Looking Forward to Summer

Hey guys!!  I hope you all are having a fantastic day so far!  I am feeling pretty good today, but I have more doctors appointments this week to hopefully figure out what the heck is going on!  

I want to switch gears a bit today because like most of you, I am seriously looking forward to summer (or at least spring!!!) with all the teases of warm weather we have gotten recently.  I have really been enjoying the short lived glimpses of nice weather so today I wanted to share a list of things that I am looking forward to at the weather heats up a bit! 

  1. Long walks with my pups.  Don’t get me wrong, I do walk my pups every day, but it is brutal when it is cold.  If it is raining, you can forget it… Riley refuses to go outside in the rain. 😉 I don’t blame him one bit!  We live near a park and I love the days when we get to take a long walk at the park.  It is good for my pups, but equally as good for me.  
  2. Reading outside.  I have been getting back into the habit of reading again lately and I just love reading a good book outside in the sunshine!  
  3. Lake trips.  Between my parents and in-laws, we have quite a few lakehouses to visit this summer and I can’t wait.  There is just something about being on the water in the heat of summer that I just contain my excitement!  I have some of the best memories fro our lake weekends with friends and family and I can’t wait to make more this year!
  4. Fresh flowers.  My mom and step-dad have a ton of hydrangea bushes and I love taking home fresh cute flowers for my kitchen table.  Fresh flowers make me so happy!!
  5. The pool! My mom and step-dad have a pool that I frequently take over in the summer.  Give me a float and a book and I am good to go for hours. 
  6. A tan.  Don’t judge me… I do wear a lot of sunscreen, but I can’t help but love a really nice summer tan.  I currently look like a ghost. 🙂 
  7. County concerts. There is just something about country music concerts in the summer.  It is so not the same when they are indoors.  We bought our Taylor Swift tickets what now feels like forever ago and I can’t wait!  I have been wanting to go to one of her concerts for a long time now and it is finally happening.  Fun fact: I got to go on Taylor Swift’s tourbus and meet her in a Walmart parking lot before she was super famous.  This is back when I was in high school.  It is really neat to see how far she has come.  
  8. Cocktails on the porch with my hubby.  After a long day at work, my husband and I love to kick back on our back deck with a drink.  It is a good time for us to catch up (sans electronics) and play cards or darts.  
  9. Music in the park.  At a local park near us, every Friday night in the summer they have different bands playing and food trucks lined up to feed people.  We grab a blanket, our pups, a bottle of wine and spending the night relaxing and chatting while listening to some great music.  It is always a great time.  
  10. Smoothies.  I used to be a big smoothie fan, but when the weather is cold, I am all about warm oatmeal.  I am excited to get back into the habit of making a cold smoothie each morning.  🙂 

That’s all I have for now!  Please fill me in on what you are most looking forward to this summer!! I want to know what your favorite activities or traditions are!! Share in the comments!!

4 thoughts on “Looking Forward to Summer

  1. Glad you’re feeling well today 🙂 I’m envious that you live in walking distance of a park that puts on free concerts every week! I used to live across the street from a park that put on concerts once a month in the summer, and I thought that was amazing – such a fun way to spend a (free) evening! It makes a perfect date night like you and your husband, or a great girls night, too – half of you bring wine, half of you bring cheese/olives 😉

    I live in Texas, where we love to go tubing in the summer – did you ever go when you lived in Dallas? I’m looking forward to making it out this summer; last summer, unfortunately, I never had a chance to go. That means this summer will be doubly good, right?? Ha!


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