Weekend Recap 8.12.18 Part 1

Hey Friends!!! Sorry for the late weekend recap post this week, but I was out of town until Tuesday and I left my computer at home so that I could soak up time with my sweet hubby on our trip.  I will get to the trip part of my weekend recap tomorrow, but needed to break it up into two posts so I don’t overload you guys with a million pictures at once. 🙂 I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!! We sure did!

One night last week when my husband had tennis I was searching in the fridge for something to make for dinner.  This was the night before we went to the grocery store and we were out of all fresh veggies so I improvised and searched the freezer.  I found a container of this delicious homemade carrot soup my mother-in-law brought us (it is one of my favorites) hidden in the back of my freezer and I was so happy.  I paired the soup with a veggie burger topped with avocado and two eggs over medium on the side.  This meal totally hit the spot.  I love just looking in my fridge/freezer and creating a new yummy meal.  Do you like to do that to?  Or do you prefer to follow a recipe?  Recipes are too exact for me…probably why I am not the best baker. 😉 


We got in lots of walks last week which always make me so happy!!  I think I hit 15,000+ steps every day last week!!  I have been trying to hit that goal most days of the week so that was a win for me!!  

Last week we needed my mom to help us with some paperwork so we got in a little Mimi time.  Riley got his cuddles in and Mimi and Jonny got their pingpong game in.  

Sweet Callie girl and I watched. 🙂  I can’t ever say no to that face.  She just melts me. 


On Friday night we had plans with a few of our friends to get sushi for dinner.  We went to Samurai and it was as good as ever.  Sooo yummy.  

Afterwards we headed to the new 51 North Taproom to meet some other friends for a drink to celebrate our friend, Brent’s birthday!  One of the guys works for the Preds and brought a big bag of goodies for all the friends to enjoy. 🙂


My sweet Rayray.


Rachael, me, and Bridget 


He loves me.  He really loves me.  🙂 


And I love this sweet man too. 


On Saturday morning my husband had to help set up for an event at the convention center downtown and asked me if I would help him.  I was able to showcase my OCD personality by lining up all the sample boxes on the tables. 🙂 


Afterwards we headed home and I got to working on making my momma some homemade granola bars.  I gave her a few the previous week and she loved them so I figured I would make her another batch to keep in her freezer.  These included: peanut butter, ground flaxseed, honey cinnamon, chopped almonds, chopped dark chocolate, gluten free oats and sea salt.  I just mixed all the ingredients together (I didn’t measure…just added more of dry or wet ingredients as I mixed to get the desired texture) and once they were all incorporated I pushed them down into a wax paper lined pan and stuck it in the freezer for them to set up for a bit.  After a little while I just cut them into bars and wrapped each individually to just grab from the freezer and go! 

Then I headed to my mom’s house for another pool day. 🙂  I finished the book “Hide” by Lisa Gardner.  Yall, it was SO good.  I highly recommend it.  My mom just read this book, “The Art of Racing in the Rain” by Garth Stein and recommended it to me so I just started it.  It is written from the perspective of a dog so you guys know it is right up my alley.  So far it is really good. I’ll report back after I finish it!

I will be back tomorrow to finish up my weekend recap with our trip to San Antonio.  Have a great Thursday friends!!!


  1. Do you like to follow recipes or just “eyeball” measurements?
  2. Do you wear a step tracker?  If so, what is your step goal?  How many steps do you usually get per day? 
  3. What is your favorite book?

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 8.12.18 Part 1

  1. You and your husband are seriously the cutest. ALSO, let’s talk about that sushi. I can’t handle- it looks too good to be true and now I need sushi, but it’s 10 pm and I doubt anywhere is open . Haha. Always tomorrow!


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