I’ve Been Baking All The Things!

Hey yall!!  How’s it going?  We have had a busy couple of days over here with appointments, meetings, and getting ready for our visitors and Thanksgiving!  All good things so no complaining here.  We have been running around getting all the supplies for our bathroom renovation that will start in a few days so that is exciting.  

I showed you guys my new stand up mixer that my parents got me for my birthday, and you guys, it is changing my life.  I also have a little extra time on my hands right now so I have been taking full advantage of that and have been baking and cooking up a storm.  My mixer is making all my baking dreams come true.  I didn’t realize how much it would change my baking experience not having to mix everything by hand.  It’s amazing.  

First up on my list was banana bread! 


I made small loaves/big muffins and individually wrapped them for my husband’s coworkers and our new neighbors.  I used this recipe and it got some rave reviews!  I made extra for my husband and he has been eating it up! 


We brought some of my mom and stepdad’s honey from Tennessee so we could give them a little gift of homemade banana bread and honey.  


I had some gluten free flour in the pantry so decided to make a gluten free loaf for when my family is in town this week.  My sister is sensitive to gluten like me and we both feel much better when we avoid it.  


I used this recipe and then frozen the loaf to keep it fresh (and away from my husband) until my family arrives. 🙂 


My husband was craving homemade chocolate chip cookies one night and I needed an excuse to use my new mixer so I whipped up a batch for him.  I used this recipe when I realized I didn’t have any brown sugar on hand (I also added in white chocolate chips) and my husband loved them!! I made extra dough and froze it to pull out this week when my family is here.  I’m all about spending the least amount of time in the kitchen when family is around so prepping ahead is key for me.  


I also whipped up a few batches of my favorite butternut squash soup to have on hand for easy lunches this week (I froze it in batches).  


I have been using this recipe for butternut squash soup for years now and it is by far my favorite.  


I think the secret ingredient is the curry powder.  I promise it does not taste like curry.  But it gives the soup SO much flavor.  It is just so so so good.  I sent my husband to work with a bowl of it for lunch the other day and he has been asking for more ever since. 🙂


I sent my husband to Costco the other day for a few things and he came home with a huge back of frozen riced cauliflower.  Does this happen to anyone else?  I do 90% of our grocery shopping because my husband never sticks to the list.  Well this time his impulse buy turned out to be a great choice.  We decided to make homemade cauliflower crust pizzas.  


I have no idea what recipe my husband used, but it was pretty basic with Parmesan and mozzarella cheese, spices, maybe some herbs, and eggs.  I topped my pizza with artichokes, pesto, mushrooms, shaved brussels, and I feel like there was one more ingredient, but now I can’t remember!  My husband hand onions, mushrooms, and pepperoni.    


I mean is there anything better than bubbly crispy cheese?? 


Don’t yall worry, I still have been having lots of salads with salmon.  Can’t kick my salads.  


My mother-in-law sent me a new cookbook and all these different types of dried beans for my birthday (we discuss our mutual love for beans often) so we decided to try out a black bean chowder recipe one night.  


I topped mine with avocado.  It was amazing.  I’m usually a canned bean kind of girl (hey, I’m a little lazy and dried beans take a long time to cook), but these beans were definitely much better than canned beans.  They had a lot more texture and flavor.  


Well that’s all I’ve got for today!!  Off to get working on my to-do list!!  I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with friends and family!! 🙂 


  1. Do you like to bake? 
  2. What is the last thing your made from scratch?
  3. What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?

4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Baking All The Things!

  1. So many yummy things!! I don’t use my stand mixer as much as I should but I’d much rather cook than bake. I’m just not as much of a natural with baking. Now you’ve got me craving banana bread! I think that’s one of my favorite things in the world! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!


  2. Yummy! The banana bread looks so good! Baking is quite tough for me but I do like to attempt once in awhile. I had made some delicious tahini and honey cookies once. 🙂


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