Just Poppin’ In!

Hey friends!!! 

Just thought I would pop in for a second to say hi since it’s been a minute since my last post!  I can’t wait to share my recap of our recent trip to Cancun, Mexico last week.  We had a BLAST!!!!  I usually would have posted a recap by now, but unfortunately I got hit with a nasty stomach bug and was out of commission for a few days this week.  Lovely, I know.  But I will be back next week to share a recap of our trip and a fun guest post!  

Until then, I will leave you with a few pictures of my caregivers the last couple days…. (not picture.. my amazing momma who rushed over to nurse me back to health and my hubby, who brought me all the goodies to help me feel better).





They both kept me company for hours and hours on end never leaving my side.  Ahhh the sweetest!!!

Have a great weekend, yall!!! And happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!


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