Weekend Recap 9.23.18… Family Time, Tour of Nashville, and Relaxation!!

Good morning!!!!!  So happy to be able to squeeze in a couple more blog posts than usual this week.  It’s been a pretty non-eventful week , which is nice as yall know I don’t love having a ton of commitments during the work week.  

I’m getting pretty excited for the weekend.  We don’t have any set plans, but we are making some with a few friends so it should be a good one! 

Backing up to last weekend in Nashville.  My sister, her boyfriend, and a couple of her girlfriends stayed with us while they were in town for a friend’s wedding. 

My dad took us out to dinner at Midtown Cafe on Friday evening.  I got the salmon with asparagus and mushroom risotto.  Ever since I studied abroad in Italy, Risotto has been my love language.  I don’t have it often, but when I do, it is a real treat! So creamy and delicious!


My husband got this chicken dish that came in a puff pasty and he loved his dish as well.

The whole gang. 🙂


Saturday morning my sister, her boyfriend, and I had a scheduled workout class at Barrys Bootcamp.  Have you guys ever taking a class at Barrys?  It was hard and I was sore!  It is a combination of treadmill running and weight training.  I like the switching things up a bit and getting out of my normal routine.  

After getting cleaned up, we headed to Germantown Cafe for brunch with my momma!  I got the salmon salad, which was just perfect!


All the girls after brunch!


My sister, my mom, me, and our boys. 🙂


Everyone but my mom and I decided to “bird” home on the electric scooters.  They had a bunch of issues finding 5, then one would have a flat tire, then one would have a dead battery, etc.  LOL.  I think my mom and I made the right decision to drive home in the car. 🙂 

Saturday afternoon we ended up doing the double deck bus tour of Nashville.  I have always wanted to do it and now I can say I did!  It is pretty fun to be a tourist in your own city. 🙂


The Parthenon. 


Jonny and I on the bus!


So I told you guys that my sister and her boyfriend and friends were in town for a wedding.  Well the girls all got blowouts and looked beautiful and ofcourse it started pouring down rain.  My sister’s boyfriend, Max, improvised and opened up the back porch umbrella to transport the girls to the car without ruining their hair.  Too funny. 


My husband and I were going to grab a drink on a rooftop bar Saturday night, but the nasty weather had us craving a night in instead.  I made salmon skewers with this pesto and roasted brussel sprouts and portabella mushrooms with balsamic glaze.  It was a yummy combination!  I am obsessed with this homemade pesto and love that it uses almonds instead of pine nuts (much more affordable) and no cheese and it still tastes delicious! 


We spent Sunday hanging out, watching football, reading books, napping, meal prepping, change sheets, doing laundry, and getting things done around the house.  It was so nice not to have to be anywhere and to just have a full day at home.  


  1. What did you all do last weekend?
  2. Do you like mushrooms?
  3. Have you ever done any touristy things in the city you live?

8 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 9.23.18… Family Time, Tour of Nashville, and Relaxation!!

  1. Another fantastic weekend for you filled with family, love and great food. Your meals that you make always look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! btw…. I am a big Lisa Gardner fan too! I always forget the names of the ones I have read once I finish them, but I have read ALOT! Enjoy them….


  2. Oh my gosh, per usual I am drooling!! These salmon dishes- holy moly! YUM! I am with you on risotto- gotta be one of the best creations. And I have to say- I think your salmon with pesto looks the yummiest out of everything!


  3. Oh my!! All of the food looks amazing, especially the chicken puff pastry your hubs ordered & that salmon salad!

    Last weekend, I didn’t do anything really. I loooove mushrooms so much & I live in Las Vegas so a lot of things I do could be considered “touristy” lol.


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