The Best & Worst Parts About Moving

So you may know that my husband and I have moved 5 times in the last 9 years for his job.  I actually transferred colleges (We met at Miami of Ohio) to Westminster College out in Salt Lake City for my last two years of undergrad studies.  Jon is two years old than me.  We started dating when I was a freshman at the ripe age of 19 and he was a junior and 21, the age we wanted our boyfriends to be so they could buy us beer. 😉

During Jon’s senior year, he got an offer for a position with the same company he works for now and the position was either in Salt Lake City, UT or Minneapolis… both of which we knew nothing about.  We both like the West so decided Salt Lake City was the best spot for us.  We packed up our cars, moms, and my grandma and headed west to our first apartment – a small one bedroom.  Thankfully we have only gone up from there.

After spending two great (and very eye opening) years and graduating College in Salt Lake City, Jon got a promotion in Cincinnati, OH so off we went on another across the county road trip.  We lived in Cincinnati the longest (3 years) because Jon was actually able to get another promotion while in that office.  Cincinnati was also the place where we bought our first house together and where we lived when we got engaged) and we had our sweet Parker puppy pass away followed by my grandma two weeks later.  After those events, I was more than ready to get the heck out of there.  I needed a new fresh start.  Well about a month later we got a call for Jon to get another promotion to Dallas, TX.  We were excited!! Especially because I would finally get to live near my sister again!  We spent two hot years in Dallas, but thankfully our boat made the heat very bearable.  We loved our house there because it was right next to restaurants and bars and Trader Joes!!  I can still remember the day Jon got the call about a new job in Nashville, TN.  There was not much discussion needed… we were going.  But only under one circumstance… and it was that if the right opportunity came about to move again that I would be open to it.  Jon has always known my dream is to be close to family and friends in Nashville so he knows how hard leaving that would be for me.  As hard as it was to admit, I agreed because I also made a commitment to our family that we would always do what is best for us.  It’s not easy leaving family, but in order for our little family (Jon, me and our pups) to have the life we want and to reach our goals, we sometimes have to take leaps of faith and trust that everything will work out.  And here we are now.  We loved our short time in Nashville, but know that San Antonio is going to be amazing as well.  We also know that it will not be the end of our road.

Today I want to share some of my favorite things about moving and some of the worst parts about moving.

While moving is always stressful and hard at times, moving across the county (and state lines) brings a WHOLE new level of stress to the mix.

  1. New driver’s license. I hate the DMV.
  2. New car registration, tags, and plates. DMV and $$$
  3. We have had to switch banks numerous times because they aren’t located in our new city, which is just always such a process.
  4. Changing addresses on delivery services (Amazon, Rodan & Fields, credit card bills, etc.) and getting mail forwarded (I’m convinced only about half of it ever makes it to the new address.
  5. Setting up new accounts for electricity, gas, water, internet… you know, all the stuff we need.  This comes with hours of being on hold and trying to figure out which payment option is best and what day they can come (usually like 3 or 4 weeks out).
  6. Packing.  Now I can’t complain about this one because our relocation package is very good and includes packers who package up every last item in the house (they will not let you help).  But this kind of stresses me out because I am OCD and like to know where everything is going and I have to make sure I have everything I need to keep in a location they can’t find and accidentally package up.
  7. Moving day.  Okay, this day is actually not stressful for me at all because our relocation company has movers come and take all the boxes so we don’t have to do any lifting.  We just have to make sure they don’t break anything, destroy and railings or walls and that they can actually get some of the bigger items out the door. LOL


I like to end on a positive note so here are my favorite parts about moving!

  1. Exploring a new city.
  2. Making new friends.
  3. Trying new restaurants.
  4. Finding fun, derivable weekend trips.
  5. Finding a new walking route with the pups!  In each city we have lived in, we have “our route” that is out go-to when walking the pups.  We also love exploring new parks and hiking trails too!
  6. New jobs.  As stressful as this can be (my company was only in Nashville so I am currently on the hunt for a new job… I have had a few promising leads so I’ll be sure to share more when something gets finalized), I like learning a new job, a new office, new coworkers and new responsibilities.  I don’t love the application process, but I don’t mind starting a new job!

That is all I can think of for now!!!  


  1. If you work, how long have you been in your current role?
  2. What is the best part of moving to a new place/city?
  3. What is the most stressful part of moving for you?

6 thoughts on “The Best & Worst Parts About Moving

  1. What field does your husband work in? It’s so neat that you’ve gotten to travel around so much. I have a gypsy heart but was never presented with any out of state opportunities. Living next to a Trader Joe’s would be amazing and dangerous haha!


    1. He’s in sales. I actually really do enjoy moving (besides the moving all our stuff) and exploring a new city. Yes, it is dangerous to live near a Trader Joes! We live near one now too… we are so close to so many good grocery stores now, which is nice.


  2. Your first moving story is so sweet! You’re very committed to switch colleges to be with Jon, that’s a nice romantic story to tell the future kids 😉

    I haven’t had to do any super-major moves. It’s a double-edged sword – on the one hand, it’s amazing that I have my WHOLE support system very close by. On the other hand, I only get to experience all the highs of exploring a new place that you mention above when I travel. Win some, lose some 🙂


    1. Haha! Yes, it will be a good story for our future kids…. I can’t believe my parents “let” me do that. It helped that they really liked Jon.
      Yeah, I can see that. I hope one day my parents, sister, and I all live in driving distance again. It’s fun to live near them and really hard to move when it is away from them. But, I do realize how fortunate I am do be able to live in new cities and explore new places!


      1. Aw so sweet that they really liked him from the start!

        My dream is also to be close to all my family again, someday down the road! Even though I stayed close, my siblings went far away–I’m scheming to make them come back some day 😉


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