A Quick Check In From San Antonio, TX!!

Hey friends!! Long time no talk!  So sorry for my absence these last couple weeks… between the long car ride to Dallas then onto San Antonio, then painting and getting all of our stuff moved into our new house…. needless to say… it has been quite crazy over here!  I am definitely not complaining as I am so grateful for this life and this new opportunity, but let’s face it, moving is hard.  It is stressful.  It is exhausting.  

I have so much to share with you guys, but have a few contractors coming over today (we are renovating our master bathroom and adding a nice carport to the back of our house) so I have to get a couple things ready before then.  We have already met with 3-4 people for this job… I swear my husband will have us meeting with 20 different people before we even decide who is going to do the job.  We just want to make sure we hire the right people and since we designed the remodels ourselves, we are trying to cut out the middle man and just hire the guys who will actually be doing the physical work.  More on this later.  

About two weeks ago we loaded up the car in Nashville (pups included) and my mom and I began the 10 hour drive to Dallas to visit my sister and her boyfriend for a couple days before heading to our new house in San Antonio. 

This little bug wanted to sit in my lap the entire ride.  It worked out because my mom refuses to let me drive (I have never been in an accident fyi).  I just put him in my sweater on our longggg ride.   Callie is in the back hiding somewhere.


My momma reluctantly driving us south.  


We finally made it to my sister and her boyfriend’s apartment and we were all more than ready to get out of the car.  Riley was loving all of their dogs’ toys.  Why is it that doggies love other dogs toys so much better than their own?


Mom and Murphy, the wild man. 


Both nights we were in Dallas we decided to just pick up food and eat at home because we were all tired.  My sister is working long hours at the corporate law firm she works at …. BTW she found out she passed the bar… with flying colors!  We all couldn’t be more proud.  She got the smart genes in the family… at least I can cook. 😉

We got one of my favorites called pok and it was sooo yummy.  The bowl had kale, kelp noodles, mango, edamame, tuna, cabbage, carrots and so yummy sauces.  My sister and I may or may not have gotten it two nights in a row.  

My momma opted for a burger and fries!!


Lots and lots of fries.  She and my sister’s boyfriend got pizza the other night that looked amazing.


My mom, sister, and I did make it to the gym one day so that felt good to move after sitting in the car for so long.  


The pups have been such troopers through this whole moving process.  They really are the best. 


I’ll share more pictures in my next post, but once we got to Dallas I got a call from my husband from San Antonio as he did the final walk through of the new house saying the entire thing needed to be painted….. so naturally my mom and I went to the store in Dallas to get all the supplies (ours were packed in the moving truck) and the paint so we could paint the house before the movers arrived two days later.  

My sister, her boyfriend, and my mom surprised me with an early birthday celebration while we were in Dallas (my birthday was on November 1st), which was so fun!  


My sister got me some much needed new workout clothes!!!


And my mom, dad, and stepdad got me a new kitchenaid mixer!! I was beyond surprised and so excited!!


I am not much of a baker, but truly that stems from having to mix ingredients by hand… which can be quite tedious so I am excited to try out some new recipes!! 


That’s all for today, friends!!! Lots to do in the new house, but I promise I will be back very soon to share more!!!  Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!! xoxo

11 thoughts on “A Quick Check In From San Antonio, TX!!

  1. So much exciting news! Congratulations on the move, the new car port, the beautiful gifts, and the amazing mama for all her help with your move! And congrats to your sister for passing the bar!!!

    Can’t wait to see how San Antonio treats you 🙂


  2. Congrats on the house again! Enjoy getting settled in the new space and enjoy all the fun and new excitement! Happy belated birthday too. I am now craving those fries like nobody’s business haha!


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! So happy you were with your family to celebrate. Congrats on the move and I can’t wait to see your new place. The worst part is over now……ENJOY ALL OF THIS TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Ahhh congrats to your sister on passing the bar!! AMAZING!!! And even though exhausting I bet those are memories you will treasure during the move. I didn’t know how fondly I’d reflect on just the whole moving process until I was out of it. There is something special about all the “new” and embracing those changes all together with those you love!

    Oo love the new KitchenAid! How exciting

    Can’t wait to follow along on more adventures! And Happy Birthday! xo


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