Weekend Recap 7.29.18 Friends and Family and Sun

Hey friends!!!  

How’s your week going?  Mine is going pretty well and I am happy it is Wednesday already.  Sunday night I could not sleep and when I finally got to sleep it was horrible sleep with lots of tossing and turning for the next 2 hours when I finally called it quits and got up at 2 am to read my book.  Needless to say, Monday at work was not exactly fun.  Then Tuesday I had a doctor appointment in the morning and when I got there the receptionist informed me that my doctor was running behind.  I said… “how far behind?” She said there are 5 patients in front of you….. um no thank you.  So I rescheduled.  I swear this happens to me every time I try to see my doctor and all of the first appointments of the morning are always taken up.  Her other patients know the secret too. 🙂 

Anyways… back to the weekend.  My husband left on Thursday afternoon for a boys weekend at the lake so I made some quinoa (with veggie broth) and roasted veggies (broccoli and carrots) and topped it with pine nuts and avocado.  It was delish!


Friday night my best friend, Lissa, and I had plans to celebrate her birthday at Woolworth on 5th.  We had some wine and shared the brussels appetizer and I got the shrimp salad and she got the fish special. yum!

Afterwards we went to a nearby bar, Geist to have a drink on the patio since it was so nice outside.  We had lots of fun catching up and having girl talk. 🙂


Saturday morning after a long walk with my pups and a workout, I headed to my mom’s pool (like usual) with my bestie, Rachael, for some time in the sun.  We had huge yummy salads for lunch with mixed greens, chickpeas, beets, pecans, goat cheese, hard boiled eggs, and avocado.


We gots lots of girl time in with my momma and we all read a lot of our books!



Rachael came over to my house on Saturday evening and we grilled out.  (My husband is probably thinking…”thank god she didn’t burn down the house.”)  We grilled romaine, corn, zucchini, and cod (Rachael brought the cod over… she gets it delivered from Thrive Market.  I haven’t tried it yet, but it was really yummy so I may give it a shot!)


We were all just a LITTLE excited for this guy to come home.  Callie never lays in the bed at night.. she is always in her bed or on the floor.  Sunday she was cuddled up with Jon because she really missed him.  SO sweet. 


This girl got up with me at 2am on Monday and licked my leftovers from my snack of banana and almond butter.  


She never wants to miss out.  Riley wouldn’t get out of bed at that hour if I had a treat.  Okay, maybe for a treat. But he likes his sleep. 


When we head downstairs in the morning for my workout time, my pups are always right by me.  When I get on the treadmill, they both hop on and I spend at least 5 minutes trying to get them off (and keep them off).  It is really pretty funny.  Riley then brings all his toys and tries to put them on the treadmill.  I throw them a few times but they usually have to go pick up Riley and put him on the couch and tell him to stay. LOL…always wanting to play. 

Someone told me they really liked my hair on Monday…. I told them I am so embarrassed at how long it has been since I washed it and how much dry shampoo is currently in my hair.  I still haven’t washed my hair… maybe tomorrow.  🙂


Oh… yall! I am reading this book and it is sooo good.  I will definitely finish it this week.  It is about a disappearance/murder that occurred in Nashville a while ago.  


That is it for today!! I’ll be back later this week!! Hope you all had an amazing weekend and have a great rest of your week!!! 


  1. Best part of your weekend?
  2. Reading anything good right now?
  3. Watching any good shows currently? 

5 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 7.29.18 Friends and Family and Sun

  1. So happy for girl talk! I completely under appreciated having a close-knit group of females in my life when I was younger; I’ve become so grateful for my lady friends! Lissa and Rachael (and your mom and sister!) seem to provide you with great support 🙂

    As always, your salad looks DELICIOUS. I LOVE chickpeas, so picture of food with chickpeas almost makes me drool, ha!

    The only show we’re watching right now is Seinfeld — we like to keep one with many episodes on our radar so that we can watch an episode (or two ;)) on the days we feel like procrastinating on more mundane chores like dishes.


    1. Thanks Taylor!! It has been so nice to be near my girlfriends this last year. I really missed that in Dallas (besides my sister). Hehe I love them too! That is so good… I am watching like 7 shows right now and I can’t keep up. LOL too many. Have a great day!!


      1. Glad you have so many shows to keep you entertained! There’s something to be said for having so many that you always have lots of options 🙂 My problem is once I start watching 2+, I start to get the plotlines confused sometimes -.-


  2. Oooo I NEED to read that book. Sounds so up my alley! Also what fun time with Lissa. You two are stinking cuttte! And yum- those eats! Love your updates always. ❤


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