It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!!

Hey yall!!!  How is your week going?  We are still hanging on over here.  Life is good, I’ll never take for granted being alive, healthy (and not in the hospital).  That time in my life still all feels like one big blur even though it was months long.  I owe you guys an update and someday (hopefully sooner rather than later, I will get around to it.  But for now, know that I am still feeling great (regarding the GI/abdominal surgery issues).  I’m still working on getting my neck and back to get back to normal… or at least a more sustainable normal.  I’ll get there… eventually. 

I did actually do a second nerve block injection this week, which was once again successful.  For the nerve block, the doctor just injects a local anesthetic and if you feel relief for at least 8 hours (which I did both times), the doctor will proceed with scheduling the radiofrequency procedure which cauterizes (aka burns it).  So yesterday I got the go ahead to schedule the radiofrequency procedure for next week.  I’m a little nervous, but SO hopeful that this will be a positive step in the right direction to feeling better.  The last couple months I have been in so much pain, it is hard to function and complete daily tasks.  Coupled with the neck and back pain is severe migraines.  This is the worst side effect of the pain because it is very hard to concentrate when you can feel your pulse in your head.  Ugh!! None of the migraine medications have even touched my pain.  It is awful.  

But in true Taylor fashion, I know yall are here for the good stuff.  I’m more than happy to write about more these issues (if yall want to hear about them), but I’m a positive person and I try not to dwell on the crappy parts of life.  I like to focus on the good.  But if yall would like to see more “real talk” about the hard parts of life, I can go on forever. 😉

Now let’s chat about the holidays!  Such a great time of year and it has been so fun decorating our new house.  


I love all things silver, gold, and red for the holidays.   IMG_0293

My favorite wreath that I bought last year from Home Goods.  They have the best stuff, don’t they?


I love these fun dish towels for a pop of red in the kitchen!


We are traveling to see my in-laws for Christmas this year so we decided to just put up the fake tree instead of getting a real one (my favorite!).  


A few Christmas bowels, a santa, and a fun Christmas pillow!


I usually put these gold beads on the tree, but I unpacked them after I decorated my tree this year so I just threw them in some vases.  Does anyone else have like 500 vases like me?  It is becoming a problem. LOL


I love being in my house with a glass of red wine, relaxing with my husband and pups and just soaking in the holiday spirit.


I bought these red throw blankets last year and love adding them to our decor during the holidays. 


More stockings, reindeer, and ornaments!


I put up lights outside on 4 pillars in front of our house, but ofcourse when I was almost finished… they all suddenly went out and we can NOT figure out the issue.  So I suppose it is time to invest in some new, nice lights.  We are thinking LED lights.  Do you guys have any that yall love?  

I am off to work for another day of information overload and taking it all in.  🙂  Is it Friday yet? LOL.  I hope you guys are having a great week!!! 


  1. Do you decorate for the holidays? 
  2. If you celebrate Christmas, do you get a real tree or use a fake one?
  3. What is your favorite holiday treat?

10 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!!

  1. Hey girl! So sorry you are dealing with so much pain I pray the doctors find a solution that works! I will say after working in neurosurg, there are SO many medication combos to try. I would recommend to your doctor trying something new if your current regimen isn’t working. I have recommendations, but I’ll bite my tongue since I know you are under the best care! I am so sorry you are going through all this though. Gosh, your positivity truly amazes me! But if you ever want to use this platform to talk through everything as an outlet, that is a-ok too!!

    Holy maloly- those colors on the place setting look AH-MAY-ZING. So beautiful. All your décor is perfection. #goals. 2 days to Friday! Almost there, woohoo!

    Favorite holiday treat- I don’t know that I can choose- but my mom makes these “magic bars” that are 7 layered and oh goodness they are good!!


    1. Omg I want a magic bar now!!!
      Thanks so much, girl! I actually would love to hear your meds suggestions. I’ll email you this week. I’ve tried a few combos. Ready to be done with all this.
      And you are so sweet about my decor. It’s been fun setting up our new place!!

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  2. Wow it seriously looks amazing. Pretty much like a christmas magazine photo shoot! So pretty! I have had a fake tree my whole life and still have one because pine bothers my allergies. Favorite holiday treat is probably some good old fashioned chocolate chip cookies!


  3. You can ALWAYS talk about your pain and real life. You allow us to come in to your world several times a week to show the fun times and your home, etc…but the truth is life is REAL and has good and bad combined…. you have pain issues you deal with that must be awful for you— so YES you can talk about those and I for one….do care. I pray this next procedure works for you Taylor.

    Your home looks absolutely STUNNING and SO FESTIVE. I hope you have wonderful plans to celebrate with loved ones during the holidays!


  4. Taylor, thank you for the update on your medical issues. I have been worried about you since you first posted about the gastric issues a few months ago. I have been wanting to ask for updates without being too nosey! Please, please keep us updated. Have you pretty much completely restored your strength/regained what you lost during the time in the hospital? (If not, the holidays are a perfect time to gain it back! 😉 ) Please provide an update after your next surgery! I consider you to be a friend because I get a peak into your life a couple times a week! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Lindsay. I have gained it all almost back and am feeling great but I do have a post planned to outline all areas of my life that were affected by my hospital stay so I will keep ya updated!!! Happy holidays girlfriend!! Xoxox


  5. I’m so glad you’ve been feeling well (better) recently! Sorry about the pain that’s resurfacing though; I really hope you find something that works for you soon. Your team of doctors sounds wonderful, but I’m sorry you have to go through the pain and the stress of figuring out what is up with your body. Bodies can betray us so much sometimes.

    Your holiday decorations are gorgeous! You seem to be excellent at decorating and organizing houses 🙂 Happy holidays!


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