Beach Vacation with the Girlies

Hey friends!!  Long time no talk!  So sorry for the brief hiatus!  I meant to blog this past weekend, but with travel for a wedding, it got away from me.  I am back in Nashville after the most amazing girls trip to Vero Beach with my mom, sister, and three aunts.  We had wonderful weather, lots of yummy food, and so many fun activities.  It really was the perfect relaxing getaway.  

I’m excite to share this trip recap with you guys and I took so many pictures that I think the recap will be split into a few different posts.  

My momma and I on our way to the sunshine state!  We were so giddy with excitement!

IMG_9378 (1)

We met one of my aunts at the airport then headed to Costco to stock up while we waited for my sister’s flight to land.  My two other aunts came in later and rented their own car to drive to the house.  We all flew into Tampa and originally had planned to go to Annabel Island, but with the Red Tide being so bad this year, we opted to go to Vero Beach (my aunts friend offered up her house to us!) instead to avoid the smelly fish and horrible air quality that comes with the Red Tide.  

We drove about 3 hours to Vero Beach and grabbed lunch at Panera before we got to the house.  


I got this sweet picture from my bestie, Lissa, who doubles as our dog sitter.  Too cute!


The house had this awesome pool in the back which we spent a lot of time at soaking up the sunshine.  


The most relaxing vacation I have had in a long time.


I just love palm trees.  We were right across the street from the beach on the bay side.


A lot of our lunches looked like this.  I made at least one big platter salad every day with chickpeas, beets, avocado, walnuts, corn, hard-boiled eggs, cucumber, kale mix, tomatoes (from my momma’s garden!) and dried cranberries.  We got the Costco chicken salad and quinoa salad which were great additions for lunches.


My sister brought these little men that hung on the side of a glass to mark which one is yours.  She wrote all of our men’s names on the butts which cracked us up!!


My mom told all the girls to bring an activity to do during the week.  My sweet aunt Bonnie brought watercolor paint, a book of stock cards, and seashell postage stamps for each of us and told us we all had to send 6 postcards while we were in Florida.  


Such a great idea!!!  Some of our creations.  I know yall, we are such great artists. 😉 


My sister brought this fun puzzle for us.  Can you guess which one of us completed most of it? 😉  My mom is OBSESSED with puzzles.  


The finished product!


One of our yummy dinners! Salmon, asparagus, and broccoli.


One of my many beautiful pictures of the beach!!! Sooo breathtaking!


We played quite a few games of cards too!


We had fish tacos one night with all the fixins including homemade guacamole!!!




My momma brought facemasks for all of us to do after dinner!  I will spare you all the pictures! 😉


I will end this post here and pick it back up tomorrow because I have lots more to share with you guys!! So happy to be back to blogging… I miss it when I am busy!  Hope you all are doing great!!


  1. Last vacation you took?
  2. Are you guys ready for fall?
  3. Tell me something fun/exciting that is going on in your world!

2 thoughts on “Beach Vacation with the Girlies

  1. Aww the photo of your pups waiting for you to get home is so too cute! The pool looks heavenly and all of the food looks so yummy!

    I love those little men for your glasses! 😂 Especially with names written on their bums hahaha. That’s so fun that everyone brought an activity, the postcards were such a good idea!

    The last vacation I took was to a resort in San Diego in May! I am so excited for fall but, not much in my life I’m excited for right now!

    Looking forward to Part Two. 😄


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