Weekend Recap at the Lake Continued

Hey friends!! I’m back to finish up my recap of our 4th of July trip to the lake! 

Each morning started out with a long walk with the pups.  Since my surgery, I have really enjoyed walking a lot more than I used to.  I take a couple walks with my dogs each day and spend some time walking on my treadmill catching up on shows or podcasts.  


Pretty views on our walk. 


After our morning walk we enjoyed coffee. 🙂


And did some more reading. 🙂  My mom would be so proud.  I remember growing up at one point my mom was in 7 book clubs.  


Friday night some family friends arrived and we had tacos for dinner!  Can’t go wrong with a taco bar!


My husband brought the clippers to trim our dogs hair while we were away and this is what happened… 


Although Riley loved his mohawk, I told my husband it had to go. 😉


On Saturday morning we headed out for a short hike on the Appalachian Trail!


Me and my mother-in-law on our hike!


My in-laws love our doggies, which always makes me so happy. 


We stopped at this scenic overlook on the way back for some pictures.  




Early in the afternoon, a couple more family friends arrived and before we knew it, it was time for dinner.  We had a big salad, grilled salmon, twiced baked potatoes with mushrooms and a green bean recipe with almonds.  It was all delicious!

My mother-in-law’s friend was the statue of liberty this year (we make someone wear the costume every year to the fireworks show) and she took her duties very seriously. 🙂


The fireworks were amazing as always!!


I don’t know if yall remember, but last year when we got home from the fireworks Callie was hiding (stuck) under our bed.  We actually ran out of her prescription doggie anti-anxiety meds before we left so we just picked up some calming tablets at the store and prayed they would work.  We tested them out throughout the week and they were amazing!!  They made her sleepy, but they kept her from violently shaking and running around like crazy scared out of her mind.  It was so nice to know she was comfortable while we were out on the boat that night.  


That sums up our long weekend at the lake!!  I love this lake tradition we have every 4th of July!  It is always so fun!! 


  1. Tell me one of your family traditions.
  2. What is one of your family’s favorite recipes?
  3. Did you get to see fireworks for the 4th?

13 thoughts on “Weekend Recap at the Lake Continued

  1. Your walk looks absolutely beautiful! So lush and green. I hope the weather was as nice as the scenery looks!

    I also spent the Fourth on a lake, which made me so tired that I didn’t stay up late enough for fireworks. Although my neighbor set a few off which woke me up, so I got to at least hear a few of them. 😉


  2. Taylor, I am so glad you are back to blogging regularly. It makes me selfishly SO happy! I just adore your posts. Those tacos are giving me serious Mexican food cravings. YUMMY! Hahah- Riley’s mohawk! What a beautiful hike too…So good to see you doing things you love. Aw, so sweet how you made sure Callie was okay. Haha. Poor thing. Those fireworks are incredible- you captured them perfectly. Thanks for sharing these fun times, girlfriend. I think my favorite family recipe is DJ’s mom’s pretzel strawberry salad for the 4th and holidays. I can’t ever get enough! Or anything sweet potato casserole!


    1. Mackenzie – do you happen to have the ability to share the pretzel strawberry salad? I have been looking for a similar recipe but none have been exactly what I’m looking for! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thanks so much! I am so happy to be back to regular blogging too. Just so happy to be feeling good and healthy again. Haha I just couldn’t help but laugh when he came running through the door with his new “haircut” LOL. Ohhh pretzel strawberry salad? That sounds very interesting and yummy!! do share! xoxoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Taylor, I HAVE to agree with Mackenzie. I am so glad that you are blogging on a regular basis. It sounds like you are getting back to your old self and feeling great about it.
    I personally have to say that my mom’s secret recipe chocolate chip cookies are to DIE for and if I could I’d send them over the interwebs for you to try. We didn’t really do anything special this year for 4th of July because of it being in the middle of the week AND the fact that my parents are British … we don’t really celebrate much anyways.


    1. Thanks Lindsay. I sure am glad to be back too. It is really nice to feel healthy again. Oh yum!! Those cookies sound amazing!! How neat that your parents are British!! It was quite odd to have it in the middle of the week… I feel like a lot of people either took off Thursday and Friday or didn’t do much celebrating with having to work the next day. I hope you have a great rest of your week and weekend!!


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