Girls Day, Sprouts Haul and Date Night!

Hey friends!!! Happy Friday!!!!  We made it!! I’m ready for the weekend! What about you guys?  I have a few plans with friends then I’m hoping to hang at the pool if the weather is good!  It has been so rainy here the last 5 or 6 days so we are due for some sunshine! 

 A few days ago I had an appointment near my mom’s house so we met afterwards for lunch at Panera.  We are both obsessed with their autumn squash soup and get it every chance we can!


After lunch we had to make a trip to Home Depot then we decided to get our nails done at a new salon. 


I picked this maroon color for fall.  


After we got our nails done, I headed to Sprouts to grab a few things.  I normally shop at Kroger, but love to stop at Sprouts when I am in my mom’s neck of the woods since there isn’t one close to me.  If you’ve never been to Sprouts, I would describe it kinda like a Trader Joe’s with lots of new and fun products, but it has a bigger selection than TJ’s.  I thought it would be fun to show you guys what I picked up!

I got the already rice cauliflower to make cauliflower fried rice, mushrooms and frozen edamame to add to that dish as well.  I picked up some green yogurts, bars, salad dressing, green juice (on a big sale!), kombuchas (also on a big sale), coconut milk (for butternut squash soup, and chili lime carnitas flavored jackfruit!  I have been wanting to make tacos with this jackfruit for awhile so I will let you guys know how they turn out!  


I had never tried this balsamic dressing before, but had it yesterday over a salad for lunch and it was really good!!  It is only 30 calories per serving too. 


Wednesday night my husband and I had plans to go to The Southern for dinner as we had a giftcard we needed to use.  


It is always nice to have a date night in the middle of the week to break up the work week a bit. 

I wasn’t too hungry so I stuck with a salad with grouper on top, my husband got a steak, and we split a side of asparagus.  It was all so yummy!

Since we were already downtown we stopped in Luke Bryan’s new bar for a drink on the rooftop before heading back home.  It was such a nice date night with my husband.  

I have dinner with my girlfriend tonight then a spin class in the morning!  I hope you guys enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Where do you grocery shop most often?
  2. How often do you go grocery shopping?
  3. How often do you have a date night with your partner if you have one?

8 thoughts on “Girls Day, Sprouts Haul and Date Night!

  1. I love Sprouts! I’m in the same situation as you though, that they aren’t super close to me, so I sometimes take the long way home from work so that I can pass right by one 🙂 I didn’t realize they had good prepared things though — I’ll have to keep an eye out for dressings, etc. I love them because their produce is always fresh, unbruised, delicious, and significantly less expensive than HEB (what do you do without HEB now that you’re in TN?!) I also love their bulk bins.


    1. Yes!!! Sprouts produce is really good… and they have amazing sales on berries sometimes so that is nice. I have actually never been to HEB!! I have heard all about them, but we actually just had Kroger in Dallas too. I know Central Market is owned by HEB and I would occasionally go there when we lived in Dallas… but I usually ended up spending way too much money. 😉


  2. Your nails look incredible! Such a perfect fall color. I love those Bolthouse dressings too. Glad you got in a nice date night midweek 🙂 We love Trader Joe’s! we aim for one date night a week, but doesn’t always happen (and sometimes we try to make up for not having one in one week for two the next haha!).


  3. Love the new nails! There’s a Sprouts by me but I’ve actually never went in! I’ll have to check it out next time. 🙂

    We go grocery shopping at Smith’s (a Kroger store) & about once a week we go. For date nights, we have at least one a week always but it sometimes happens to be more!


    1. Thanks girl!! Oh you should definitely check out Sprouts!
      We used to go to Smith’s when we lived in Salt Lake City. That is awesome that you get in at least one date night a week! We need to be better about it because it is always so nice when we do get the chance.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll definitely check out Sprouts soon, especially now that I know that there are so many goodies inside. 🙂 When I lived in Minnesota I went to Cub Foods! I feel like those only exist there, have you heard of them?! & yes, girl! Date nights are so important. ❤ As long as you get them once in awhile!! It doesn't have to be once a week!!


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