Weekend Recap 10.21.18 …Last Weekend in Nashville Wrapping Up Loose Ends!!

Hey friends!!  I apologize for the absence…it has been a little crazy over here lately!  This past weekend was our last weekend in Nashville and it was pretty relaxing while still productive wrapping up a few last minute things before our move.  By the time you read this we will be well on our way to our new home in San Antonio, Texas!!!  My mom and I are driving my car down with the pups and the stuff we didn’t want the movers to pack while my husband is flying down separately.  My mom and I are making a pit stop in Dallas to see my sister and her boyfriend for a few days while my husband goes to the closing of our new house (!!!) and gets new carpets installed in the bedrooms before we arrive.  The moving truck is set to arrive in San Antonio on Saturday morning!  I am so ready to get all moved in and settled in our new house.  Moving can be scary, don’t get me wrong, but really, the excitement far surpasses the fear in  my eyes. My momma is staying a few extra days to help us get all moved in and I couldn’t be more grateful.  We are just so blessed with the best mommas in the world. 

We have been living with my dad for the past week while we are in between houses.  It feels so funny because we lived with him for a few months when we moved to Nashville before we bought our house here.  It feels like we just moved here and we blinked and now we are already leaving Nashville.  Time flies by SO fast at this stage of life.  I imagine it only goes faster the older we get. 

The pups have settled in quite nicely at my dad’s house.  My dad is so not a dog person, which is too funny because our dogs LOVE my dad. 🙂

Last week I threw a baby shower for my sweet coworker.  She and her husband have two older boys and found out (with only a 4 day notice) they were chosen to adopt a newborn baby girl.  She brought the baby to the shower and I was in love.  I came home begging my husband for a baby. 😉

The next day my mom and I had a lunch date with my sister’s best friend growing up.  She brought her sweet baby girl with her and I just couldn’t get enough.  Once again I came home to my husband raving about this little girl.  He said, “Is it time to get another dog?”  LOL.


My husband took me on a sushi date last week to a new-to-us restaurant in town.

Yall may remember that my dad lives near a park and you better believe we have been taking advantage of being so close to the park.


It has been a little chilly in Nashville the past couple days, but we have still been getting in our long walks with the pups!


Fresh air is good for all of us!

My dad had plans to go to London with a couple of his friends for the Titans game.  His flight Friday night got delayed a few hours so we got to have a late dinner with him before he left!  We went to Butcher and the Bee, which is known for small plates and sharing.  We ordered a bunch of different things, which was fun to have a taste of different flavors.

On Saturday I met my mom for lunch at Panera.  We are both obsessed with their autumn squash soup so we just couldn’t resist. 

After lunch my momma and I had an appointment to get our nails done.  I chose this maroon/burgandy color for fall! 

On Saturday night I had plans with my bestie, Rachael, to get dinner at True Food Kitchen.

We had a blast just chatting and eating yummy food.  I’m gonna miss this girl so much.


We had so tasty drinks too! 😉


After dinner we met up with my sweet husband for a drink before calling it a night.


Love this guy so much.


On Sunday I slept in then got to go see Rachael’s fiance, Eric’s new shop.  He is a fashion designer (an AMAZING one) and just moved to a new location.


Afterwards I took the pups on a long walk at the park while my husband hung out with his little brother from Big Brothers Big Sisters. 

We are getting in all the walks in the park we can while it is so convenient!  We are excited to explore some new parks in our new town in Texas!!! 

I have lots more to talk to you guys about, but it is time to get back to packing!!!  I will see you guys soon from our new home in San Antonio!!! Have a great day, yall!!!


  1. What did you do this weekend?
  2. Do you take walks in the park often?
  3. How often do you see your best friend?

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 10.21.18 …Last Weekend in Nashville Wrapping Up Loose Ends!!

  1. Wow what a spectacular weekend!! That is so special that you were able to throw that baby shower for your friends ❤ You look like a natural with that baby in your arms 😉 (Sorry that was a bordeline dad joke hahah.. or should I say MOM joke… ) ok I'm done. Have a great weekend, girl! Happy the move is going well !!


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