Weekend Recap 7.22.18

Hey friends!!! How was your weekend?  Mine went by way too fast… but isn’t that how it always goes?  Although it is hard to get up on Monday mornings, I do occasionally have a little pep in my step because I get excited for a new week.  I like that fresh start feeling and if the previous week was less than stellar, Monday mornings are a nice reminder that the past is the past and we have an opportunity to make this week better than the last.  

How cute is this photo I got from my husband on Friday?  He was working from home and my mom went shopping near our house so they grabbed lunch together.  I am so grateful for this special relationship and love how my momma embraces Jonny as her own.  It is really sweet. 🙂 


This weekend was a perfect mix of relaxation, fun with friends, and a little bit of productivity.  On Friday evening we went to dinner with my dad and little brother.  I forgot to take any pictures, but the food was amazing and the company was even better. 

The relaxation started at my mom’s pool on Saturday while my husband played golf with his friends.  This has become a Saturday tradition for my mom and I and I love it.  I bring over some ingredients for a big salad and my mom has some on hand too and each week we make a new yummy creation for lunch.  This week’s salad mix included kale, broccoli slaw, hard boiled eggs, chickpeas, beets, avocado, and pecans.  I used the garlic expressions salad dressing, which is one of my favorites.  


I even enjoyed a couple adult beverages too!  These Truly spiked sparkling waters are really good… not quite as good as the White Claw brand, but they do have a little less sugar. 


I picked up some fresh flowers from my momma’s garden too.  I LOVE having fresh flowers in my house.  They make me so happy.  


I got lots of kisses from this sweet boy this weekend.  As you can tell by her paw, Callie is never far away. 😉 


Saturday night my husband had the boys over for a game of Poker.  I had a couple girlfriends over so we had fun playing with the pups, drinking some cocktails, and eating some yummy food.  My husband ended up winning the Poker game (which is quite amazing because we are both pretty unlucky when it comes to winning/gambling LOL).  

Riley wanted to hang with the boys. 🙂


These new resistance bands came in the mail this weekend.  I ordered them off of Amazon and already got a new fun workout in with them this morning.  I was needed a change of pace with my workouts and these were just perfect for switching it up a bit.  


After a lazy Sunday morning watching golf, reading, and doing a couple things around the house, we headed out to Lowes for some mulch and plants.  I love that Lowes is dog-friendly.  However, I am constantly worried my dogs are going to go potty in the store. 🙂 


This Sunday night dinner looked a lot like the last one.  Sunday evenings are perfect for grilling when we don’t feel like doing too much cooking, but want a healthy meal after a few indulgences over the weekend.  


We grilled romaine and asparagus and broiled tomatoes and mahi in the oven.  It came together in about 10 minutes and was so delicious.  This was later drizzled with balsamic glaze, which we can’t get enough of this days.  


This weekend was so nice and I can’t believe how quickly it flew by.  But bring on the new week and let’s make it a good one!!!  


  1. Did you do anything fun this weekend? 
  2. Favorite food to grill?
  3. Did you watch any of the golf tournament on tv this weekend?

3 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 7.22.18

  1. I wish I had a pool at one of my parents houses … well I guess we have pools at the condo my parents own in Colorado but we don’t get to go out there as often as I’d like. Do you enjoy the mountains or just the beach?
    My favorite things to grill are turkey burgers, mushrooms, peppers, squash, pineapple and corn … I don’t eat fish I can’t stand the smell, taste, or the texture. I know that people don’t think meat is good for health by I really need protein so I just do what works for me.
    No golf for me … if I started to watch golf I’d be asleep in about 2 minutes flat. lol

    Hope you had a great week and this new weekend is going well!!


    1. Oh Lindsay, I am so jealous your parents own a condo in Colorado. I love it out west in the winter and summer time. We lived in Utah for 2 years and spent a lot of time skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. It’s just so beautiful out there. I’d move to Colorado in a heart beat. I really love the beach and the mountains. I’m not sure I could choose!! What about you??

      Oh I forgot about grilling mushrooms… we used to make this recipe with grilled portabellas and now I am really craving it. I need to do pineapple soon too!

      I think that is great that you do what is right for your body. I don’t think any one particular diet or lifestyle is right for everyone. I’ve thought about re-introducing meat to my diet a few times, but honestly I am dreading the process of doing it slowly enough to not get sick. I ate 2 pieces of steak about 7 years ago and was sick in bed for 4 days… it was awful.

      Hope you had a great weekend!! I love seeing your motivating running posts! You are such an inspiration!


      1. Oh gosh … please be so careful when re-introducing meat BUT I do think that you should consider it because it gives so many more options for your diet. I mean what can be better that a burger and fries on a saturday night? Okay, okay, okay … a Burger with a portabello and/or pineapple would be even better! 🙂
        Also, next time you consider a Colorado vacation let me know … I know of a place to stay! 😉


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