Friday Favorites 3.9.18

Good morning friends!!!  I am currently in Cancun, Mexico with my husband, sister, and her bf enjoying some sun and relaxation!!  I will recap our trip next week when we return to the states, but until then I thought I would leave you with some new favorites before your weekend begins!!

I recently mentioned that I am excited for Easter and Spring… well add these new Easter egg placemats to that category.  I found these in the cheap section at Target and just had to snatch them up!


I like keeping my walls and furniture pretty neutral (greys, whites, blacks) and sprucing up my house by adding in accent pillows, throws, placemats, napkins, flowers, candles and table runners for a pop of color each season.  This way I can change the overall look of my house easily and affordably really often.  🙂


Pulled out the 1 decorative spring hand towel I have too. 😉 


I have been searching for a new purse for a while now and finally found one I love at Target the other day.  The one I currently use is large, but does not stand up by itself so I was really looking for a neutral one that would not fall over when I set it down.  And this baby only set me back $44 so it was a win in my book! 

I have mentioned to you all before that I highlight my own hair a couple times a year.  I used to get it professionally done, but got tired of paying the hefty price tag for it to not look very different from when I walked in the door.  I also got tired of hanging out at the salon for hours and hours.  Don’t get me wrong, it is so nice to have someone else do your hair, but to me it just makes more sense to do it myself.  This is the highlighting brand I use and I love it.  I learned how to highlight my own hair from Jessie James’ youtube video quite a few years ago and have been doing it myself ever since then.  


Here is the final product.  Not drastically different, but just enough blonde to change things up a bit for spring and summer coming soon!


We have been roasting a lot of veggies in our house lately.  I am especially obsessed with roasted carrots… I just love them! 



I told ya’ll earlier this week that I did some baking this weekend.  I used this recipe to make flourless chocolate banana bread and both my husband and I loved it.  I used almond butter for the nut butter and dark chocolate cocoa powder instead of regular and it turned out great!  We will definitely be making it again. 


During my walk in the park this past weekend, I saw these guys playing soccer with a twist.  They were all in these inflatable balls running into each other and it looked like so much fun!  #canIplay?


That is all I have for you guys today!!!  I am off to enjoy some time at the pool and the beach!!!  I hope you all have a great weekend!!!!


  1. What do you have planned for this weekend?
  2. Favorite banana bread recipe? 
  3. Favorite veggie to roast?

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 3.9.18

  1. Hi Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this message finds you pool or ocean side with a yummie cocktail in hand and the sun beating on you guys. Enjoy it all. I love your house decorations SO much. Your hair looks beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it. Happy vacation week to you. All is good here. It’s FRIDAY and in a week we’ll be copying what you are doing now in CABO. Can’t wait. Going to see Swan Lake tomorrow and enjoy the weekend time doing a lot of whatever we want, whenever we want!


  2. Taylor, I dug this old post up because I remembered reading that you did your own highlights, and I think your hair always looks wonderful! I am looking to highlight my hair and hope the Jesse James video will talk me through it – thanks for the tip!


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