Hopeful While Still in the Hospital

Hi there.  I am just stopping by to check in with you all.  This past Tuesday marks 3 straight weeks in the hospital with another week on top of that before a little 3 quick days at home.  So one month in the hospital.  It has been brutal.  Mostly because I am antsy and bored.  

I was able to get the NG tube out last week and off all pain medications too so those are steps in the right direction.  I still get very nauseated even when I drink a few sips of something so I am still not eating or barely drinking.  I have now lost 30lbs and really can’t afford to lose any more.  I did start IV nutrition therapy at the end of last week and that has been a game changer in terms of my energy and feeling overall.  I feel like I am sleeping better, have more energy, and don’t feel the pressure to eat in order to get all the nutrients I need since I am getting them intravenously.  This will also help me not to lose anymore weight, which is good.  

They still haven’t figured out what is wrong.  But, they have taken a stand and we are ready to proceed with an exploratory laparoscopy tomorrow.    They still can’t tell where the issue is from my scans so they are going into this blindly and hoping to find something that can be fixed.  There is definitely a chance that they won’t find anything or that it may become a much bigger surgery with a larger incision.  

I am feeling all the emotions.  I’m hopeful, excited, scared, nervous, and most of all, ready.  I am so tired of being in the hospital.  I am so ready to be home with my husband and puppies.  I just can’t wait.  


Cuddles with this guy make each day better.  


As exhausting and taxing as this whole process has been on me, it has been equally, if not more, hard for my loved ones.  My mom, dad, husband, best friends, and mother-in-law have been taking shifts to be with me.  I haven’t spent one night or day alone (or even a few minutes) during this entire process.  When I do my daily walks around the hospital, I see people who never have any visitors and realize just how lucky I really am.  

My dad and I took a walk outside yesterday to get some vitamin D.



I treated myself with a popsicle. 😉 That is at close as I have gotten to real food in weeks.  I am already dreaming of my first meal, but haven’t decided what it will be yet. 



So for now, the plan is for surgery Friday in the hopes they find something fixable.  If not, it is back to the drawing boat and we will probably move me to the Mayo clinic.  But I am hopeful we will get some answers on Friday.  

Thank you so so so much for all the messages, emails, calls, flowers, and most importantly, for thinking of me.  XOXOXOXO

5 thoughts on “Hopeful While Still in the Hospital

  1. I am praying SO hard that all gets resolved and the find out the solution to everything on Friday Taylor. My heart truly goes out to you. I just cannot believe all that you have been through. You do have an amazing loving family and that make me so very happy for you. sending big hugs and wishes for great health and happiness for you very soon!!!!!!! XO

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  2. Taylor,
    I am so sorry for all you’re going through. I will be praying tomorrow that your surgery will go smoothly and safely; and that questions will be answered. I hope you find hope, peace, and comfort very soon in the days ahead. ~Megan ❤️

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