The Good Ole Days and A Chilly Visit to Florida

Good morning friends!!!!  How is your week going?  I am headed out of town for work so I am going to keep this short and sweet today!  

I realized that I had not shared my adventures from a girls night out a couple weeks ago.  My bestie, Rachael, and I went to dinner before meeting up with the rest of the girls for a fun night out!  I won’t tell you the name of the restaurant, but we both ended up with horrible food poisoning.  As soon as my uber dropped me off at home that night, I ran to the bathroom to throw up.  It was awful.  Then I was up all night until 5 am throwing up about every 20 minutes.  You guys, I have never had food poisoning before and I NEVER want to have it again.  It is the worst! 


Before that disaster though, we had a really fun girls night!  We went to a show that had cover bands playing Christina Aguilera and Brittney Spears songs all night.  It was such a fun flashback to the good old days! 


This past Thursday morning we flew down to Orlando and drove another two hours to Vero Beach to see my in-laws!  They just bought a house down there and my husband and I went down to help them start the renovation process! 

The first night we were there we went out for Italian at Vincents.  


I got the salmon (are you surprised?) and it was so so so yummy.  It had this incredible tomato sauce on it and it was just incredible!


Friday morning we were all up and at em nice and early to make the drive to Boca Raton to pick up furniture from my husband’s grandma’s house.  This is the grandma we just lost right before Christmas.  My in-laws decided to use some of her furniture to furnish the house for renters.  So we loaded up the uhaul and two cars and were headed back to Vero.  We were all pretty exhausted by the end of the day.  


Friday night we went to Ocean Grill for dinner! I totally forgot to snap any pictures, but our meals were fantastic!!  


Saturday my husband and I took a long walk around town.  


We picked up some cupcakes for my father-in-law’s birthday and just strolled around taking in all the scenes.

We stumbled upon the Bark in the Park festival and just had to check it out.  We even got to see the doggies doing the dock jump!  


They were so cute!!


Then we finished our long walk with a stroll on the beach.  


Even though it was a little chilly, it was still such a relaxing afternoon with no plans.


On Saturday night we went to another local restaurant on the beach and all loved our meals again.  I love fresh seafood! And I sure do love this guy!!




I really got lucky in the in-law department.  Mine are just the best!! 


It was such a quick and fun trip to Florida.  We got to see my in-laws and their new house and spend time relaxing.  I even started and finished an entire book while we were there!!!  It is so nice to have the time to read!  I hope you all had an amazing weekend too!!! 


  1. What did you do last weekend?
  2. Where is your favorite place to vacation?
  3. If you made any new years resolutions or goals, have you stuck to them? 

7 thoughts on “The Good Ole Days and A Chilly Visit to Florida

  1. Ooohh no!!! I hope the food poisoning is long gone by now. NOT FUN! Now that sounds like the ultimate girls night!!! Where was this hopping joint?! I need to keep in mind if we visit Nashville!

    You two make my heart melt! So cute.

    Ok, girlfriend, do you ever stop!?!? Haha. You have more energy than anyone I know. I love it! Loved this post. ❤

    – Last weekend we were in San Diego for the first time!! Woohoo!
    – Favorite place to vacation—hmmm, probably somewhere tropical like Hawaii or a Cruise!
    – I haven’t made many resolutions, so I guess I haven’t broke any? LOL!


      1. OOoooo we will have to add that to the itinerary next time! We loved Coronado and Gaslamp!! There was not enough time or room in our stomachs for all we wanted to try there. Amazing!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Love! 🙂 Crappy about the food poisoning… I’ve had it once before and I will never forget that! 😦 That’s how my first four months of pregnancy felt every day too…it was insane.
    Florida is my happy place. Although Mexico and Costa Rica were also amazing!


    1. Oh my gosh girlfriend, I can’t imagine feeling like that for so long. I guess you forget about it once you have that beautiful baby in your arms. 🙂 I love Mexico too! We have a trip planned in March and I can’t wait! I am ready for some warm weather!


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