The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Hi yall!!  I sure have missed blogging over the past couple months!  I have some really good news to share today!  You may have heard through my family, but it not, I am so excited to share that I had a very successful surgery on Friday!  

My sweet friends, Liz and Casey, got me this healing crystal that promotes vitality and removes blockages.  Little did they know the findings that were about to come. 


The surgery that was scheduled (laparoscopy) was an exploratory surgery to see if they could possibly find what was causing my nausea/vomiting/pain.  There was a chance they could find nothing wrong, a possible blockage, or something worse. 


I can’t even count the number of xrays, CT scans and specialized tests I have had over the past two months.  They all showed abnormalities, but even the radiologists couldn’t pinpoint the issue. 


My sweet family was there with me through it all.  I got to take a long nap (anesthesia), while they vigilantly checked the waiting board to see when I was finished with surgery.  It ended up being just over 2 hours in the operating room.  I can’t say enough good things about my family during this entire process.  I have said it before, but I will say it again…. I was never left alone for the entire time I was in the hospital (over 5 weeks).  My mom, dad, mother-in-law, best friend Rachael, best friend Lissa, and my sweet husband all dropped their plans to be with me at a moments notice.  They slept on the most uncomfortable chairs, watched an ungodly amount of HGTV, Food Network and murder shows, and just sat with me while I comfortably slept in bed.  I am one really really really fortunate girl.  

They say through sickness and in health, but man… that was tested this Spring.  This guy has bathed me, brushed my teeth, washed my hair, held my hand, and been my biggest supporter ever.  He had a list of questions a mile long for each and every doctor that came in my room (at least 10 per day).  I will never ever take for granted this man’s love for me.  I got a good one (sorry, ladies ;)), and I plan on keeping him forever.  He said I will repay him when I am taking care of him when we are old and grey. 🙂 


I woke up to the best news ever!  They did have to make a bigger incision vertically over my belly button, but they were able to clearly see a stricture/narrowing in my small intestine.  It was very inflamed/dilated above that point and normal beyond it.  The stricture was 6 centimeters wide so they cut about two inches of my small bowel (intestines) out and re-attached it.  I got very lucky that it was high enough that no colostomy was needed and the incision is relatively small so the healing process should be just a few days in the hospital and some rest at home.  


For now I am resting comfortably in the hospital.  I am really excited to have some real food for the first time in a long time.  I have a lot of catching up to do. 😉  I am really excited to gain back some weight at a healthy pace and put some muscle on my fragile little frame.  When they checked my weight this week, it was 102lbs.  I don’t think I have seen that number since middle school and I don’t plan on keeping it that way for long. 🙂 I also plan to get back to regular blogging as soon as I can.  I really have missed it.  I anticipate being at home for about a week to recover and then depending on how I feel, I will head back to work.  I can’t wait!

This entire experience has completely changed my outlook on life.  Health is so important and I will never take it for granted again.  I was in the hospital about 5 weeks and I can’t imagine being here any longer.  I can totally sympathize with those that have chronic illnesses that keep them hospitalized for months and even years.  I do not know how they do it.  Physically this experience was difficult, but mentally and emotionally was the toughest part.  Going from being so independent and free to pretty much bed-bound in the hospital was such a mental struggle.  It really tested my patience.  I am so so so lucky that my journey is coming to a beautiful end.  I made a promise to myself that I will not sweat the small stuff and I will live each day like it is my last.  Health is something I absolutely took for granted and I never will again.  This is just a small hurdle that I thankfully have been able to conquer.  One thing is for sure… I have the most amazing support system that anyone could ask for and I plan on making them each feel appreciated and loved every single day because you never know when things can change in the blink of an eye.  

I love you all so much and can never thank you enough for all the love and support you guys have shown me throughout this journey.  From the bottom of my heart, I am so so so grateful for all of you. xoxoxo


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