Life Lately… Random Thoughts and Ramblings :)

Hey friends!!! I’m backkkk!  3 blog posts in one week?  Who am I?? 😉 . I can’t believe I used to blog  I don’t have quite the amount of free time I used to have when I was only working part time in Dallas.  These days I swear I would forget my head if it wasn’t attached to my body. 😉 . But you know what?  Life is SO GOOD!!! And I like being busy.  I don’t like feeling overwhelmed, but I do like keeping busy with a routine/schedule.  I’m not very good at doing nothing so being busy is good for me.  I am trying hard to keep up with my regular Monday posts, but I hope to continually add in another blog post or two throughout the week depending on if I have time and if I have something to chat about!  I am all about quality over quantity when it comes to blog posts. 

This post is going to be a bit all over the place, but I have a lot of photos on my phone that I have been meaning to share with you so today is the day.

We picked up a box of these individual green curry meals from Costco.  My husband loves them; I haven’t tried them yet, but they look yummy!  Have you guys tried these?


A couple weekends ago my mom was over and taking a phone call.  Riley always has to sit on her lap.  He just loves her…. probably because she spoils him rotten!! 😉


I saw this on instagram the other day and laughed out loud.  I used to love these little sweethearts as a kid, but now that I think about it, they do kind of taste like tums. 🙂


Just another outfit formed my my sister’s clothes she gave me.  The shirt and jacket were hers and were perfect for a day at work.  I don’t know about you, but I get in such a clothing rut when it comes to work clothes.  I end up wearing the same things over and over so it is really nice to have some new pieces to switch it up a bit.


My husband had off work the other day and asked me to leave him a list of chores.  He snapchatted me this to prove that he actually did vacuum. 🙂  Too funny.


I asked my husband to take the dogs on a walk the other day before we went to a meeting and he sent me these snaps for proof.  LOL.  Occasionally when I ask him to take the dogs on a walk he will just let them run around in the yard so he knew he needed to show me proof that he actually walked them.  Little Riley is not good about going potty unless he is on a walk.  For some reason he just doesn’t like to go in our yard.  I think he just holds it so he can get more walks.  He is a smart one. 😉 

Monday night we went to the Predators game with my husband’s coworkers and we ran into Nash!!  


It has been a busy week with commitments after work each night, but that hasn’t stopped me from getting in my nightly walk on my treadmill.  I workout in the mornings before work, but lately I have been feeling the need to do a little more activity since my job keeps me pretty sedentary for most of the day.  A few times per week, I am getting in a long walk on my treadmill after work while catching up on my shows.  I walk between 4.0-4.5 and increase the incline every couple of minutes all the way up to a 10% incline then I start decreasing.  I usually walk between 2 and 4 miles depending on how much time I have and how I am feeling.  I work up a good sweat and have regularly been hitting my step goal of 10,000 steps each day when I add this extra walk into my day.  Once it gets nicer outside I will take my nightly walks outside with my doggies.  Did ya’ll notice the dog toys by my treadmill?  Riley is relentless.  He wants to play ALL DAY LONG.  🙂 . He is just so cute that he often has me jumping on and off the treadmill to play fetch with him.  


Well that is all for today friends!!  I am off to get ready for the day and give my puppies some love before work.  I hope you all have an amazing day!!!!!


  1. Do you have a step tracker?  What is your daily goal?  How often do you hit your goal?
  2. Favorite quick go-to meal?
  3. If you have a dog, how often do you walk your pup?  

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