Weekend Recap 9.30.18 Workout Classes, Two Girls Nights, Pool Time and Family Fun

Hey yall!!! Happy hump day!!! This week has already been a little crazy so I’m just now getting around to writing about my weekend.  It was one for the books so let’s just dive right in!  I hope you guys all had a nice weekend too!  We had amazing cool weather in Nashville, thankfully, because we had about a week straight of rain before this.  How’s the weather where you live?  Is it starting to feel like fall yet?

Friday my bestie, Rachael, and I had plans for dinner at Geist.  I had been once before with my friend, Lissa, but just for a cocktail.  

The menu items are meant to be shared, which is perfect for Rachael and I because we like a lot of the same foods.  We picked a few different dishes to split and they were all delicious, although a little small.  We are hungry girls! 🙂

We got the 1. raw tuna, avocado, cucumber, 2. harissa yogurt, delicata squash, 3. warm kale salad, feta cheese, currants, and  the 3. glazed heirloom carrot, pistachio, greek yogurt.  Definitely a fun restaurant with very tasty dishes.  


After we got home from dinner, we walked into my house full of boys playing poker. 🙂 My husband and I both really appreciate our separate girl and boy time with our friends.  It is something that is not only important for our friendships, but for our relationship too.  I think it’s important to have your own friends and interests in order to feel fulfilled in your own relationship.  It also makes my husband and I miss each other and we get excited to see each other when we have been apart for a while.  And let’s be honest, girl talk is good for the soul!!! 🙂

Saturday morning Rachael and I went to an early morning spin class taught by one of her friends.  We were the ONLY people in the class… so that was fun! 🙂 It was a good workout and a fun way to start the day.  

When I got home from the spin class, I sat down to enjoy a nice cold smoothie and Riley jumped up on my lap then jumped up on the table.  I am SO not one to allow my dogs on my dining table (ew! lol), but this little guy is the BOSS in our house.  He’s getting older (maybe around 10?), but he definitely still has a lot of spunk.  


I can’t forget about my sweet girl, the most well-behaved in our household. 🙂


We didn’t have any plans during the day on Saturday so I headed over to my momma’s house for some time in the sun.  It was pretty cool outside so the water was really chilly (they have a heater, but we didn’t turn it on), but it was such a nice day hanging with my momma and catching up on my book!


Saturday night my husband had plans to get dinner with one of his friends that was in town so my friend Lissa and I had a fun girls night at my house.  When Lissa arrived I was finishing up putting highlights in my hair.  It was way overdue.


I used a different highlighting brand this time and I really liked it.  I did this for about $14, which makes my money-saving self so happy.  When I used to get personal highlights (in high school and college) I would spend almost $200 and then I would end up with terrible roots a few weeks later.  I tease about an inch of hair to the root and then put in the hair dye in small sections so it is more of a ombre look when it grows out so the roots don’t look like a blunt line.  I only highlight my hair about two to three times a year, which is so easy to maintain.  Speaking of maintenance…  I also just got my eyebrow microblading touched up, which is a HUGE timesaver for me.  Not having to fill them in each morning saves me so much time and I think when your eyebrows are done you can go with less makeup, but still look presentable.  


Callie loves Lissa (she watches our pups when we are traveling) so it is fun to see Callie get excited to see her.  


We decided to do a little baking/crafting and make some Halloween cupcakes and chocolate ghosts to put on top of the cupcakes. 

We are so talented, I know. 😉


After our baking adventures we did facemasks!  My husband was so lucky he got home in time to participate in the fun! 😉


Riley was super jealous he couldn’t partake.  🙂  Do you like the clips we used to pin back my husband’s hair? LOL.


Sunday morning Rachael and I took a Barry’s Bootcamp.  I still had a few free credits on class pass after signing up to take a class when my sister was in town.  This class was hard the first time, but this past Sunday it was probably one of the hardest classes I have ever taken.  We switched back and forth between weight training and the treadmill 8 times so it was nice to know each round wouldn’t be too long.  But it was still HARD!  

My husband had plans to go to an indoor trampoline park with his little brother so I opted to head to my momma’s again for another pool day.  It was about 20 degrees warmer on Sunday than it was on Saturday.  We actually HAD to get in the water because it was so hot outside.  Another beautiful day of laying in the sun, reading, chatting, and eating yummy poolside salads. Summer, please don’t go. 😦


After a few hours at the pool I headed home to get ready for my dad and little brother to come over for taco night!! All the fixins’ including homemade guacamole!!! Definitely one of our favorite meals!  My dad and little brother had just come from the Titans game.  I didn’t watch it, but I heard about it… it was an amazing win over the Eagles. 


My husband grilled up chicken for the boys’ tacos and I heated up the chili lime jackfruit in a saute pan.  Yall, this marinated jackfruit was something else!  I loved it so much.  We have had a few tacos nights this week! 🙂 All the yumminess: charred corn tortillas (we char them over an open flame on the stovetop), grilled chicken, chili lime jackfruit, sauteed peppers, onions, and garlic, grilled corn, lettuce, tomatoes, shredded mexican cheese, salsa, rice, beans, and homemade guacamole!!  You can see rolls and butter in the above picture… well we don’t usually buy rolls at our house, but my little brother loves them and we thought we were making a different meal, but decided on tacos later and well, we needed the rolls to get eaten. 😉 


This is the chili lime jackfruit I got at Sprouts.  You can get it online at thrive market too.  I highly recommend it.  


After dinner I had some couch time with my little monkey.  Riley is super sweet, but especially when he is tired.  


The other night Jon said, “the dogs are cuddling!!” which if you know our doggies, this is very unusual.  I came over to see this.  While this isn’t what I would call cuddling, this is a LOT closer than they usually sit. LOL.  


Just had to document this moment.  And they were definitely thinking… okay mom, please stop taking pictures of us… we still don’t really like each other. 😉


I hope you guys are all having a great week so far!!!!  I just wanted to say thank you SO much from the bottom of my heart for all of your support by reading and commenting on my blog.  I absolutely love blogging and am so thankful for readers like you guys that take an interest in my blog.  If there is ever anything you want to ask or know about me, just ask!  I am an open book and would be happy to do a Q&A post or a post about a suggested topic!  I’m always trying to come up with new things to blog about!  

SMILE friends!!! It’s a great day to be alive!!! XOXOXO


Have a great rest of your day and week!!! 


  1. Highlight of your weekend?
  2. Favorite type of tacos or taco topping?
  3. If you wear makeup, what is one product you can’t leave the house without?

11 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 9.30.18 Workout Classes, Two Girls Nights, Pool Time and Family Fun

  1. I’m so impressed you can do your own highlights! (And that they look GREAT ;))

    I’ve only ever had jackfruit in tacos–and it was delicious–but it was at a restaurant. I would never have been brave enough to try to make them myself, so thanks for the tip on the pre-made packaged ones!

    I agree with you on boys/girls separate time – I remember the “cooties” thinking when I was younger, but I actually think that the differences between men and women become greater as you get older. I really enjoy girl talk, just like you, and like having some time to talk to other people who process information like me 🙂

    Glad you got a few extra days of summer in!


    1. Thank you, Taylor!!! I just learned to do them myself by watching videos on youtube because I wanted highlights, but didn’t want to spend a fortune!
      Oh yeah, definitely check out these pre-made ones… so tasty!
      I totally agree… I love my husband… but I NEED my girl time… just like he needs his boy time so it works out well.
      Hope you are having a great week!!!!


  2. Love the new hair and those cupcakes turned out so cute!!! My fave type of tacos are steak & I only wear makeup to work but every other day, I go makeup free. 😄


  3. You’ll probably laugh … but at 28 I have NEVER highlighted or colored my hair! I am terrified that I am going to absolutely HATE it and never be able to get it back to it’s original color.

    I am so glad that you shared which brand of jackfruit you used for your tacos. I would love to know how you prep the jackfruit … I am starting to phase out meats from my diet and trying to do so with with some meat alternatives while I move to a more plant based diet.

    Finally, do you have any updates from your summer of illness? Do you feel back to your old self? Do you think that you and your husband will start trying for children soon?


    1. Lindsay, that is amazing!! I kinda wish I had never started coloring my hair, but it is fun to change it up a bit.
      That is awesome that you are trying to do more of a plant-based diet! Good for you!! This brand of marinated jackfruit is awesome… just warm it up for a few minutes in a pan and it’s good to go!!
      I was thinking about doing a health update soon so I will get to it! But in short, I am doing great and feeling pretty back to normal. Thanks so much for asking. It’s funny you ask about kids… for the past few years we keep saying “next year” LOL. We are excited about having kids eventually, but we really like our life (and freedom to be spontaneous) right now so we will probably wait a bit longer. 🙂 .
      Hope you have a great rest of your week!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Uhm, you did that yourself?!? It looks SO good- teach me your ways! I pay way to much for highlights- wahhhh. I agree- girl time is sooo good for the soul. And that tuna is my favorite type of tuna- yummy yummy!! As always, your pups are too darn cute ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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