Fall in the South!

Hey guys!! I hope your week is off to a good start!  I have been busy getting the house organized, meeting with contractors (more on that later… our one bathroom renovation has multipled and now I have about 5 projects I would like done on the new house), and applying to jobs.  Since I worked for a small company in Nashville I had to leave the company when we decided to relocate.  I have a couple leads, but I like to apply to as many jobs as I can because it usually takes quite a few apps before you actually get a job.  It has been nice having the extra time to get organized and settled in San Antonio rather than have to rush back into working right away.  But I will admit, I am ready to get back to work.  I am one of those people who actually enjoys working and the routine it brings.  I also like the feeling that I am contributing to our family income.  More on the house projects and job prospects later!

I think Jon and I have already fallen in love with San Antonio for the weather alone.  It has been in the 80s the last week and it is November!  I am a Southern girl at heart and I love my warm weather.  Jon and I both agreed if we were to ever leave Nashville it would only be to go farther south or west (our dream is to live in San Diego…but I would live in Arizona or Colorado in a heartbeat).  

When we were moving into our new house my mom realized that we had two huge pecan trees in our backyard so she collected a huge bag of them and I have been shelling them ever since. 


Yall, I totally get why pecans are 5 million dollars at the store… shelling them takes a LOT of time and work.  But it is worth it.  I’m always down to save some money!


If you took a look at our last house in Nashville, you would have noticed that we were coming from a 4 story new construction house.  We have always lived in a 3+ story house and our new house in San Antonio is a one story house.  I wouldn’t call it a ranch because it is not long and skinny so it is kinda hard to explain.  The neighborhood we live in is absolutely beautiful, but the houses were built in the 40s and 50s and have been renovated.  My favorite part about our new house is that everything is so accessible… like my holiday decorations which makes it super simple to get to everything I need.  So thanks to my momma organizing all of our decor, it was easy pull out all things fall!  I love decorating for the the holidays, but with decor being on 4 different floors, it made it quite difficult.  I have never minded lots of stairs in my house, but wow, everything being on one floor makes everything so easy and simple.  

This year Thanksgiving is with my family, but since we just moved, we decided to stay in San Antonio and my dad, little brother, sister, and her boyfriend are coming to San Antonio for the holiday.  I love hosting so I am excited to have visitors in just a couple weeks! 

I didn’t go over the top with decorations, but pulled out a few fall decorations to spruce up our new house! 

I got this fall leaf decor back when we were living in Cincinnati and love throwing it on a table with some candles for a little festive flare. 


I’m obsessed with these fun colored pumpkins to add a some fall fun to our coffee table.  


A little pop of orange for fall!


This table runner I bought from Home Goods is my favorite.  


I threw the gold spray painted pine cones on a gold leaf tray for an extra fall inspired piece on one of our entry tables.  


We didn’t get any pumpkins this year, but we did have a LOT of trick or treaters, which was so fun!!  All of our previous houses have been a little more urban so we have never had any trick or treaters so this year was extra special.  We bought about 8 bags of candy and actually ended up running out!  

I have a few more fun posts coming your way this week.  I will show yall some pictures of the new house and show you some of the projects we are working on to get the house how we want it.  Although I am more of a move-in-ready type girl, you all know my husband LOVES a good project so this house is actually a really good mix between the two.  Our house has been renovated, but there are a few things we want to change so we have been meeting with contractors to see our options.  I will show you guys the before pictures and maybe you all will have some good ideas on how to “upgrade” the different spaces to make it a little more modern aka our style.  

That is all I’ve got for today!  Have a great day friends!!!


  1. What have the temperatures been lately where you live?
  2. Do you decorate for the holidays?
  3. Are you traveling for the holidays this year?

6 thoughts on “Fall in the South!

  1. So excited! Congrats! Congrats on the new home, and best of luck with the contractors! That can be so stressful, but sounds like you’re managing it well. Single-floor houses are amazing!! I grew up in a house with lots of floors and now live on a single floor and am never going back; it makes it so easy to find stuff, and no one has to yell up and down the stairs to find each other.

    Good luck on the job!! Job hunting can be so taxing, and it seems like you’ve done it with such grace and patience at every move! (I think I’ve been reading your blog for maybe three moves now…)

    Pecans are a lot of work, but it’s pretty mindless work so I always liked that you can do it with music or TV on in the background just like laundry, etc. Plus, fresh pecans taste completely different than store-bought ones to me, which taste a bit more like they’ve been dried, and are a bit crunchier. (Both are delicious, but they taste like different nuts to me).

    I love seeing how your furniture (specifically that dining room table your husband made ;)) fits new spaces–it’s cool to see how it kind of brings a bit of the same homey feels from the old house but also looks very different in the new house!


    1. You are the sweetest, Taylor!! You are so right about the one story house… it is so different in a good way. I love that I can get to anything I need really quickly… including my husband and my dogs. 😉
      Job hunting can be taxing… I just try to do a few job apps a day so I don’t get overwhelmed. That seems to make the process more bearable for me.
      Shelling pecans is definitely mindless work. I have been sitting in my driveway listening to podcasts while I shell them. 🙂 I think I have listened to every murder podcast out there.
      And thank you! It is fun to decorate a new house. It has been a little challenging in this house with our furniture because while the rooms are bigger, there are less of them and less square footage than our house in Nashville. We ended up selling quite a few things so it is all working out.
      Hope you have a great day!!!


  2. OH my goodness- that is a lot of pecans! How fun. I’m glad you guys are loving SA so far! All your décor is stinking adorable. I LOVE it! That’s so exciting you had all those trick or treaters this year too! I look forward to the day when we will have them & can decorate the exterior of a house all spooky style hah. Wowza you have a ton on your hands- but I just love your positive spirit facing it all. XO


  3. Congrats on the new house! I am sure that the move has been a tad taxing even though the house is renovated and you could potentially choose to just relax at home all of the time if you wanted BUT that is totally not your style and that is impressive. I do hope you will give us a better idea of what the new house looks like because honestly I am struggling to imagine what it looks like without thinking it’s a ranch style house if it’s one story. I live in the midwest and we seem to have like two different house styles: Ranch or Stereotypical two story house.

    p.s. We just got our first snow this past week and it is totally making me excited for Thanksgiving. I will be traveling to MN to be with family for Thanksgiving and then we will do Black Friday Shopping at Mall of America and then spending the weeks between the holidays back at home before heading north to MN again for Christmas and New Years!


    1. Thanks girl! I will take pictures once it is all set up and I will show you pictures of the things we plan to renovate!

      Oh my gosh… snow! That is crazy… it has been in the 70s and 80s here up until a few days ago, but definitely no snow. Oh that is so nice you will be able to see your family for both holidays!! I will definitely miss not being as close/an easy drive to both our families this year.

      Have a great day girlfriend!!

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