Friday Favorites

Hey guys!!! 4 posts in one week?  Who am I?  I’m so happy to be getting back into a regular blogging routine!!  I crave routine in all aspects of my life and blogging is no different.

How was this week for you guys?  It was a pretty busy one for me with a some type of event/commitment every single night.  I’m looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend at home with my husband. 

 This is the book I just recently finished.  It was really good and I definitely recommend it if you need a new book.  It’s a light read, but I really liked it. 


Today’s post is a big random and jumbled, but that is appropriate for a Friday in my book.  Today I’m talking about all the things I’m loving lately… most of which are food. 🙂

Ya’ll I have been a walking machine lately.  I have been getting in a walk on the treadmill each morning followed by a short strength training circuit and a walk with my pups.  Usually if I work out in the morning, I am more than ready to plop down on the couch after work, but lately I have been pretty motivated to get in a second walk after work if I don’t have anything going on in the evening.  Exercise has always been a big part of my life, but the type of exercise changes every year or so.  I never use to think of walking as a workout really, but lately that is all the cardio I want to do.  I have been in phases where all I do is run, attend body pump classes, do hot yoga, etc. After my surgery forced me to slow down, I just haven’t been in the mood for running or any plyometrics and I am good with that.  I really try to just listen to my body and do what I’m craving.


Yall, keep the watermelons away from me!  During the hot summer, I just love fresh, cold, watermelon.  There is nothing like it.  But my husband and I have a problem… We rarely have any left after only 1-2 days.  When it is cut and staring at me when I open the fridge, it sure is hard to resist on a hot summer day.


The combination of fresh watermelon and blueberries is one I have been craving lately.  I just love them together and they have been my morning snack at work this week.


I love all types of nuts/seeds, but lately my favorite has been walnuts.  I buy them in bulk at Costco (such great prices on nuts) and add them to everything from yogurt to salads to homemade bars.


My mother-in-law was driving home from the lake and stopped to see us on Monday night.  She insisted the dogs be in the picture and we happily agreed. 🙂 



We went to dinner with my mother-in-law at Park Cafe.  We got the mussels to start and they were really good!


I got this delicious peach and blackberry salad to start.  I love candied pecans. 


I split a shrimp dish and a veggie dish with my mother-in-law, but I just had to show you my husband’s chicken dish.  How pretty is it with the fried zucchini ribbons on top? 


Tuesday night we had plans to take Jon’s little brother (from Big Brothers Big Sisters) to the Sounds game (Nashville’s minor league baseball team).  We won 11 to 1 and there was even a grand slam, which doesn’t happen that often!  We had a really great time! 


My mom and step-dad invited us to dinner at Sperrys and as always, it was amazing! 

Salad bar plate stacked high. 🙂 . I got the ahi tuna and my husband got the scallops and fried green tomatoes.  yum!

Have any of you all read this book?  I just started it and can’t wait to read more! 


I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!! xoxoxo


  1. Have you read any good books recently?
  2. What are your plans for the weekend?
  3. Favorite recent meal out at a restaurant? 


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I love Friday Favorites posts! Your new “themed” posts are on point!

    I also love blueberries and nuts, but mostly only on top of foods – both of them are too intense on their own. I use them to break up the textures of other foods like salads or pancakes. Your watermelon and yogurt combinations look great, too.


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