects.

Have you guys heard all about celery juice and its benefits?  I feel like I am hearing about it all the time now so my husband and I are jumping on the bandwagon and drinking celery juice every morning.  We just started this new routine, but I’ll report back if I notice any benefits!


Our grocery store carries bags of slaw and shredded brussels and we have been eating them roasted or sauteed almost every night.  Such an easy and inexpensive side dish.  


We have been having our friends over a lot lately, which has been so fun.  We have been making easy dinners, grilling, doing lots of appetizers, and having a great time.  We are really lucky to have met some great friends already here in San Antonio because we sure do miss our Nashville peeps!


I am off to get this Friday started!  I hope you guys have a great day and an awesome weekend!!! 


  1. What are your plans for the weekend?
  2. Any health related New Years resolutions? 
  3. Do you like to watch football? 

Holiday Recap Continued… Christmas in Indy!

Hey yall!  I’m back!  I’m trying to figure out a regular blogging schedule, but life has been so crazy it has been hard to figure out one.  I will eventually… 

This year we spent Christmas in Indianapolis with my in-laws.  It was great… and really cold. Lol! We have been so spoiled by this warm San Antonio weather that we have become babies when it comes to the cold weather.  We just can’t handle it. 🙂 

While in Indy, we spent one night walking around the Art Museum that had the most beautiful display of lights outside.  


Love this sweet guy.  


Love these people. 


This tree was made out of kids toys! So neat!


I love when tree branches are decorated with lights.  They are so pretty!



We got to go inside the Lily House and it was amazing.  Do yall remember making these paper chain links as kids?  I sure do.


The lights outside were going to music and it was spectacular. 


Ah!  So beautiful!!


My brother-in-law drove to spend a few days with us in San Antonio after Christmas.  He and my husband did some projects for the new bathroom (it’s almost done so I will show pictures soon!!), but the only pictures I got when he was in town were these… 


Somehow we ended up back at Betos for their delicious tacos!! I still think they are the best I’ve ever had!  And lots of guacamole! Yum!!

We spent New Year’s in with a few of our friends in San Antonio and it was one of the best ones yet!  I would love to hear all about your holidays in the comments!!


  1. Did you travel for the holidays?
  2. If you are married, do you see both families during the holidays or alternate?
  3. What was the best part of the holidays for you this year?

Happy New Year!! I’m so Ready for 2019! recap of Holidays

Happy New Year Friends!!!! 


Sorry for the delayed post… again!  Our holidays were kinda crazy because we hanged our plans last minute due to me getting a job and some other family stuff and working a lot.  Lots of fun was had even during the madness! 

2018 has been quite a year for us.  It started out quite rough with all my medical issues/being in the hospital for so long, but it definitely ended on a high note with a fresh start in San Antonio, TX.  We are still loving it, by the way. 

I won’t sugar coat this post though… overall this year was just plain hard.  Really hard.  With all my GI issues that landed me in the hospital for way too long and ended in surgery, to still dealing with chronic neck and back pain, I’m just ready for a clean slate.  We had a lot of plans that had to be cancelled (including a lot of travel plans) so it was just a big bummer.  I am a firm believer that all things happen for a reason and I really did learn and grow so much from my experiences this year.  I think it was a reminder to me to slow down and just enjoy the here and now.  We are usually go go go and sometimes I’m so focused on planning the future, I forget to appreciate and enjoy the present.  

I love the start of a new year.  2019 is a fresh start and I am EXCITED about it.  We have lots of plans and goals and I think 2019 is going to be one of the best years yet.  

I don’t do “resolutions,” but I do set intentions and goals for the new year ahead.  I will tell you guys what I am focusing on this year and I would LOVE to hear your goals or resolutions too!

I’ve always had trouble living in the moment and being spontaneous (I’m a planner!!!), but this is something I want to work on. 

Giving back.  I want to get involved in some volunteer work this year.  I will probably do something with one of the animal shelters here in town (because my husband says I can’t have any more dogs). 

Advancing my career.  I am still liking my new job and there is room for growth so I have big goals for this year.  This is the first job in a while that I have had the opportunity for a lot of growth so you bet I will be working on this!

Being a better wife/partner.  My husband, he’s pretty stinkin’ great.  I’m not sure why he chose me, but I’m sure glad he did.  He deserves the world and each day I am going to focus on giving him just that.  More acts of kindness and love, less demanding, and more alone time and date nights. 

Read more.  I love to read, but lately it has been taking me a long time to get through my books because work and home projects have taken precedence. 

Less screen time.  We are all addicted to our phones (I am SO guilty), but part of being more present is putting away the phone/ipad and having more conversations, playing games, finding new activities, ect. 

I always do sober January every year to give my body a fresh restart and this year will be no different.  My mom and husband are joining in too!!! Are you? 😉


Our Christmas holiday started on a sad note for us.  We traveled to Dallas to stay overnight with my sister and her boyfriend before hopping on an early flight to Chicago to drive to Indiana to attend my husband’s aunt’s funeral.  She passed away right before Christmas after battling breast cancer.  It was really great to see family, even under the unfortunate circumstances. 

We got Poke in Dallas.. are you shocked?  It is my favorite so I have to get it every time I am there!


My nails have been looking rough from all our home projects so I got them done for the holidays and still love them.  🙂


We got to see this little crazy boy too.  He was pretty excited to see us! 


The sunrise on our early flight. 

My mother-in-law made this delicious salad with roasted cauliflower, arugula, pumpkin seeds, apricots and a homemade tahini dressing.  It was soo yummy!!


Our friend opened up a new bar/coffee shop with ping pong tables so we went to meet him and play a few games.  So fun!


We walked around a nearby town for a bit one day and I made my husband get a picture with his new friend. 😉


Christmas in Indy!


We went to one of our favorite restaurants, Ambrosia, for dinner one night.  I got the salmon special and it was amazing!!


My husband, his brothers, and dad all taught me how to play Poker this year and now I’m obsessed.  I came in third the first night and won it all the second night!!!  They were not thrilled about this…;)


We finally got a rug to go underneath our dining room table.  Woo!!  


We spent new years at our house with some friends and we had a blast.  I took zero pictures of the whole night… who am I?  I will wrap up this post here, but I have one more for you… we went see the Christmas lights at the art museum in Indy and it was so neat! 


  1. Are you sad the holidays are over?  Or maybe a little relieved?
  2. What did you do for New Years Eve?
  3. Did you set any intentions, goals, resolutions for 2019?