Weekend Recap 11.4.18 Date Night, and Road Trip to Austin…. Just a Week Late :)

Hi!!! Yall, I have plans to post a few times per week and I am slacking big time.  I swear when I cross off one thing on my to-do list, 10 more things get added to it.  It is seriously out of control.  Thankfully I am home right now and have more time to complete all these tasks, but it just seems never ending right now.  

This weekend was really great, but very busy per usual.  I try to save my “paperwork” stuff like emails, job apps, and blog posts for the week while my husband is at work so I can soak up the weekend with him.  But we still had a packed weekend.  And I will soon get to that recap, but this weekend recap is from the previous weekend… because I am that behind.  Eeek.  The A type personality in me is having a small panic attack thinking how behind I am on everything, not just the blog.  It will all get done so really, I’m just doing my best and making a schedule to tackle all this fun stuff.  

For my birthday dinner all I wanted was seafood so we settled on Bourbon Street Seafood Kitchen.  

Yall, it was phenomenal.  Like so so so good.  We can’t wait to go back. 

Afterwards we walked to the rooftop bar across the street called Paramour.  


It has a really cool vibe, but be ready to shell out some cash for a couple cocktails. 🙂


Such a great night out on the town with my man! 


Saturday night we had plans to meet our friend for dinner in Austin (he was there for work).  Austin is just over an hour away from our house so it was a super easy drive.  


We got a table for dinner outside at Stella!


We had fun catching up with our friend and listening to some live music before heading back to San Antonio.  


This was such a relaxing and fun weekend!  A lot more so than this last one, which I will share with you very soon!! I hope you guys had a great weekend and are having a great week so far! 


6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 11.4.18 Date Night, and Road Trip to Austin…. Just a Week Late :)

  1. So excited to see you’re enjoying living in Texas again! Looks like you’re taking advantage of all the cool places 😉 What’d you get at Stella San Jac? Hope you had the biscuits,they are delicious!

    Can’t wait to see this past weekend.


  2. That happens to me ALL the time! I would be a frequent blogger if all of my thought-out posts actually made it onto my computer… HA! 🙂 Happy birthday!!!


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