Weekend Recap 7.15.18 … Alone Time, Family Time, and Relaxation

Hey Friends!!! Happy Tuesday!!!  I hope you all had a great weekend and that your week is off to a good start!! I had the most relaxing and productive weekend I have had in a while and I loved every minute of it.

I have a couple unique posts coming your way this week (I am trying to make more time for different posts besides the usual weekend recaps.).  I have a lot to say and share with yall, I just have trouble finding the time to dedicate to putting a blog post together.  I will never just slop together a post just to get it out there.  I like taking the time to sift through my photos, edit them and organize my posts so that they are meaningful… I’m not saying they are never a jumbled mess or randomness… but I do put time into them. 🙂

Enough rambling… let’s get to the good stuff!  My weekend started a little early with a fun girls night with my bestie, Rachael, last Thursday night.

We got our nails done!


Went to dinner at Eastern Peak. A new one opened in Nashville so we decided on it for dinner since my favorite sushi place closed. 😦  Jon and I ordered out from Eastern Peak every once in a while and I always get the Shrimp Avocado Salad.  It is soooo yummy.


We ended the night at Sprouts. 🙂


Last Friday I had a CT scan.  I have been having a little bit of abdominal pain since my surgery.  It is coming less frequently now, but my doctor ordered the CT scan just to make sure nothing besides normal healing was going on.  I had to get the contrast through an IV and drink two big cups of the barium.  Yuck! CT scan results came back and my stomach is still healing up so they expect the pain is just from it still healing. 🙂

After my appointment on Friday, my mom and I took my pups on a walk to the park. (My mom is an angel and goes to all of my doctors appointments with me… yes I am 12 years old and need my momma. 🙂 . It was SO hot and humid out so we stopped by McDonalds to grab an ice cream cone for the pups.  At first they didn’t know what to think…


But it didn’t take them long to decide that it was the best thing they ever tasted.  It was so cute to see them eating it.  Riley licked the ice cream and Callie bit it.  Too funny. 


After a long walk with my doggies on Saturday morning and a quick Costco run, I headed out to meet my mom at Home Goods to pick up a few things.  Afterwards we headed back to her house to lounge at the pool and read our books.  I am currently reading “Woman Enters Left” by Jessica Brockmole and I really like it.  I predict I finish it tonight! 


We took a quick break to throw together salads for lunch.  I love getting the big salad mixes at Costco and adding a few more ingredients like raw corn off the cob, chopped walnuts, hard-boiled eggs, and avocado to make it super filling.  


My momma invited me to dinner on Saturday night since my husband was out of town.  I enjoy a glass of wine and the grilled salmon.  It was perfect! 


My mom and step-dad go to dinner every Saturday night with our family friends… they are both 92 and thriving!!! It is always so great to see them!


On Sunday I got in a quick walk with my dogs before it started raining.  After a quick workout, we (my pups and I) were off to the airport to pick up my husband.  We all missed him!!  When we got home I made some homemade chocolate peanut butter lara bars for my husband.  He loves them and I figured I could save a few bucks by making them myself.  They only contain 4 ingredients (dates, peanuts, sea salt, and chocolate chips) so I threw the dates, peanuts and sea salt in the food processor then chopped up the chocolate chips and add those in by hand.  I pressed the mixture into an 8×8 pan and put it in the freezer for it to harden up a bit.  


Then I cut the mixture into bars and individually wrapped each one so that they are easy to grab on the go.  I store these in the freezer to keep them sturdy and less sticky.  My husband said the texture was different from the original lara bars, but the taste was great!  I’m going to keep trying to get it right!


When the rain let up a bit, we turned on the grill for an easy dinner.  I buy the frozen and marinated mahi from Costco (they have the best frozen fish).  I chopped up asparagus and romaine and threw all of it on the grill.  It was eat all the leftovers night too so we added steamed broccoli and roasted carrots to the meal as well.  We drizzled the veggies with balsamic glaze.  Sooo yummy.  Have you guys tried grilling romaine before?  If you haven’t, you should really try it!  You can thank me later. 🙂 


I got in a couple treadmill walks on Sunday.  I figure I might as well walk while I watch my shows rather than plop down on the couch.  I ended up with over 25,000 steps on Sunday!  Definitely the highest I have had in a longggg time.  


I got caught up on laundry, vacuuming, organizing my bathroom drawers (I got rid of 2 whole bags of things I no longer use), and lots of reading time in too!  It was such a great weekend with some alone time and family time.  I will never take for granted living near my mom.  It is such a blessing.  

I hope you all have a wonderful day!!! XOXOXO


  1. Best part of your weekend?  
  2. Do you like rainy Sundays like me?
  3. Do you use a step tracker?  If so, what is the most steps you have had in one day?

8 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 7.15.18 … Alone Time, Family Time, and Relaxation

  1. Glad you had a great weekend – your mom really does sound like a wonderful support system. Best wishes to her!

    Your grilled/roasted veggies platter looks delicious. I love grilled romaine and balsamic glaze, too, but I’ve never combined them – thanks for the idea! I always top my grilled romaine with cracked black pepper and salt flakes, whatever oil I have on hand, and usually balsamic vinegar – I’m excited to try a sweet variation by using the glaze 🙂


  2. Hi Taylor. Your weekend sounded like perfection. That salad you made at you Mom’s OMG it looks amazing!!!

    Embrace all your special times you have with your Mom. They make my heart happy to see that you two are so close and have your pool time, chill time, going out time together like best friends. I was EXTREMELY close with my Mom as well and lost her when she was 64, way too young. I miss all those times with her. So seeing you with your Mom makes me so happy for both of you. I am so happy you are continuing to heal. What you went through was so frightening and painful I am sure. May it all be behind you and stay there!


    1. It was such a great weekend!! Thanks so much, Donna. I am so grateful for all the time I get to spend with my momma. I am so sorry you lost your mom when she was 64… that is WAY too young. I can’t even imagine. I am soaking up all the good times we have because we definitely aren’t promised tomorrow. My health scare has made me appreciate life more than I ever thought possible. It also makes me really treasure all the special times I get to spend with my family and friends. I really am so lucky. I hope you have a great day, Donna!!! xoxo


  3. I am SO excited to read these posts to come! Woohoo! Your nails look amazing- and both your rings are STUNNING. I love love love Sprouts.

    Sorry you had to have another CT So glad everything is ok though. Hopefully each day is more and more pain free!!

    Now I’m craving a McDonald’s ice cream cone. Those were my FAVORITE in college. I can still taste them. I bet the pups loved that.

    Those grilled veggies look like absolute perfection.

    There is no way she is 92. NO WAY.


    1. Thanks girlfriend! I am definitely feeling better and more like myself each day! Oh my pups were obsessed.. I think I’m going to have to take them for another one this weekend. 🙂 I know right? She and her husband still live by themselves and are so active. I hope if I live until 92 that I still have as much zest for life as they do!

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