Weekend Recap 10.1.17 … Weekend At the Lake and New Beginnings

Hey friends!! Happy Wednesday!  I hope you all had a great weekend!

I am enjoying a slow morning at home before I go shopping with my momma today!  I am actually off work all week because I am transitioning to a new job next week.  I really loved my previous job, but when I came across a new opportunity I knew it was something I just couldn’t pass up!  I am really excited for this new adventure, but am definitely enjoying this week off to get caught up on some things at home and just relax.  My mom and I got facials yesterday afternoon for a little treat! 🙂 

This past weekend Jon and I headed up to Centerhill Lake (under 2 hours from Nashville) to meet my dad and his girlfriend for the weekend.  


The pups were pretty excited that they got to go on the boat. 😉


This girl is starting to become a daddy’s girl, which is making my husband very happy.  

It was the most gorgeous day on the lake with beautiful clouds and breezy warm weather.  


After a few hours we headed back to the marina for a quick drink before heading back to the lake house.  I got to say hi to my old boss at the restaurant on the marina.  My friend Rachael and I spent the summer after our freshman year in college living at the lake house and working at the restaurant on the marina.  It was such a fun time. 


After we got home we grilled up some food for dinner!


Morning views at the lake!


I found Riley taking a rest with my dad.  Riley loves him. 🙂 


Sunday afternoon we headed home to get some work done around the house.  One order of business was to give the doggies haircuts.  Riley doesn’t mind being shaved, but he was not about to give up his bone… 🙂


This must be documented because I actually attended one of my husband’s tennis matches last week.  He plays a few times per week and always asks me to come watch.  I am a bad wife and never go, but last week I actually did go with my mom and stepdad.  It was the championship match and he and his partner got their first loss all year.  I think I am bad luck.  😉 I better not go to any more matches. 


Every morning I take my dogs on a short walk before breakfast.  This week has been a little warm so a nice cold smoothie has been the perfect refreshment afterwards.  This one had spinach, almond butter, banana, ice, protein powder and unsweetened almond milk.  


I have been cooking up a storm over here yall.  I am trying to branch out of my normal routine and cook new recipes.  I made a batch of quinoa burgers and they turned out quite well!


That is all for today because it is time to get ready to do some shopping with my momma!!  I hope you all have a great day!!


  1. What is one recipe you make often?
  2. What is your favorite smoothie combination?
  3. Favorite pumpkin flavored food/drink? 

2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap 10.1.17 … Weekend At the Lake and New Beginnings

  1. Congrats on the new job, Taylor! Let us know how you like it! I know you will rock it. Ah, this looks like the perfect weekend. I have been occasionally throwing a smoothie back in too- this summer is hanging on here! Hmm recipe I make often: Probably the vegan stuffed sweet potatoes, especially in the fall/winter. ( https://mackmarie.com/2017/02/07/macronutrient-packed-sweet-potato-high-protein-good-fats-complex-carbs/ ). Favorite smoothie! 1/2 Avocado + 1/2 container coconut vanilla greek yogurt + 2 oz. almond milk + 2 oz. coconut water + 1 packet stevia = YUM. I’m craving it now, but don’t have any milk or coconut water. *tears*. Hmmm pumpkin—- I love LOVE pumpkin french toast. So delishh. XO

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    1. Thanks girlie!!! I will definitely keep y’all updated!! Oh my gosh… I am definitely going to make your smoothie recipe and the vegan stuffed sweet potatoes!! I am always looking for ways to change up my meals so I don’t get bored!! You are the best!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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