Better Late Than Never… Halloween Weekend Recap

Hi friends!!!

I hope you all are doing well!  I am pretty happy it is the weekend as this week has been a long one.  I have been dealing with an especially painful back/neck alongside some debilitating migraines all while trying to figure out the best dosage of some new meds for my current issues.  It has been very exhausting and I have been traveling a lot for work on top of all of it.  Whew… I know that was a mouthful.  Sometimes we all just need to vent a little, right?  I am keeping my head held high in hopes that this new doctor I am seeing will be able to figure out how to fix my pain instead of just coat it.  I think I will do another recap of whats going on with all my back/neck pain in a later post.  

Onto happy things… how was your Halloween?  I just love seeing all the pictures of everyone dressed up!  You guys… guess what?  We had 2 trick-or-treaters!  2!!!!! What the heck!! I was looking forward to seeing a bunch of kiddos in their costumes, but I guess our street just isn’t the place to be.  I also think next year I will prop open our front gate so that more people know we are home!  

So last weekend we had a special visitor.  My bestie Erin from Cincinnati came to town on Friday night for a weekend full of fun.  On Friday night we had plans for dinner at Park Cafe with some friends!  

The girls!


A few of us got the grouper.  It was delicious!


The whole gang!


We had a fun time eating, drinking and chatting the night away at a local bar after dinner.  Such a fun night!


Saturday morning we went on a run in the park with the pups, crafted for our halloween costumes and took some naps.  My husband caught me sleeping with my pups and shoes on. 🙂  I rarely take naps, but love when I get the chance to. 

Erin and I got super crafty and made some homemade costumes for Saturday evening.  


On Saturday evening we headed over to my friend Rachael’s house for a drink with friends.  I just had to get a picture with sweet little baby Cooper.  (My mom was so jealous… she tells Rachael she is going to steal him all the time.) 


I copied my sister’s costume idea from a few years ago and decided to go as a stoplight to keep it super simple.  Well that turned into suggesting everyone should be a different road sign.  Well then somehow my clean, simple idea turned into making the traffic signs naughty.  😉 


Traffic signs in the dark!




A few of us stopped by a friends Halloween house party before heading to the main event of the evening.  


The crew!

WGMN0156 (1)

We had a blast dancing the night away to some new and old toons.  The next day we grabbed a quick lunch before Erin had to get on the road and I had to get some chores done!  This salad was everything!! 


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!!! 


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