Weekend Recap 10.15.17 Home Projects and a Wedding with a Special Guest

Good morning friends!!  Well we are halfway through the week already!! I am heading out of town for work today just for one night so I will keep this short!! I hope you all have the best day! 

We had a pretty relaxing weekend even though we had quite a few plans.  Saturday after working around the house all day we got ready to head to The Cordelle in downtown Nashville for our friends’ wedding!


They had a private ceremony so we arrived at 5 for the cocktail hour.  We had a blast sippin some drinks and mingle on the beautiful porch.  The guest book was super unique so I have to share with you guys.  They had a Polaroid camera and each guest/couple took a picture of themselves and put it in the guest book and signed it!  I thought this was such a neat idea so that you can actually remember all the people who were at your wedding years down the road. 

IMG_6951 Isn’t the head table so pretty?


The tables were decorated with cute little succulents.  


At one point Jon was watching our dogs and talking to them through the phone and our security camera at home…. 


Jon and Ben were actually roommates in college junior and senior year.  I met both of them on the same night at a party at their house that our mutual friend took me to. 


So happy for the newlyweds!  


Cute dessert table!


After dinner there was dancing and cake cutting! 


Little did the groom know that his bride had a big surprise planned for him.  The bride and groom are huge Nashville Predators hockey fans too.  


In walked Gnash, the Predators mascot to surprise the groom!  It was such a fun surprise… especially for all the kiddos at the wedding… and me! 🙂 


Gnash even hit the dance floor!  

We had such a blast!  I just love weddings and how unique they all are to fit the couples’ personality so well!  

After lots of work around the house, my in-laws arrived Sunday afternoon.  My mom and stepdad took us all out to dinner at our favorite Bricktops for a yummy meal.  I got the grouper and the waitress suggested I get it blackened and it was amazing!!


Such a fun time with our families.  


Have a great day!!!


  1. What was the highlight of your weekend?
  2. What is your favorite part about weddings?
  3. What is your favorite type of dessert?

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 10.15.17 Home Projects and a Wedding with a Special Guest

  1. Hey girl!!! Oh my lanta- that head table is gorgeous!! The touches are so simple, but elegant! Her dress is STUNNING. And you are beautiful as always, m’dear! I feel like you are always going to the best weddings. How stinking fun! Favorite part of weddings: DANCING!!!! Type of dessert: Oh gosh- probably cheesecake, but I don’t discriminate 😉

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