New House, Painting, Cleaning, and Moving In!

Hey friends!!! Hope you week is going well.  Mine has been pretty good… just full of cleaning, organizing, applying to jobs, and trying to figure out who we are going to use for our couple renovations we are doing to the house.  

I’m sure everyone thinks I am crazy for trying to do these upgrades to our house so soon after we moved in, but my thought is that we tend to move every few years and if I am going to upgrade something, I would rather do it sooner than later so that we actually get to enjoy the renovation.  And it helps that I am funemployed right now so I am available to meet contractors/designers etc.  🙂  I took pictures this week of the things we want to change in the house so I am working on a post to show you guys.  I need help yall.. designing is not my calling.  

Forgive me if I have shown you guys these two pictures before, I don’t even know what day it is.  When you are working it is hard to keep track of the days… they all just start to blend together.  Anyway… before we left Nashville, we were staying at my dad’s house once we moved out of our Nashville house.  My husband came home to find me napping and Riley just hanging out on my head.  


He literally has no care in the world and thinks it is completely acceptable to just lounge on my head.  Clearly I was not bothered by this either so maybe we are both weird. 😉 


My mom and I drove to San Antonio (from Dallas) on a Thursday morning bright and early (she woke me up at 4 am to leave…) and got started painting the whole house… well everything but the bedrooms which had already been painted almost the same grey not too long ago (I will probably repaint them eventually…).  I put the blue tape on the trim and my momma started working on the top trim.  We had Thursday and Friday to paint the house before the movers arrived with our stuff on Saturday morning.  


This is the color grey we decided to use.  I think it is in my dad’s house and that’s why I had it.  It is actually a contractor mix, but they were able to recreate it without any issues.  


Little Riley loves being able to see out the window at our new house.  He barks and growls at everyone that walks or drives by. 🙂


As my mother reminded me 50 times, I should have packed a dog bed in the car with us.  They dogs couldn’t lay on the carpet in the bedrooms because we were getting new carpet installed so they both ended up on the curtains that we had taken down while we were painting.  


At different times, ofcourse.  Our two pups are not exactly friends…. they don’t fight or anything, but they do not play or lay next to each other often. 


Our new house does not have a garage… the one thing both Jon and I said was a must.  It’s funny how things work out.  The new house does have outdoor closets but it took a while to get them organized so in the meantime, our backyard looked like this… It wasn’t pretty, but Riley didn’t seem to mind.  He loves lounging in the sun.  


On Thursday and Friday (before our furniture arrived), we stayed at a hotel… and snuck the dogs in.  Shhhhh…. I thought my husband was just taking a picture of the dogs and I… when I went to upload the photos I saw that Callie was holding the beer. 🙂


We made lots of salads in our new house.  I even brought a butternut squash I hadn’t used yet from Nashville and roasted it for our salads. 🙂  


We did go out to dinner one night for Mexican.  Our new house is very walkable so we just walked down the road which was fun! My two favorites!


I got veggie fajitas and they were sooo good!


My bestie, Rachael, sent me flowers for my birthday!  


And they messed up the order somehow so I got two!! I just love fresh flowers!  

Have a great day, friends!! Ill be back soon! xoxo


  1. What is your go-to order at a Mexican restaurant? 
  2. What is your favorite type of flower?
  3. Tell me something that is going on in your world this week! 

6 thoughts on “New House, Painting, Cleaning, and Moving In!

  1. Oh wow it’s going to look so good, I can’t wait to see the after photos! Mexican is probably one of my favorites–I like to try different dishes but I love mushroom fajitas with beans, rice, bell pepper…the one nine yards!


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