Weekend Recap 7.8.18 Fourth of July Celebrations at Lake Burton

Happy Tuesday friends!!  How was your weekend and your fourth of July?  I hope it was wonderful!  We had such a great time at my in-law’s lake house in Georgia.

On Wednesday morning we headed out the door with pups in tow.  The last couple hours of the drive is on back country roads so we decided to take my husband’s convertible and take advantage of the nice weather.  The weather is funny in Georgia and can be sunny one minute and raining the next.  We only got rained on twice while in the car. 😉


So we pulled over quickly before we got poured on! 🙂


My momma sent us down with some festive homemade cookies she and my aunt made last week.  They lasted about 1.5 days.


We got in a few beautiful boat rides.


And tons of yummy food.  Wednesday night my mother-in-law made a big salad, corn on the cob, and steak and shrimp on the grill.


Have you guys used these copper grill mats before?  I just introduced my mother-in-law to them and she loves them just as much as we do.  You still get grill marks, but nothing gets stuck to the grill or falls through it.


My husband and I spent a TON of time reading on this trip.   When we are with friends or a lot of family sometimes it is hard to get in any reading so this trip was really nice just to be able to enjoy a good book. I finished the book Eileen.  It was a pretty good read, but a little slow for my liking.


We spent lots of time chatting on the porch while the sporadic thunderstorms rolled in.

And we hopped right back outside when the sun came back out.  This girl had a really good trip too!


Boat rides with my puppies.  They were very good on this trip except for the one time after dinner when we were cleaning dishes and I looked over and Riley had pulled food out of the trashcan…. Bad doggie. He’s old so we forgave him. 😉


Just want to let yall know that I am still the favorite.  My husband is trying hard to win their affection, but both of these doggies favor me to my husband.  But when I am away, they are obsessed with him.  It’s pretty funny.


I am going to finish up my weekend recap tomorrow so this post doesn’t get too long.  I would love to hear all about your weekend and your holiday in the comments!! Have a great day yall!

6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 7.8.18 Fourth of July Celebrations at Lake Burton

  1. The lake house looks spectacular. The best kind of vacations are these kind. Good food, drinks, relaxing and family time. All with our pups in tow!!!

    We went to La Quinta (past Palm Desert, CA) to a resort before the 4th of July and had an amazing time, albeit the 105 degrees. Nothing a pool and a cold drink could not fix!! July 4th BBQ in the backyard with our niece/nephew then a lot of beach walks, beach days on the sand and BBQ’ing. All fun and enjoying life to the fullest as you guys do. That is why I am so drawn to your blog! So happy you are doing so much better Taylor. Makes my heart happy for you and your entire family. XO


    1. Thanks Donna!! It really was the best time!!
      Wow! I’m so jealous of all your amazing vacations!! Sounds like such a great time! I really appreciate you being such a loyal long time reader!!! I hope you have a great rest of your week and an amazing weekend!!!! xoxoxo


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