Weekend Recap 8.26.18 Full of Date Nights and Music… Better Late Than Never

Hey friends!!  It’s been a crazy couple days around here and I am just now organizing my pictures from last weekend.  We had such a fun (maybe a little too much) weekend and went straight into the week with both my husband and I going away on business trips on Monday. 

Yesterday was actually our Friday and we left after work yesterday for the lake!  We are having a long Labor Day weekend at the lake with a few of our friends and I couldn’t be more excited for some down time.  On Tuesday when I got home from my work trip, I slept for 4 hours, got up for an hour and went right back to bed for 8 more hours.  I was exhausted!

So let’s get right to it before another weekend gets away from me!  My husband and I didn’t have any set plans for Friday night, but we knew Keith Urban was playing at Bridgestone so we were keeping an eye on tickets all day long and finally found some in the lower bowl for a great deal so decided to go!

I’ve been really into watching hair tutorials on youtube lately and trying to recreate them.  This was one of them… not quite as successful as the video I copied, but I’m getting better.


Jon and I went to Amerigos for a quick dinner before the concert.

A date night with this guy is always a good night in my book!


My husband had some kind of crab bisque and a salad and I got my favorite salad (with goat cheese!!!) and grilled salmon.  I know you guys, my food choices are just so exciting and unpredictable. 😉

Kelsea Ballarini opened for Keith Urban and she was fantastic.  Keith was really good too!  He brought up his wife, Nicole Kidman, on stage and then Reese Witherspoon got up there too.  Did you guys see them act together in Big Little Lies?  I read the book and am usually disappointed with a series or movie that was a book first, but I really liked the show and thought it was really well done.  Keith Urban brought out a couple more guests, one being Carrie Underwood.  Unfortunately us old people over here were too tired and left early and missed her, but hey, we found an uber quickly and got out of the madness that is downtown Nashville these days. 


Saturday morning we got up bright and early for a run to Costco and the grocery store to stock up for our lake trip this week.  You may have seen my snapchat stories from Costco, but if not, I will fill you in.  There is a reason I grocery shop alone. I made my husband push the cart while I loaded it up and every time I turned around he was nowhere to be seen.


He was either off getting samples or shopping for things not on our list!  We literally ended up with twice as much stuff as I had planned to get. 


Then he got a hotdog.  I am never taking him shopping with me again. :I am the type of girl who makes a list and sticks to it, but not when my husband is in tow.  He’s pretty cute though, so I’ll forgive him this time. 🙂


Saturday evening we had dinner reservations at Stoney River before the Taylor Swift concert.


I had the ahi tuna and my husband had steak medallions and we both loved our meals. 

My forever date. 🙂


You guys, I have been to a lot of concerts in my life and this was by far my favorite one yet!  Taylor was freaking awesome.  So entertaining, sweet, and just such an amazing performer. She was flying across the crowd in a gold cage, interacting with the audience, and did quite a few acoustic songs, which are my favorite.  


She even had surprise guests Faith Hill and Tim McGraw join her for her song “Tim McGraw.”  It was so so so awesome.


We had a blast and stayed until the very end.  The Ubers were few and far between by the time we left so we just started walking away from downtown to hopefully get lucky and get an uber.  Well… we were not so lucky and ended up walking at least 3 miles… basically almost all the way home!  We got a cab less than a mile from our house because we just could not walk anymore. 🙂 Oh you can kinda see it in this picture, but my husband got me this diamond pendant necklace that I have been wanting for a few years.  It was such a thoughtful gesture to start our date night!


Even the confetti at the concert was neat!!!


Sunday was a pool day with my momma, my husband, and his little brother (from Big Brothers Big Sisters). 


We just lounged and read and grilled out for lunch.  It was a nice relaxing way to end the jam-packed music-filled weekend. 🙂  I went to bed at 7pm because I was so tired!


That wraps up our fun weekend! Now tell me about yours!


  1. What did you do this weekend?
  2. What is the last concert you went to?
  3. Do you grocery shop alone or with a significant other?


6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 8.26.18 Full of Date Nights and Music… Better Late Than Never

  1. Have a great time at the lake house. I know you will! Last concert was Bruno Mars, AMAZING! My husband does the EXACT same thing, just literally disappears in a flash and has to look at every item at Costco. or anywhere. Always losing him! 31 years of this. makes me mental! Last weekend had a family dinner, went out and about all day saturday, lunching, toodling around and Sunday walked 6 miles, went shopping for my husband to get some new things for vacation at the end of September. This weekend. BBQ with family, facials, walks, wine!!!!!!! Eat good food….and repeat.


    1. Thanks Donna!!! Haha I feel like every woman can relate to this experience when grocery shopping with her significant other. It is just more of a pain to have him with me! lol .

      Oh I bet the Bruno Mars concert was amazing and your relaxing weekend sounds right up my alley!! We had a wonderful relaxing trip to the lake with our friends and my recap will be up tomorrow!! Have a great day, Donna!!


  2. Sounds like an amazing weekend. Honestly I am such a homebody that your weekend probably would have given me a bit too much anxiety. I have been to one or two concerts in my life. The most recent concert being a Need to Breathe concert in STL with some of my running friends. The concert was a tad lackluster and I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would have liked. I can also remember my first and only other concert I went to when I was 9 or 10 and it was an N’Sync concert in St Louis. It was an amazing experience but the lights and the noise led to a panic attack so I have really strayed away from concerts.

    This past weekend I really just layed low … I did my weekend workouts and STRUGGLED through a 12 mile run. I think I am going to try to run 12 miles again tomorrow morning and see how that goes and then this coming weekend will include a 15-16 mile run on Sunday as long as I can get started early enough and can keep myself motivated. Besides that I will probably spend the weekend on the couch catching up on movies, etc. I will also run to the grocery store (with my dad) … yep he comes with me sometimes and whenever he does the cart is ALWAYS overflowing with treats that weren’t on the list! lol


    1. Oh I can totally understand that, Lindsay. I know quite a few people that don’t love concerts. The crowds can give me anxiety sometimes too… and I don’t like when the music is too loud. 🙂

      I’m always so amazed by your high running mileage!! You are awesome girl!!

      That is too funny about the cart being full of treats when you shop with your dad. My husband is the exact same so I tend to leave him at home more often than not. At this point, I just prefer to grocery shop alone! lol


  3. That bread on your table looks so good. And who wasn’t at the Keith Urban concert?!?!? What a wonderful concert, especially being so spontaneous!! I also loooved Big Little Lies!

    Aw even the Costco date sounds fun.

    I have heard the best things about Taylor swift in concert! What a fantastic weekend- I can’t believe you fit all that in only in a couple days!


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