Favorite Finds at Trader Joes!

Hey friends!!!!  How is your week going so far?  Ours has been pretty normal and non-eventful, which is really nice sometimes. 🙂  We are going to the Taylor Swift concert this weekend (!!!!) and I cannot freaking wait!  Call me crazy, I don’t care.  I love Taylor Swift and I think her music is awesome.  It has definitely changed over the years, but I still really like it!  

Did I ever tell you guys that some of my high school friends and I got to meet her on her tourbus in a Walmart parking lot when we were in high school? This was back before she was super famous.  She was so genuine and really sweet, and SUPER tall.  We had a really fun time chatting with her… she said she loved my name. 😉 


Anyway, today I am sharing my latest favorite finds at Trader Joes.  I don’t shop at Trader Joes often because I usually can’t get everything I want from there and it’s not in a very convenient location for me to go shopping, but I do love stopping by there every now and then to stock up on some goodies!  I really love all of there snack items and dips!  Let’s get started!!  Here’s what I picked up on my latest trip to Trader Joes!

Broccoli Florets.  You guys, these are so so so good.  They are like freeze-dried pieces of broccoli with yummy seasoning.  Great for an easy snack, but if you are like me, the whole bag is usually gone in one sitting.  Whoops. 🙂


I love all of their different types of trail mix.  I usually stick to one with raw nuts and maybe some raisins, but they have a ton of unique ones with different types of nuts, seeds and dried fruit.  They also have individual portioned packs of trail mix which I will occasionally buy so I don’t eat 5 servings at once!  This Go Raw Trek Mix is super yummy with walnuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, and raisins. 


My husband and I are obsessed with pistachios and Trader Joes has such a good price for them.  I think this bag was around $5.  They do have the pre-shelled ones, but for some reason I like the process of taking the shells off myself.  Weird, I know.  🙂


I just tried these cheese bites for the first time the other day and I am still on the fence about them.  It’s like dried out, crunchy, cheese cracker.  I don’t think I love the by themselves, but I think they would make a really yummy crouton on a salad so I think I will give that a go soon!  They do pack a good punch of protein so that is nice. 


A little girl I used to babysit way back in the day was obsessed with all kinds of freeze-dried fruit and she got me hooked.  I don’t buy them often because I cannot portion control them for the life of me, but had to pick up a bag of these bananas the other day.  I love all the freeze-dried berries, but the bananas are definitely my favorite.  


Now you tell me in the comments about your favorite finds!!!


  1. Do you have a Trader Joes store near you?
  2. If you have one close to you, how often do you shop there?
  3. What are your favorite items to buy at Trader Joes?

7 thoughts on “Favorite Finds at Trader Joes!

  1. STAHHP, that picture!!! Oh my goodness- how stinking cool you met her! Especially before she was very famous- you were a trueee fan, girl. How fun, enjoy the concert!

    And yess- I always love TJ suggestions! I love all their nuts & they are cheaper than regular stores it seems. I’ll be keeping my eye out for those broccoli florets- yum!


    1. I’m going to be on the look out for the broccoli florets, too! I loooove oven-roasting my broccoli until it’s crispy and sprinkling some seasoning on it and snacking, so I’m looking forward to trying those!

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