Weekend Recap X 2!

Hey friends!! I hope you all had a nice weekend!!  We sure did.  It was a nice mix of fun and productivity and relaxing at home.  I’m combining the last two weekend recaps into one because well… I am behind and truthfully, they looked quite similar. 

We have been taking lots of walks in our new neighborhood.  The weather has been pretty funny… 70 one day then freezing the next.   


But we will take all the good weather we can get!  We even explored a new park last weekend with the pups! I love my crew. 🙂


There has been a LOT going on over here between getting settled, job hunting, interviewing, renovations, etc.  I have a few posts planned that will fill you in a bit more very soon!  One of my aunts sent me this amazing Harry & David’s snack box for my birthday and we have been eating it up!! Such a fun and delicious gift!


We went to a nearby Mexican restaurant with some new friends last weekend and it was delicious!!  


We’ve been working hard to get our house all organized and set up (pics to come!) so anytime to lounge on the couch with these three is right up my alley.  They pups are really adjusting well to the new house so that makes me so happy.  They are also super spoiled right now because I am home all day with them. 🙂


And the pecans keep on coming!  I’ve been shelling lots of pecans from our backyard for our Thanksgiving meal this week!! So fun!!  My sister, her boyfriend, my dad, and little brother are all coming into town this week so we are really excited for our visitors!!

I spent some time this weekend organizing my pantry.  I am going to have Jon build me some shelves that pull out (it is so hard to see everything with a deep pantry), but until then, putting things into see-through containers with labels make it easier to find things and not have so many bags and boxes in the pantry.  


Whether I am applying to jobs, blogging, or reading, these two are always right next to me.  PS I finally finished Lisa Gardner’s, The Other Daughter, and it was really good.  It took me a long time to read because of the move, but I am already excited to start the next one.  I am determined to read all of her books this year.  She definitely my favorite other right now.  

Lord help me… after a few weeks of figure out our carport and bathroom remodel plans, we have officially hired a two different guys for the two projects.  We have been searching around for flooring, new cabinets, and tile for the shower and we finally made a couple decisions this weekend.  I am never building a house from the ground up… too many decisions.  I was overwhelmed when just redoing ONE bathroom.  Ugh!  I’m really excited for it to be started… and finished.  The bathroom remodel and laundry room floor project will begin right after Thanksgiving!! Yay!!  The carport requires quite a lot of approving where we live so we are waiting for the builder to hear back from the city on our permit.  


That’s all I’ve got for today!!  Off to do a little more shopping and some errands before my family starts arriving tomorrow.  So excited!!! 


  1. Highlight of your weekend?
  2. Have you ever built/designed/remodeled a house or even just a room?
  3. Are you traveling for Thanksgiving? 

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap X 2!

  1. HAPPY THANKSGIVING. Enjoy every special moment with your family. I know it will be a wonderful time filled with lots of love and great food in your new home!


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