Friday Favorites 7.27.18 A Little Bit of Everything

Happy Friday friends!! We made it!! woooo!  I hope you guys have some fun things planned for the weekend ahead!  I am going to dinner tonight with one of my besties and am looking forward to some more pool time with another bestie tomorrow!  Besides that, I don’t have much on the agenda, which is how I like my weekends these days. 🙂 

This week’s Friday Favorites are quite random and includes a bit of everything so feel free to just skip on past this post if I’m too disorganized for you (I’m a little too disorganized for myself sometimes so I get it ;)).  

My husband and I made ahi tuna tacos earlier this week and to save a few carbs I opted for romaine lettuce leaves instead of corn tortillas, which ended up being delicious…. even if I didn’t have quite enough room for all of the fillings. 🙂 


We included tuna, raw cabbage slaw (I love the pre-chopped cabbage that can be found in the salad section at the grocery), raw corn off the cobb, tomatoes, and avocados.  Topped with salsa and crack  balsamic glaze.  SO so so good. 


On Tuesday morning after a couple of hours at work, I headed home to meet my mom to head to the doctor for another epidural spinal injection for my neck/upper back.  When I was in the hospital my back pain was non-existent and I can’t figure out if it was because I recently had an injection before I got sick, because I was basically laying in bed for over two months straight or because my stomach hurt so badly that I didn’t notice my back hurting.  A few weeks after I got home from the hospital my back pain went back to full force and has been driving me crazy ever since.  I am really hoping this injection kicks in soon (it can take a few weeks to take full effect).  After my appointment my mom and I stopped by Uncommon James, Kristin Cavallari’s new store in Nashville.  It has the cutest baby clothes and really pretty jewelry.  


Unfortunately we didn’t run into Kristin or Jay Cutler, her husband, while we were there. 😉  Have you all been watching her new show Very Cavallari?  It is fun to watch shows that are shot all around Nashville.  I know a couple people on the show from high school so that is always fun to watch!

My mom and I made sure to not miss the opportunity for a photo shoot at the store. 🙂


Isn’t she the cutest?


Afterwards we headed to Bread & Company to pick up some lunch to eat at home so we could hang out with Riley.  I made my own salad (and topped it with leftover grilled tuna) and my mom got a breakfast sandwich.  We both loved our meals!

After lunch we got to cooking!  My husband is headed to the lake this weekend for a boys weekend so I offered to make some food for them (otherwise they just live off of hot dogs and chips) to take with them.  My mom and I made 4 quiches, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, blueberry muffins, a green bean casserole, a corn & bean dip, fresh chopped pineapple and watermelon, a mixed salad, and veggies for dipping into hummus.  We also made these sesame seed cookies my mom wanted to try.  It was a LOT of cooking, but we enjoyed it…. until the construction workers on our street hit the water line and we were without water for a couple hours.  We needed it for a couple recipes so we had to improvise with milk and everything turned out fine… thankfully. 🙂 We attached directions to all of the recipes that need to be cooked or reheated in the oven so the boys cannot mess it up. LOL.

After a very hot walk with my pups, I sat down to watch this week’s episode of the Bachelorette.  Do any of you watch it?  I really like Becca…she seems so down to earth.  I snacked on some olive tapenade hummus with rice crackers. yum!


My husband and I had zucchini pasta with onions, garlic, mushrooms, and tomatoes the other night.  I think this will always be one of my favorite meals.  We used this mint pesto  to top our dish and it was fantastic.  I love how this pesto uses two fresh herbs, no cheese, and almonds instead of pine nuts (so much more cost efficient).  


I made these chocolate chip zucchini muffins earlier this week and my husband and I have been loving them.  I love crumbling them in a greek yogurt for a morning snack!  Next time I make them I am going to use dark chocolate chips and walnuts! 


I’ve told you about my new obsession with One Bars, but I still haven’t tried all of the flavors.  I had this one for a snack earlier this week and boy was it yummy!!!!


Casually reminding my momma to drink her water!!  And all of you… drink up!!  I feel SO much better on the days that I drink a ton of water.  I aim for 3-4 liters per day.  


And a smile for you today to remind you to always smile and choose happiness!!! 


That is all for today!! I hope you all have a really great weekend!!!!!  I will talk to you next week!! xoxo


  1. What are your plans for the weekend?
  2. Any pool or lake time included in your plans?
  3. How much water do you drink each day?  Do you struggle to drink enough?

Favorite Supplements…L-Glutamine

Hey guys!!! 

Today I am sharing another favorite supplement of mine with you all…. L-Glutamine.  

L-Glutamine is an amino acid (building block for proteins) that is naturally occurring in our bodies.  It is produced in the muscles and distributed by the blood to the organs that need it.  I use this brand and really like it.  I simple add a teaspoon to my smoothie each morning after my workout.  It doesn’t have a taste so it is perfect to add in a smoothie, but you could easily just mix it with water or juice.   


There are SO many benefits from L-Glutamine so I will list them in bullet form to keep it easy to read! 

  • digestion and gut health (used for ulcers, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease)
  • depression, mood disorders, anxiety, insomnia, and irritability 
  • enhancing exercise performance and recovery (one of the main reasons I use it)
  • improving recovery after surgeries (I like this benefit too)
  • immune system support
  • helps when the body is under stress 

There are a LOT more uses for L-Glutamine, but these are some of the reasons I use it and love it.  It is an easy add-in to my diet and I can see the benefits.  


  1. Do you use an L-Glutamine supplement?
  2. What is one supplement you cannot live without?
  3. Do you take a multi-vitamin?

Week in the Life… Fashion Edition

Hey there!!! How are you all doing?  My week is going great!  This week is a lot less busy than last week, which is a nice change of pace.  My husband is one to have some commitment each night of the week and I am the very opposite.  I like to have most of my nights during the week free from commitments and save them for the weekend when I have more time (and sleep :)).  

I hope you guys don’t get the wrong idea by the title of this post… I am so far from ever being a fashionista.  Most of my wardrobe comes from Target or Old Navy, but I do love popping into cute boutiques when I am with my mom or sister.  I have never loved shopping, but I do enjoy it more when I am with my mom or sister and have some help.  I really don’t shop for clothes often because it’s just not something I do by myself and I hate buying clothes online because they never fit me right (my husband appreciates this about me :)).  

In honor of branching out of my blogging comfort zone and incorporating more unique and different type posts, today I thought I would share some outfits that I regularly wear to work.  When it is chilly out, I love a good pair of slacks or capri pants, but since it has been extremely hot, I have been wearing a lot more dresses and skirts to work.  My work if very relaxed about the dress code, but I try to dress up just a little bit so that I am comfortable, yet a little stylish.  I think taking the time to look presentable is important because it makes me feel my best and I am more productive if I am all ready for the day.  With that said, most of my outfits are very comfortable. 🙂 

I am obsessed with long-sleeve dresses.  I like long-sleeves, which are normally too hot for summer, but if they are on a shorter dress, it is the perfect combination for me.  I can’t remember exactly where I found this, but I will venture to say it is from Target from a few years ago.  


It’s super comfortable too!


I love this skirt paired with a solid top.  The skirt is quite a few years old from Forever 21 and my sister gave me this top when we cleaned out her closet last year.  


One of my favorite dresses ever.  It is SO comfy and can be casual or dressed up depending on what jacket/sweater and shoes it is paired with.  Pretty sure it is from Target or Old Navy.  I love these Kendra Scott earrings too.  I really like big earrings with a ponytail… it’s a nice way to dress up a simple pony.  


I’ve actually worn this dress to a couple weddings.  The material is really stretchy, which I love.  I think it is from White House Black Market.  It is from a few years ago so I am not positive.


I love a good statement necklace to add a little excitement to an outfit.  


As you can see, I am pretty simple with my work outfits.  I like to look nice, but not fancy.  I sometimes wear heels, but more commonly I wear nice wedges, flats, or dressy sandals.  I don’t wear a ton of jewelry besides my wedding rings, but I do love some earrings, a bracelet, or a nice necklace to dress up an outfit.  When it comes to work attire, I like to keep it simple, yet cute.  I think it’s important to put effort into the way you present yourself, but it doesn’t have to take a long time or be complicated.  I wash my hair one or twice throughout the work week and supplement with dry shampoo for the rest of the time.  It saves me SO much time (my hair is SO thick), which is awesome during the week.  That means more sleep and time to workout.  🙂 

Thanks for reading today!  I would love to hear about what you wear to work!


  1. What is your dress code for work? 
  2. Do you wear a lot of jewelry?
  3. What are your statement pieces of clothing for the work week? 

Weekend Recap 7.22.18

Hey friends!!! How was your weekend?  Mine went by way too fast… but isn’t that how it always goes?  Although it is hard to get up on Monday mornings, I do occasionally have a little pep in my step because I get excited for a new week.  I like that fresh start feeling and if the previous week was less than stellar, Monday mornings are a nice reminder that the past is the past and we have an opportunity to make this week better than the last.  

How cute is this photo I got from my husband on Friday?  He was working from home and my mom went shopping near our house so they grabbed lunch together.  I am so grateful for this special relationship and love how my momma embraces Jonny as her own.  It is really sweet. 🙂 


This weekend was a perfect mix of relaxation, fun with friends, and a little bit of productivity.  On Friday evening we went to dinner with my dad and little brother.  I forgot to take any pictures, but the food was amazing and the company was even better. 

The relaxation started at my mom’s pool on Saturday while my husband played golf with his friends.  This has become a Saturday tradition for my mom and I and I love it.  I bring over some ingredients for a big salad and my mom has some on hand too and each week we make a new yummy creation for lunch.  This week’s salad mix included kale, broccoli slaw, hard boiled eggs, chickpeas, beets, avocado, and pecans.  I used the garlic expressions salad dressing, which is one of my favorites.  


I even enjoyed a couple adult beverages too!  These Truly spiked sparkling waters are really good… not quite as good as the White Claw brand, but they do have a little less sugar. 


I picked up some fresh flowers from my momma’s garden too.  I LOVE having fresh flowers in my house.  They make me so happy.  


I got lots of kisses from this sweet boy this weekend.  As you can tell by her paw, Callie is never far away. 😉 


Saturday night my husband had the boys over for a game of Poker.  I had a couple girlfriends over so we had fun playing with the pups, drinking some cocktails, and eating some yummy food.  My husband ended up winning the Poker game (which is quite amazing because we are both pretty unlucky when it comes to winning/gambling LOL).  

Riley wanted to hang with the boys. 🙂


These new resistance bands came in the mail this weekend.  I ordered them off of Amazon and already got a new fun workout in with them this morning.  I was needed a change of pace with my workouts and these were just perfect for switching it up a bit.  


After a lazy Sunday morning watching golf, reading, and doing a couple things around the house, we headed out to Lowes for some mulch and plants.  I love that Lowes is dog-friendly.  However, I am constantly worried my dogs are going to go potty in the store. 🙂 


This Sunday night dinner looked a lot like the last one.  Sunday evenings are perfect for grilling when we don’t feel like doing too much cooking, but want a healthy meal after a few indulgences over the weekend.  


We grilled romaine and asparagus and broiled tomatoes and mahi in the oven.  It came together in about 10 minutes and was so delicious.  This was later drizzled with balsamic glaze, which we can’t get enough of this days.  


This weekend was so nice and I can’t believe how quickly it flew by.  But bring on the new week and let’s make it a good one!!!  


  1. Did you do anything fun this weekend? 
  2. Favorite food to grill?
  3. Did you watch any of the golf tournament on tv this weekend?

Friday Favorites

Hey guys!!! 4 posts in one week?  Who am I?  I’m so happy to be getting back into a regular blogging routine!!  I crave routine in all aspects of my life and blogging is no different.

How was this week for you guys?  It was a pretty busy one for me with a some type of event/commitment every single night.  I’m looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend at home with my husband. 

 This is the book I just recently finished.  It was really good and I definitely recommend it if you need a new book.  It’s a light read, but I really liked it. 


Today’s post is a big random and jumbled, but that is appropriate for a Friday in my book.  Today I’m talking about all the things I’m loving lately… most of which are food. 🙂

Ya’ll I have been a walking machine lately.  I have been getting in a walk on the treadmill each morning followed by a short strength training circuit and a walk with my pups.  Usually if I work out in the morning, I am more than ready to plop down on the couch after work, but lately I have been pretty motivated to get in a second walk after work if I don’t have anything going on in the evening.  Exercise has always been a big part of my life, but the type of exercise changes every year or so.  I never use to think of walking as a workout really, but lately that is all the cardio I want to do.  I have been in phases where all I do is run, attend body pump classes, do hot yoga, etc. After my surgery forced me to slow down, I just haven’t been in the mood for running or any plyometrics and I am good with that.  I really try to just listen to my body and do what I’m craving.


Yall, keep the watermelons away from me!  During the hot summer, I just love fresh, cold, watermelon.  There is nothing like it.  But my husband and I have a problem… We rarely have any left after only 1-2 days.  When it is cut and staring at me when I open the fridge, it sure is hard to resist on a hot summer day.


The combination of fresh watermelon and blueberries is one I have been craving lately.  I just love them together and they have been my morning snack at work this week.


I love all types of nuts/seeds, but lately my favorite has been walnuts.  I buy them in bulk at Costco (such great prices on nuts) and add them to everything from yogurt to salads to homemade bars.


My mother-in-law was driving home from the lake and stopped to see us on Monday night.  She insisted the dogs be in the picture and we happily agreed. 🙂 



We went to dinner with my mother-in-law at Park Cafe.  We got the mussels to start and they were really good!


I got this delicious peach and blackberry salad to start.  I love candied pecans. 


I split a shrimp dish and a veggie dish with my mother-in-law, but I just had to show you my husband’s chicken dish.  How pretty is it with the fried zucchini ribbons on top? 


Tuesday night we had plans to take Jon’s little brother (from Big Brothers Big Sisters) to the Sounds game (Nashville’s minor league baseball team).  We won 11 to 1 and there was even a grand slam, which doesn’t happen that often!  We had a really great time! 


My mom and step-dad invited us to dinner at Sperrys and as always, it was amazing! 

Salad bar plate stacked high. 🙂 . I got the ahi tuna and my husband got the scallops and fried green tomatoes.  yum!

Have any of you all read this book?  I just started it and can’t wait to read more! 


I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!!! xoxoxo


  1. Have you read any good books recently?
  2. What are your plans for the weekend?
  3. Favorite recent meal out at a restaurant? 


Another Favorite Supplement… Trace Mineral Drops!

Good morning!!!  How’s it going?  I haven’t been sleeping great this week so it is finally catching up to me and boy am I tired!  We have been really busy this week (all good things so no complaints) and the lack of sleep is finally catching up to me.  I’m hoping to sleep in a little bit this weekend, but that usually means only until about 7am if I’m lucky.  I think the older you get, the worse your sleep gets and the harder it is to sleep in on the weekends.  Oh well, once I’m up I really do love the early mornings.  These days it is about the only time I want to be outside (hello heat and humidity) unless I am in a pool.

I started a series awhile back on my blog showcasing my favorite supplements.  My aim was to do one post on a particular supplement each week… the benefits, side effects, and how I use it.  I got a little sidetracked and it’s been quite a while since I last did a supplement post.  But better late than never, I am back with the supplement posts and hope to write about a different supplement I love using at least once per week.

Today I am talking all about Trace Mineral Drops.  I have been using these for a couple months now and don’t know how I ever did without them.


This Concentrace Trace Mineral Drops is a natural mineral concentrate that is super concentrated.  Half of one teaspoon equals the mineral content of half a cup of sea water with almost all of the sodium (99%) removed.  This is the brand I use and love (I got it off of Amazon) that it is certified vegan gluten free, and non-GMO, .

You always hear how important it is to keep your body in an alkaline state (the opposite of acidic).  These mineral drops help to balance your body’s pH level and keep the level of acidity in your body to a minimum.

These drops contain magnesium (63% of your daily value), chloride (21% of your daily value), sodium, potassium, sulfate, lithium, and boron.  By consuming these trace minerals every day, your body is able to function properly and maintain healthy levels of energy.  We could all use a little more energy, right? 🙂 . Ideally we would consume these minerals by eating a mostly raw food diet, but unfortunately today’s soils have been depleted of most of the minerals our bodies need.  It is estimated that 90% of Americans suffer mineral imbalance or deficiency, which is why we feel tired or rundown all the time.

Besides balancing our pH levels, these trace mineral drops have a lot of benefits including: strengthening bones and joints, eliminating calcium deposits, replacing electrolytes that have been lost, which helps increase energy, nourishing hair and skin, normalizing bowel functions, assimilating calcium (more easily absorbed when taken with magnesium), increasing heart functions (the heart requires magnesium to beat and potassium to contract), enhancing vitamin benefits (vitamins do NOT work without minerals), and improving athletic and cardiovascular performance.

You can take anywhere from 1/2 to 1 teaspoon per day.  You can add a few drops to a glass of water or juice or just add it to a smoothie like I usually do.  The drops just taste a little salty, but are completely masked when added to a flavorful smoothie.  My husband and I add these to our smoothies every morning.  Ever since my surgery, I have been extra intrigued with supplements that support the digestive system and bowel function.  While my digestion is getting back on track, these drops have helped to assure normal bowel function, which is important especially while my bowel resection is healing up and growing back together.  I also have noticed a little more energy and I have noticed a big difference in how I feel after I consume these drops alongside my daily vitamins (multi-vitamin, iron, probiotic, vitamin C, D3, and B12).

I am really glad a friend introduced me to these mineral drops.  I really notice a big difference when I take them daily.  That wraps up my chat about trace mineral drops.  I would love to hear about the supplements you take daily and which ones you can’t live without.  Have a great day friends!!!


  1. Do you take daily vitamins or supplements?  If so, which ones?
  2. Have you ever tried Trace Mineral drops?
  3. How many of your meals each day are plant-based if any?  

Day in the Life… Food Edition!!

Hey yall!!! I feel like I’m always starting my posts the same way.  How are you? How was your weekend? I hope you are having a great day, weekend, etc.  What can I say.. I’m a creature of habit.  🙂

Today is all about FOOD.  I love seeing others post their eats from an entire day.   I’m nosey and I like to get new ideas and meal inspiration.  I get stuck in a rut quite often when it comes to food because I’m not too creative and I just go for easy a lot of times that means prepping a lot of the same things.  Today I am going to show you what a typical day of eating looks like for me.  This was on a work day so it is more “normal” for me unlike the weekend which can sometimes be more snacky, eating out more, etc.  So let’s get started.  

Since it has been extremely hot in Nashville lately, I am still on my smoothie kick.  For a while I was eating oatmeal every morning, but when it got hot I switched to smoothies and I am LOVING them.  I love that I can add in SO many nutrients and it keeps me full for a few hours.  My current favorite mixture is a few handfuls of spinach, one scoop of vanilla protein powder (Sun Warrior plant-based), a teaspoon of ground flaxseed, one tablespoon of liposomal vitamin C, one tablespoon of L-Glutamine, one teaspoon of greens powder, a few drops of trace mineral drops, a handful of frozen mango and frozen pineapple and enough coconut water to blend it into a think consistency.  That is a lot of goodness in one cup!  PS I am starting my favorite supplement posts up again and will explain why I take all of the ones I just listed above in separate posts.  I am aiming to have a new one up each week! 

8:00am Post Workout Green Smoothie


Around mid-morning I try to eat a snack so that I am not starving when lunch time rolls around.  This day it was a One Bar.  The chocolate chip cookie dough flavor was good, but I am OBSESSED with the birthday cake flavor.  Like so obsessed I never want to try another flavor ever again. LOL.  This keeps me full until lunch.  

10:00am One Bar 


Lunch is a bit different each day, but a lot of times it is a salad with lots of add-ins.  I try to get in some healthy carbs (quinoa or sweet potatoes usually), protein (I try to have this with every snack and meal so that I stay full longer), and healthy fats (usually avocado and nuts).  

12:00pm Green Juice & a Big Salad 


This day I had the Costco kale salad mix with fresh raw corn off the cob, roasted sweet potato, pumpkin seeds, and leftover grilled ahi tuna.  When we grill or cook fish, I always try to make extra so that I can throw it on a salad the next day for lunch so that I get in a good serving of protein!



I got through phases with my water consumption.  Right now I am in a phase where I want all.the.water.all.the.time.  I think it is because it is so hot outside right now.  I aim to drink 2-4 liters during the work day.  I know, that is a LOT of water.  But it keeps me feeling really hydrated and healthy.  Yes, I pee all day long.  I actually like it because it makes me get up from behind my desk and move about every 30 minutes to an hour.  



Usually around 3 or 4 pm, I start to get a little hungry.  Even if I am not particularly hungry, I try to eat a little something so that I am not ravenous by the time dinner rolls around.  This day my snack was blueberry greek yogurt (I love the Light & Fit brand) with almonds on top.  I get in my protein and healthy fats and this keeps me full until dinner time.  

3:00pm Greek Yogurt with Almonds 


We usually eat dinner around 7-7:30pm.  We usually stick to easy things like a piece of fish and a couple roasted veggies.  This night I spiralized a humungous zucchini and sauteed it with freshly chopped onions and garlic.  Then I added some pesto.  On my indoor grilling pan (one of my favorite kitchen utensils), I added shrimp (seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and chili powder) and cooked them for just a couple minutes on each side and then tossed them on the noodles!  This is one of our favorite meals and it comes together really quickly, which is a bonus!

7:00pm Zucchini Noodles with Pesto and Blackened Shrimp 


Freshly grated parmesan on top! Yum!!  


8:00pm Fudge Bar (not pictured) 

That wraps up my day’s eats!  I hope you enjoyed getting to see what a pretty normal day of eats looks like for me.  I hope yall have a wonderful day!!!


  1. Favorite thing to make for breakfast?
  2. What is your favorite meal of the day? 
  3. Are you a snacker?  If so, what is your favorite snack?