Labor Day Weekend Recap 9.2.18 Lake Burton With Friends

Hey Friends!!! Happy Thursday!!  With Monday being a holiday and then lots going on since we got home from the lake, I haven’t had the chance to sit down and blog until now.

How was your Labor Day Weekend?  Did you get to be outside?  Grill out? Hang out with friends or family?  

Our long weekend away with our friends at the lake was just what my soul needed.  I’m feeling refreshed and recharged and ready to get back into the swing of things.  But only for a few days because we have a girls trip coming up very soon! 

Jonny and I arrived at the lake late on Wednesday evening after work and our friends trickled in the next couple days.  I was just a little excited as you can tell by my eyes in the picture below. 🙂


When I am on vacation, I still like to start my mornings on an active note.  A few of the mornings I went running with Callie, I got in a few walks with the pups and a couple interval workouts with the girls.  


Mornings at the lake are so beautiful and peaceful.


On Friday we headed to this big rock so the boys could come up with a plan to make a rope swing. 


We all just watched. 🙂



This sweet girl was such a good pup the whole trip.  


We made it to the sandbar a couple times to hang out in the water and toss the football. 


4 of the 5 girlies!


My favorite couple.


We jet-skied!



and took lots of boat rides.  Eric and his sidekick, Cooper.


We lounged on the boathouse deck.  

The girls read while Jason played music for us. 🙂



And a few people jumped and jumped and jumped. 


These views never get old. 


My sweet girl helping me get some sweet tan lines. 😉


The girls. 


Eric and Rach.


Lots of napping… especially for these tired pups who run and run and run all day at the lake.

My besties, Jonny and Rach.


The whole crew!!!   Such a fun group of friends we are so lucky to have!


I just realized now that I didn’t take ANY food pictures, which is totally unlike me!  Since my husband and I arrived a day earlier than our friends I ended up prepping a lot of food so we didn’t have to spend a ton of time cooking.  I made a few quiches, brownies, cookies, lemon bars, southwestern quinoa salad, a potato casserole, marinades for chicken and fish.  We grilled chicken and salmon one night, turkey and veggie burgers another night, and did chicken and fish tacos the last night.  We had lots of cut up fruit too – watermelon, pineapple, and strawberries!!  We ate up almost all of it!!  

I’m sad another friends trip to the lake has come to an end, but it sure was a good one to end summer on a high note!!

IMG_9343 (4)


  1. What did you do for Labor Day Weekend?
  2. Eat any yummy food?
  3. Is it hard for you to get back into a routine after a vacation?

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