Weekend Recap 8.19.18 Baseball + Dogs, Pool Time, Girls Night and a Movie

Hey Friends!!!! Back to work, back to routine, back to feeling tired. 🙂  But I will say I had a really great weekend with lots of relaxing and fun things thrown in there too!  

I’ll get to the weekend in a minute, but first I have to show you guys what we did last Wednesday night.  We had tickets to the Sounds game (minor league baseball team in Nashville), but it wasn’t just any Sounds game!


It was Bark in the Park where you could buy a ticket for you and you pup!!! You know I’m not missing this opportunity to take my pups with me.  I’d take them everywhere I go if I could.  My mom, Rachael, and I loaded up the pups and headed to the park.  This picture below was the result of the cameraman saying the word “treat” because Callie wanted no part of this moment.  Riley looks terrified and Callie and Cooper have their tongues just hanging out.  


There were a LOT of dogs at the stadium.  They had it roped off so you could only go in a few sections with the pups so that’s probably why it felt like there were so many. Riley had to sit on Mimi’s lap.  He was in heaven… probably because she was giving him bites of her hotdog and pretzel…


I think Riley was a little concerned that Callie would not come out from underneath the seats.  🙂  Her happy place.  We gave her a couple calming tablets, but she did really well.  


This is what happens when one of us has to pee. 🙂 


This little monkey could have used the calming tablets on the car ride to the stadium… he was going nuts! lol But he settled down as soon as we got there. 

Love this girl! and Cooper!


Friday night was pretty low-key as my husband was out of town and I was tired from the week.  I grocery shopped (favorite day to shop so you can avoid all the crazies who brave the store on the weekends), took the dogs on a walk, read my book and called it an early night.

Saturday morning I headed to a bridal shop to watch my bestie, Rachael, try on wedding dresses!!! Eeeek, it was so exciting!  No pictures yet… can’t spoil the fun!! But she looked flawless!

Afterwards Rach and I headed to lay out at the pool with my mom.  #Saturdaytradition After a few hours we headed home to get ready for a girls night.  Rachael, and our friend, Katelin, and I went to Del Frisco’s Grille.

We  started out with some prosecco and Rachael and I both got the kale salad with salmon and Katelin got a sandwich. It was a really yummy dinner with good company!

After dinner we headed to Bar Sovereign.  We met up with a few of our friends for a drink at this fun bar.  It is kind of a speak easy type bar, which is always fun.


On Sunday morning I had a date with my bestie, Lissa, to take the pups on a walk in the park.  The pups love Lissa and get really excited to see her. 🙂


After our walk I got ready to head back to the pool because the weather cleared up!  I spent the afternoon reading and chatting with my momma.

Late Saturday afternoon I had plans with Rachael to see the movie, Slender Man.  Yall, it was scary!!!!  We kept having to cover our eyes. LOL.  It is about this serial killer and we thought it would be more of a documentary-like movie, but instead it was a storyline based of the real serial killer.



Afterwards I spent the night catching up with my hubby and catching up on a few shows before an early bedtime.  

I hope you all had a fun weekend! I would love to hear all about it!!


  1. Best part of your weekend?
  2. Have you seen any good movies lately?
  3. Been to any new/fun restaurants recently?

4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 8.19.18 Baseball + Dogs, Pool Time, Girls Night and a Movie

  1. What a great weekend you had! Perfect in my opinion. All the kinds of things I like to do too. How exciting to go bridal dress shopping with your friend!!!! I love anything wedding related! Always have even after 28 years of marriage.

    LOVE THE PUP DATE AT THE BALLGAME! Also love anything having to do with pups. Massive dog lover here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You look gorgeous and I am just so happy you are feeling better. I know you are dealing with your back pain and that upsets me but so happy you are out and about again and living life large!


    1. Thanks sweet Donna!!! I love wedding related stuff too… I think after you have your own wedding you realize how special and important it is for others making it that much more fun. 🙂 The game was so much more fun with the pups!! I wish I could take them more places with me! My husband does get to take them to work with him so that is super nice!
      Thank you so much!! That is really really sweet of you. I am feeling so great lately besides the back pain. I am just happy to be up and about and not stuck in a hospital bed so I am pretty darn grateful.


  2. You ALWAYS find the most fun on the weekends!! My husband is on the marketing team for the minor league team in San Jose, and I just LOVE going to the games. They are such a blast- always put on a good time. Sounds like an awesome time (no pun intended 😉 ). And congrats to Rach- what exciting times 🙂


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