Day in the Life… Food Edition!!

Hey yall!!! I feel like I’m always starting my posts the same way.  How are you? How was your weekend? I hope you are having a great day, weekend, etc.  What can I say.. I’m a creature of habit.  🙂

Today is all about FOOD.  I love seeing others post their eats from an entire day.   I’m nosey and I like to get new ideas and meal inspiration.  I get stuck in a rut quite often when it comes to food because I’m not too creative and I just go for easy a lot of times that means prepping a lot of the same things.  Today I am going to show you what a typical day of eating looks like for me.  This was on a work day so it is more “normal” for me unlike the weekend which can sometimes be more snacky, eating out more, etc.  So let’s get started.  

Since it has been extremely hot in Nashville lately, I am still on my smoothie kick.  For a while I was eating oatmeal every morning, but when it got hot I switched to smoothies and I am LOVING them.  I love that I can add in SO many nutrients and it keeps me full for a few hours.  My current favorite mixture is a few handfuls of spinach, one scoop of vanilla protein powder (Sun Warrior plant-based), a teaspoon of ground flaxseed, one tablespoon of liposomal vitamin C, one tablespoon of L-Glutamine, one teaspoon of greens powder, a few drops of trace mineral drops, a handful of frozen mango and frozen pineapple and enough coconut water to blend it into a think consistency.  That is a lot of goodness in one cup!  PS I am starting my favorite supplement posts up again and will explain why I take all of the ones I just listed above in separate posts.  I am aiming to have a new one up each week! 

8:00am Post Workout Green Smoothie


Around mid-morning I try to eat a snack so that I am not starving when lunch time rolls around.  This day it was a One Bar.  The chocolate chip cookie dough flavor was good, but I am OBSESSED with the birthday cake flavor.  Like so obsessed I never want to try another flavor ever again. LOL.  This keeps me full until lunch.  

10:00am One Bar 


Lunch is a bit different each day, but a lot of times it is a salad with lots of add-ins.  I try to get in some healthy carbs (quinoa or sweet potatoes usually), protein (I try to have this with every snack and meal so that I stay full longer), and healthy fats (usually avocado and nuts).  

12:00pm Green Juice & a Big Salad 


This day I had the Costco kale salad mix with fresh raw corn off the cob, roasted sweet potato, pumpkin seeds, and leftover grilled ahi tuna.  When we grill or cook fish, I always try to make extra so that I can throw it on a salad the next day for lunch so that I get in a good serving of protein!



I got through phases with my water consumption.  Right now I am in a phase where I want all.the.water.all.the.time.  I think it is because it is so hot outside right now.  I aim to drink 2-4 liters during the work day.  I know, that is a LOT of water.  But it keeps me feeling really hydrated and healthy.  Yes, I pee all day long.  I actually like it because it makes me get up from behind my desk and move about every 30 minutes to an hour.  



Usually around 3 or 4 pm, I start to get a little hungry.  Even if I am not particularly hungry, I try to eat a little something so that I am not ravenous by the time dinner rolls around.  This day my snack was blueberry greek yogurt (I love the Light & Fit brand) with almonds on top.  I get in my protein and healthy fats and this keeps me full until dinner time.  

3:00pm Greek Yogurt with Almonds 


We usually eat dinner around 7-7:30pm.  We usually stick to easy things like a piece of fish and a couple roasted veggies.  This night I spiralized a humungous zucchini and sauteed it with freshly chopped onions and garlic.  Then I added some pesto.  On my indoor grilling pan (one of my favorite kitchen utensils), I added shrimp (seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and chili powder) and cooked them for just a couple minutes on each side and then tossed them on the noodles!  This is one of our favorite meals and it comes together really quickly, which is a bonus!

7:00pm Zucchini Noodles with Pesto and Blackened Shrimp 


Freshly grated parmesan on top! Yum!!  


8:00pm Fudge Bar (not pictured) 

That wraps up my day’s eats!  I hope you enjoyed getting to see what a pretty normal day of eats looks like for me.  I hope yall have a wonderful day!!!


  1. Favorite thing to make for breakfast?
  2. What is your favorite meal of the day? 
  3. Are you a snacker?  If so, what is your favorite snack? 

21 thoughts on “Day in the Life… Food Edition!!

      1. I love the maple donut most followed by lemon and birthday cake! I think those are the only ones I’ve tried haha- they are all delicious!


  1. I like this “series”! I agree that it’s fun and inspirational to see other peoples’ food. My food habits are pretty random, and the only real consistency is that I have two cups of coffee when I wake up, and if I eat breakfast, it’s usually some variation on eggs.

    Looking forward to more food posts 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Taylor!! Oh yum, can’t go wrong with eggs. I like to have them on the weekends because during the week I like something I can take with me in the car. I get such great ideas from seeing other food posts, which is really great when I am starting to get bored of my usual meals. 🙂


  2. Hi Taylor! This all looks yummie. May I ask how do you get the fresh corn? In what way do you meal prep the corn on the cobs? Trying to see if you have a quick and easy way….


    1. Hey Donna!! I just buy corn on the cob at the grocery store and husk it when I get home. I just simple chop off the raw corn (I don’t cook it at all) and add it to prepped salads or put it in a container to have it ready for the week. I find that when corn is in season, it is really sweet and has more taste (and crunch) when you leave it raw and don’t cook it. We will boil it or throw it on the grill every once in a while, but as a salad topper, I like it uncooked!


  3. OMG I am so happy I asked. I live on salads, it just happens to be what I love and I am going to do this immediately. I never would have thought it was raw even though now that you mentioned it you state raw in your blogs when you refer to it but I never imagined it not being cooked. Thanks Taylor!

    Have a wonderful weekend. Scott’s been gone all week for work and gets back tomorrow so I CANNOT WAIT (yes even after 31 years together he is still the one I love to be with!!!!)–next weekend we are off to Denver for a couple days so this weekend, beach walks, BBQ’s, out and about like we love to do.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No problem, Donna!! I always thought corn had to be cooked until one day I saw it raw in a recipe and have been putting it on my salads raw ever since!! Enjoy!!
      Wow 31 years!! what an accomplishment!!
      Denver is so nice this time of year! That will be such a fun trip!!! Enjoy your weekend!!!!


  4. Taylor … I wish I was as healthy of an eater as you are. I am honestly a carboholic so I don’t think I could survive without them. I do have to ask because I worry … have you been told by your doctors to increase your intake at all in order to return to your pre-sickness weight because it definitely doesn’t seem like you would gain weight on your current intake. (If you prefer to respond privately that would be fine) For example I have to take in a lot of food because of the amount of working out I do and the training I put in for the races I run BUT it’s totally worth it to me! 🙂

    Also … I am in love with fudge bars .. I will have to have one tonight! 🙂

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    1. Hey Lindsay!! My doctor just told me to take it easy and that it will take time to gain the weight back. I’ve already gained about 15 lbs and am actually in the “normal” range for my height. I am taking it slowly and trying to put on the muscle I lost. This is just one day of eats for me. Some days I have more carbs, fat, treats, etc. It just depends! I am just really trying to listen to my body and eat when I am hungry (which is often!). I am so envious of all your running! I used to run a lot but got injured often so I haven’t been able to run like I used to. I am still dealing with my chronic back pain, but will get another epidural injection next week and hoping that helps with the pain for a while so that I can get back into running soon!!! Have a great weekend girlie!! xoxoxo


      1. Taylor, thanks for the honesty about where you’re at physically. I think you “scared” all of your internet friends when you shared about your health a few weeks ago. I know I personally worry about good people and I can tell you “good people”. Once you get your epidural injection let me know and we can be accountability partners for running! 😉
        Keep up the good eating … I know that once you get running you’ll want all of the carbs because for me … carbs = energy and this girl NEEDS energy to get in ALL the MILES!
        Have a FABULOUS weekend Taylor!


      2. Ofcourse, Lindsay! It is nice to have people looking out for me! I would love that!! I will keep you updated when I get back to feeling well enough to start running again! Yes, I definitely notice I want more carbs when I am running more. xoxoxo


  5. I love to have all three in Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner – Protein, Fat, and Carbs. The morning I start with hot water and lemon as soon I get up and in a night if possible have a half a cup of milk with turmeric. Two small cups of tea and an expresso along with 7 glass of waters.


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