Running On Thin Ice… and Very Little Sleep

Yall, I’m tired.  No, wait.  That doesn’t accurately describe how I have felt this week.  The better word is EXHAUSTED.  I’m not sure I have ever felt this level of exhaustion before.  

We are in the middle of our master bathroom/laundry renovation, still getting settled in our new home, I’ve been meeting with so many new doctors and got a nerve block last week and have one scheduled for next week (the first one was successful and if the second one is successful, they will proceed with the nerve burning in my neck, I have been doing Arrosti therapy a few times per week (it’s a mix between soft tissue work and physical therapy), my husband was out of town for work this week… and I started a new job on Monday!  So to say this week has been crazy is no understatement.  I am so so so tired.  I am ready for the weekend… although we have a to-do list (mostly consisting of things we need to pick out for our new bathroom like countertops, mirrors, light fixtures, ect. 

It’s just all been a lot while starting a new job.  But you guys, this is literally my dream job.  I actually interviewed with this company for a different position and they called me and said, “we really think you are a perfect fit for this other position!” so I interviewed for that one and got a call that same day that they chose me.  And the offer was one that I just could not refuse.  So I am extremely excited about this new position, but with any new job, there is SO much to learn and it is all a bit overwhelming at first.  I like being a month or two into a new job when you hit that sweet spot and feel like you finally know what is expected of you and what your role really is within the team.  

But yall know me, I like to be positive.  I just think perspective is so important in life.  I am beyond grateful for this opportunity and I’m ready to really expand my knowledge and skill set.  So let’s back up and reflect on all the GOOD stuff from last weekend!!! 

Last weekend we headed to Nashville for our good friend’s wedding (this friend is also a realtor and actually sold our Nashville house!!).  It was so nice to travel home after spending Thanksgiving in San Antonio and it was nice to look forward to this trip after feeling a little homesick since moving.  

The weekend was so amazing.  I keep remembering all the fun times and it always just reminds me how lucky I am to have such great friends and family and the opportunity to travel and witness important days in our friends lives.  We are truly so blessed.  

This sweet face was pretty hard to leave.  We found a couple great dog sitters in San Antonio, which I am so grateful for.  We were SO spoiled in Nashville having so many friends (lissa mostly) and family to depend on when we needed help with the pups.  


We arrived in Nashville late on Thursday night and headed to my dad’s house.  My husband planned to work from the Nashville office on Friday so I dropped him off and headed to my mom’s for the day to do our annual Christmas cookie baking!! 


We made about 4 different cookies, my mom had pre-made some gingerbread men (and froze them), and I iced the cookies and made chocolate covered pretzels when I arrived back to San Antonio.  This picture is from the boys poker night in Nashville on Friday.  I asked my friend, Eric, if he had any platters to put the cookies on (they boys played poker at his shop… he is a fashion designer) and this is what he gave me…. 😉 


Once we got home (cookies and all), I assembled cookie boxes for my husband’s coworkers, our neighbors, and friends!


They turned out super cute!


These pups were hoping for some crumbles!!!


I will pick back up with my recap very soon!! Can’t wait to share some more pictures with you guys!!! I have seriously missed yall and I hope you understand that it has just been a crazy time around here!  It will all settle down soon (I hope!!!) so I can get back to regular posts.  

I hope yall are having an amazing week!!


  1. What is new in your world?
  2. Tell me the best thing you ate this week!
  3. What are you looking forward to this weekend? 

6 thoughts on “Running On Thin Ice… and Very Little Sleep

  1. AHH CONGRATS on the new, DREAM job! I hope on-boarding is still going well, and am so excited you found a job that’s a great fit.

    Sorry to hear about all the doctor visits, but it sounds like they are working! And it’s great how you’ve prioritized your health, instead of running yourself into the ground and then crashing. Kudos.

    Hopefully the holiday season gives you some time to rest!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Taylor!!!! I’m so excited!!
      Since spending so much time in the hospital this year, I hit my max out of pocket so I am fitting in all the doctor visits I can!! Let me know when you have some time (even if it needs to be after the crazy holiday season) so we can meet up!!! xoxoxo


  2. Congratulation on the new job! What field do you work in? I know that overwhelming feeling of being at a new job…glad to hear you know it will pass and you’re taking it one week at a time!


  3. Congrats on the new job, girl!!! This exhaustion and craziness will even out before too long for sure. But I have been there too, so I definitely empathize. So glad you had such a beautiful time in Nashville & your cookies look so scrumptious. Hope you are able to find some rest soon 🙂


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