Homemade Farmhouse Table… I’ve Got Myself a Handy Man

Good morning!!! I hope your weekend is going well!! Ours has been relaxing and very low key, which is always nice after traveling last weekend.  I will share a recap of this weekend tomorrow, but today I’m going to share a post that is LONG overdue, but hey, better late than never. Right?  🙂 

After we moved into our new house in Nashville and finished furnishing it, we started thinking about a few things we wanted to replace regarding furniture.  We have been very lucky to have been given a lot of furniture from my parents over the years and we received my grandma’s dining room table after she passed away.  I think it might have even been my mom’s before hers.  It was fine and did the job for several years, but in our new house, our “dining room” area is much larger than our previous houses so we decided we wanted more of a farmhouse table to go with our more modern open concept dining room.  While I know that dining tables last a long time, it was still hard to justify paying thousands of dollars for the table alone plus buying at least 6 expensive chairs.  And honestly we never found one we absolutely loved for a price we were willing to spend.  So that is where my idea to make one came into play.  

I have told you guys before, but my husband is super handy.  He would never call a repair man unless it was absolutely necessary.  He just prefers to do things himself, which I secretly love because it saves us a ton of money.  And I am all about saving money on things we can do ourselves and putting that money towards trips and experiences rather than possessions.  My husband even changes the oil in our cars himself.  Thankfully he enjoys a good project so it works out well.  

Once we decided that we were going to make our own table, we looked at a LOT of designs, especially ones that didn’t require a ton of equipment.  While I know that if you buy a new saw or tool, it is an investment that you will use in the future, I didn’t want this table to cost us as much as a new one would have been to buy. 🙂 

In the end, my husband actually decided to come up with his own design or a combination of other designs he saw.  He picked up all the wood from Lowes and this is what the based looked like.  


Pretty simple, but functional design.


We tested out the table top pieces to see how they would look before making them permanent.  



My husband had a little help from my step dad to make the table top just right.  


He has all the fancy equipment. 🙂  This definitely was not needed, but it helped the table look a little more professional.  


Once the table was complete, it was my turn to get my hands on it.  I knew I wanted a grayish washed look, but wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to do it.  


First I started with a gray stain wash (gray stain mixed with a little bit of water to thin it out), which means that after you paint on the gray stain + water, you scrub it in with a washcloth so it has that more weathered look instead of just a paint look.  


After doing one coat of the gray wash, I decided I wanted it to be a little lighter so I did the same thing again with a white stain wash.  

But then I decided it was a little more white than I wanted so I did one more coat of the gray stain wash on top and this was the final result before putting on a few coats of poly.  I just love how it turned out.  If you play around with the colors you want long enough, you will get the look you are going for.  I knew if I messed it up I could always paint over it so I wasn’t too worried.  I think with the white stain wash layer underneath the gray, it helped to create that more rustic farmhouse table vibe we were going for.  I wanted it to be modern, but rustic and not “perfect” at the same time.  


I did the same 3 coats to the base of the table before applying a few coats of poly to it as well.  We had to assemble the base and the table top once we got it moved up to our kitchen/dining room area because it was SO heavy. 


Originally I had planned to buy chairs for our new table, but then (in the interest of saving money) I decided to have my husband build some simple benches for both sides.  He came up with a simple design and they were ready to be painted the next day. 


I really love how they turned out.  And we can fit a lot of people at our table!


Putting on the final coats for the benches.  This was in the middle of winter so I persuaded my husband to let me paint inside.  I only spilled a little bit of paint. 😉 


The final project! This was back in the fall hence the fall decor, but these are the best pictures I have of the table completed.  


I really love how it turned out and it fills the space much more appropriately than our last table that was a bit smaller.  


I love how it is rustic and has a lot of character.  It has been perfect for entertaining. 


And the best part is that the benches were made to fit perfectly underneath the table, which is nice for saving even more space.  


The table and benches cost us less than $500 to make ourselves and the best part is that we ended up with exactly what we wanted for our new house.  The pups love it too. 😉  We are thinking about adding a fun chair at each end, but we haven’t found the perfect ones just yet.  I will show yall when we do!  I hope you guys liked checking out our new table and I promise you that doing it yourself is not that hard.  My husband and I both watched a lot of youtube videos to see different styles and techniques and then used a combination of them all to get the look we wanted.  And we had a lot of fun doing it!!

I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend!!! 


  1. Do you like DIY projects?
  2. What is one project you are wanting to do at your house?
  3. How would you describe your style?  Mine is a mix between modern elegance and a homey/rustic feel.  🙂  

2 thoughts on “Homemade Farmhouse Table… I’ve Got Myself a Handy Man

  1. This is seriously AMAZING!!!! It looks incredible and I cannot CANNOT believe you guys made that. What! It looks just like one DJ and I have had our eyes on for a while from a regular furniture store… I am just amazed! SO COOL!


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